I’m Taking Over


In case you didn’t know, that was my evil laugh.

I’ve been a bit obsessed over superheroes and supervillains lately due to my recent venture out of my own little world to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  Which was nothing less than AMAZING.

Keep in mind that I don’t get out much, so there’s that…

Also, in my spare time, I stole a plane and flew down to Florida so I could hijack my friend’s blog.  Oh yes, in true supervillain fashion I’m holding Menopausal Mother hostage and I’m not giving it back until she asks me really, really nicely.  And maybe sends me some rum cake.  I hear she makes the best rum cake in the world.

I know supervillains don’t ask politely, just consider me a very friendly one.  Please come over and say hi, and check out some of Marcia’s writing while you’re there!

To come over and read my guest post, click HERE.

Fear me, I have minions... and I command thee to visit me at MENOPAUSAL MOTHER!!!!!

Fear me, I have minions… and I command thee to visit me at MENOPAUSAL MOTHER!!!!!



Going Back, Radio Style

If you haven’t seen the new blog Raised on the Radio, today is a great day to check it out!  I’m on there today with a post I originally wrote for Jen Kehl’s My Skewed View a few months ago.  If you didn’t catch it the first time, you may want to come over and check it out.  And come on, doesn’t this picture just make you want to take a peek?  Click on the image below to go read the post.

crazy girl0001What is Raised on the Radio?  It’s a blog that came about due to the days before you could simply look up a song on the internet or download a song instantly.  If you wanted that song forever you had to buy the record, or sit in front of your stereo for hours waiting for that one song to come on so that you could record it on your cassette player!  I hope even if you have already read the post that you come over to read some other things on the blog.  What are you waiting for???

Raised on the Radio

Priceless or Worthless Mom Moments? You Decide.

I was positively thrilled when I was asked by the one and only Dani Ryan of Cloudy, With A Chance of Wine to contribute to her Priceless Mom Moments series.  Then I started thinking “Oh crap, most of my mom moments are closer to worthless than priceless.  Nevertheless, something that happened recently pretty much cause the post to write itself.  Click on the image below to come over to Dani’s blog!


What Day Is It? Wacky Wednesday of Course!

As I continue to play hopscotch around the internet, please join me for Wacky Wednesday Writers at Menopausal Mother!  Do you ever keep score when it comes to marriage?  Do you or your husband hope to acquire niceness points that can be turned in at a future time?  Then this post may be for you!

just roll it overAnd pssssst… want a little giggle?  You can also see what song lyrics I heard incorrectly over at Raised on the Radio.  Go ahead and laugh at me after reading this.  Keep in mind that I was three or four at the time.  I just never realized it until I was an adult…  Click on the image below to get there.


Recovery Mode in Progress: Please Stand By

Getting seven bloggers to write posts for you should free up time to write your own posts, right?


It seems that I spent a week getting ready for time off and then a week getting caught up on everything BUT blogging.  While I’m gathering my material for future posts, bear with me as I’m dipping my toes into the pool.  I’ve always hated just jumping in.

In the meantime, as I continue to recover from my blogging hiatus I am at The Epistolarians today with a post about how nuts school supply lists have really become.  Because they have.


Clever? Perhaps…

When I was but a young starry eyed newbie blogger there were two blogs that hosted certain “activities” that I thought were the coolest things on the face of the planet.  I get to guest post at both of those blogs this week, and I am very, very excited about this.

Today I finally repay one of my debts-I have owed Jenn from Something Clever 2.0 a guest post FOREVER.  I’ve had some really great guest posts in my time, and Jen wrote one of my favorites, Google Has The Questions, Jenn Has The Answers.  I hope that my post today is good enough repayment!  I haven’t exactly had the blogging “mojo” that I would like these days!

Jenn is one of the coolest people on the planet. She hosts Theme Thursday of which I am a huge fan of as well as a participant when I have a brain in my head to write with.  She’s done some cool stuff lately, including cohosting getting me off my bum to do a Twitter party and becoming a staff writer for In the Powder Room.!  And in case you couldn’t tell from the picture, she also has really great hair.

