Tales From the Gym


We have another winter storm. Sigh…

Working out at the gym has been no less than awesome.  On the weekend I even left the comfort and warmth of my house and drove into town just so that I could go in and work out.  This was because another winter storm is on the way, and I wanted to be sure that I “got er done”, sort of speak.  Here we go again.  This damn winter weather is trying to interfere with my working out and I won’t let it!

There are definite perks to this deal.  This particular chain of gyms has three different locations.  When I’m working I can just drive a few blocks over to use it. When I’m coming in on the weekends, I can go to the one on the other side of town, which is way closer to my house. It’s quite nice to have options.

The clientele of each location seems to be different.  The one by work has the guys who lift 2,000 pounds and have no neck.  The one close to home has a more normal population, mainly older folks like me who are trying to get back in shape.  It’s also much more crowded.  The one stinky downside to going over there-I have to wait to use machines.

eye contact

So the gym workouts are going really well.  I’m so excited about this.  So much so that I’m currently hatching a plan.  I’m trying to figure out how to keep this going when this work deal is over.  Yesterday I called the fitness center near where we live and asked about how much it cost to join.  Thirty-some dollars a month, and a one time orientation fee of $50.  Honestly it isn’t really one time, considering I’ve paid it once before.  This would make it a two time fee, right?  I tried to convince them that they should be nice to a former member and not charge me that fee, which at least is less than it used to be.  The lady on the phone told me they waive the fee for people who pay the first six months up front.  Yeah, that’s not gonna happen.

Maybe my boss would just let me pay another month so I can keep going to this fitness center?  Come on, I’m a great person.

I have bad knees. I won't be doing this.

I have bad knees. I won’t be doing this.

Isn’t it funny that those little things don’t seem so important until you don’t get to do them anymore?  I got rid of my gym membership to save money and because I couldn’t get there often enough to justify paying the monthly membership fees.  Now that I have it back, I’m not giving it up easily!

Then of course there is the problem of once I’m no longer working I will also no longer have that coveted lunch break to work out.  The fitness center where we live does not have hours that jive well with mine.  It works for most people, but not for me, because Evil Genius leaves for work around the time it opens.  He then returns home about the time it closes.  I wonder if he’d be willing to work different hours so I can stay in shape?  HA HA.  I want so little.

I haven’t been going long enough to notice any changes in my body.  My jeans fit much better, but that had already happened before I started.  It’s amazing how going from being inactive to active can make positive changes!  I do feel much better about myself, more confident, and maybe look just a little leaner in the mirror.  That last one is probably in my head until I actually stand in front of a mirror.  That muffin top is definitely still there.

Just the way I feel should be motivation enough to keep doing it.  That and the scantily clad female Mortal Kombat characters that Evil Genius insists on using as his laptop’s wallpaper.  I’m not the jealous type, but it does make me want to not eat for awhile and work out more.  But I’m not doing it because of that, or necessarily for him, although I think he’ll like the results.  He’s trying to get in shape too!

Now if I would only stop eating everything in sight, eat healthy things, stop drinking diet pop, and a million other things…

Have you done something for yourself recently?  Something that you can’t believe you stopped doing previously?



Working Off The Flabby Flab


You’re probably wondering what King Julian from Madagascar is doing on my blog.  You see, he’s been in my head lately.  He’s the voice of my conscience, sort of.  He’s inside my head saying with that voice, “You have the flabby flab.”

I think I’ve mentioned the fact that I’m jealous of my husband’s gym membership.  He slacked off for awhile, but now Evil Genius has recently joined the ranks of those returning to the gym.  He has been a gym maniac, going every chance he could.  I haven’t jumped on this bandwagon because that particular gym that he gets the free membership through work is an hour away.  A bit of a drive to get back in shape, don’t you think?

I wanted to insert a reference to Flashdance here, but when typing it in I found this scene from Scrubs.  I don’t remember this one…HA HA!

After listening to him whine complain talk about how he was sore from his workouts, I decided to take some action.  It’s not that I want to be in pain, I’m just wanting to start getting back in shape.  We’re in a better financial situation than we have been, so I thought I would call the gym that I used to belong to and beg plead offer my firstborn speak to them about waiving the hefty “orientation fee” so I could start working out again.  As it turned out, I didn’t need to.  One of the perks of where I am subbing is that I can get a discounted membership taken directly out of my check.  This gym happens to be just a few blocks from where I work.