So yeah, I am that much cooler getting to be on her blog today.  Click on the link below to read the post-I’ll see you there!

The Annual Fried Stuff Experience (Otherwise Known As The Iowa State Fair)

I’m Not Misplaced, I’m Just Distracted

SweetaprilsOne of my blogging BFFs happens to be Terrye from The Adventures of a Misplaced Alaskan.  I met her through an a Facebook group for bloggers. She is a fellow redhead as well as appreciator of funniness, Sci-fi, and good looking superheroes. She also can match me quote for quote from the movie Willow, which is especially amazing, because I think that ten people in the world saw that movie and eight of them are related to me.  Thanks to Terrye and Marcia from Menopausal Mother, I lose a lot of sleep because I stay up until all hours talking to both of them on Facebook!
Today I’m guest posting on her blog as she has been too busy to write.  She’s been spending time in combat, fighting off Romulans and Sith Lords who are trying to take over her new mattress (I hear it’s a REALLY comfortable mattress, worthy of an intergalactic war).  I took it upon myself to write about how life would be so much cooler if it were more like Star Trek.  I hope you’ll get your geek on and pay a visit!  Make sure you check out some of Terrye’s stuff while you’re there, and ask her how her mattress is…
And it keeps getting funnier every time I see it!

And it keeps getting funnier every time I see it!

Finding My Place At Finding Ninee

our land bannerThis land is your land, this land is my land, from California, to the New York Island… oh come on, you do it too whenever you see me lauding my praises about the latest post on Finding Ninee’s “Our Land” series.  Right?

What is this thing of which I speak?  Our Land is “a place where empathy and wonder rule”. It all started with a post that Kristi wrote about how her son perceives the world.  I enjoy reading these posts each and every week, and am so excited to be able to contribute.  Today’s post is one I wrote about being the parent of a child who neither fits in with the mainstream crowd nor the special needs community because of the nature of his disability.  I tell you about this with a warning-this is not a funny post, but it is one that I really needed to write sooner or later.  Being an online writer and blogger has not only connected me to many funny people, but also to parents who otherwise might not have a place to connect.

But you know what else is really cool about coming to play at Kristi’s place??????  This:

my land kittyYeah, Kristi is the cat’s meow, she drew me a kitty singing the song!  Oh yeahhhhh!

So what are you waiting for?  Please join me in what I promise will be my last less than funny post for quite some time!  Click the kitteh above to find my post!  Please check out posts by other bloggers who have also contributed.  There is a pretty wide range of topics there to choose from.  You will not be disappointed.

Time For Some Extra Clean Humor (Loofah Optional)

 photo MomRantsButton.jpgToday I’m getting clean over at Mom Rants and Comfy Pants!


Every Wednesday Penny features a guest blogger on a very special series called Musings From The Shower.  I hadn’t paid her a visit as a guest blogger yet, so I figured it was just about time (and I really needed a shower!)  Did you know that the shower can be a dangerous place to be?  You’ll have to come over and visit to see just why that is!

musings-from-the-shower-memeWhile you’re there, check out some of her writing.  Penny is one of my favorite people.  She is a mom too and very funny!  I hope you stick around and come back for more!

Here I Go Again…

Indian American Mom

Here I go again, throwing my guest posts all around the internets!  Today I am guesting at my friend Roshni’s blog, Indian American Mom.  I am very excited about this, because I think she is a fascinating person. I don’t know a lot about Indian culture, so I feel like I learn a lot from reading her blog.  You can’t get better than that, reading friend’s writing AND learning stuff, right?

I’m also sharing her button up at the top, because I think it is so neat!

I hope that her readers (and you) will enjoy reading my thoughts that come after losing so much sweat and blood (from mosquito bites, not being injured in any way) on the ball field!
Here’s the link:

Random Thoughts from The T-Ball Diamond

Oh the humanityI call this one “Oh the HUMANITY!”