I went in to work out on Saturday because I was in town by myself doing grocery shopping anyway, and it was GLORIOUS!  I was almost intoxicated from the excitement.  I did an upper an lower body workout using all of the weight machines, and also used the elliptical and the treadmill.  The treadmills and ellipticals have tvs with every channel known to man.  If I hadn’t started feeling guilty about leaving my children with Evil Genius for a better part of the day I would probably still be there.  They are open 24 hours, you know.

Here’s the thing that gets me.  How come I can’t bring myself to work out when I’m at home?  I have free weights. I have a mat. I have workout DVDs including all of the Jillian Michaels videos (I’m still afraid she’ll eat me). I even have a treadmill (without incline, but you can at least change the speed).  What is keeping me from exercising whenever the heck I want?  Well for one, there are no children or dogs or cats to fight with at the gym.  Even when the weather is nice, if I am home by myself, I have to fight with the four year old.  Her mood totally dictates if I will walk and how long I will walk if so.  I could walk at night or early in the morning, though.  How come I am so lazy about walking when the weather gets cold?  I have thermals, I have things I can layer, there is really  no excuse!  After all, there is nothing sexier than me getting all dolled up in my Han Solo planet Hoth winter coat.

I don't actually own a Taun Taun.

I don’t actually own a Taun Taun.

I felt so great about working out, but mad at myself for letting it go for so long.  While I have accepted the fact that I will never be a size four again, I haven’t wanted to look at myself in the full length mirror in quite some time.  While I’m not overweight, the best word I can think to describe myself these days is “squishy”.  Now I wouldn’t trade my kids in for a perfect body, but wouldn’t it be nice if I could get back to being comfortable in the one I have?

I don’t eat as well as I should.  I don’t work out as often as I should (until now).  I don’t get off the couch as much as I should and not necessarily from lack of motivation. It’s more from I’m blogging and networking and I JUST CAN’T STOP!  Working for a whole month now has already caused me to shrink a little, and I am comfortably back in my size 8 boot-cut jeans.  Now there is still quite a bit of coffee cake top spilling over, but perhaps this new found motivation will cause that to not spill as much.

So this is the start of a new work week.  Unfortunately I have to miss the gym today.  I have to go run errands on my break and won’t have time.  Since I have to leave promptly at five to be sure to pick up my son by 5:30 in a town almost a half hour away, doing it after work is kind of out of the question.  Normally I’d say these things can wait anyway, but the light bulb burned out in our shower.  We have to shower by lantern until we replace the bulb, and of course it is a “special” bulb.  Showering with light is a bit important, especially if you are shaving your legs.  So instead of pumping iron, I’ll be going to Lowe’s.

Barring any other major weather/running out of something/special bulbs burning out then I swear I’ll be hitting the gym the rest of the week, and looking forward to it!


e Hans and Franz would be so disappointed in me for letting myself go like this.

Oh yes, don’t forget to vote for me on “Top Mommy Blogs”.  As far as I know, you just click the icon in the sidebar and that’s all you have to do.  Considering I can’t remember to say anything about it, I’m sure I have a whole four votes.  It’s ok, I’m doing it more out of feeling badly for getting registered and then not doing anything with it than actually caring about how many votes I get!

It’s March Which Means It’s Close To Spring End of the Week Roundup!

I'm so sick of Winter, but I'd love to have these kitties to block the drafts until Spring!

I’m so sick of Winter, but I’d love to have these kitties to block the drafts until Spring!

Yay it’s March!  Does that mean Spring is really going to come soon?  Not much to report this week, other than I have a cold so bad that I lost my voice.  It’s awfully hard to yell when you have no voice to yell with.  Oh, and I got a gym membership through work!  It’s only for a month, but it will give me something to do on my lunch breaks.

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Tuesday  I was working on the award post… would I lie to you?

Wednesday  Wordless Wednesday: Ice Ice Baby  and It’s Gonna Be EPIC!  Not only did I upload a fabulous icicle picture for Wordless Wednesday, I finally finished that award post!

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Friday  Winter Driving In Iowa:  I Need A Drink and a Clean Pair of Underwear  I lived to tell the tale, and now you can read about it!  I never got the drink, by the way.

Funny and Disturbing Search Engine Terms This Week
Miralax puns  Someone actually searched for this???

How to make a pregnant snowman  At least it wasn’t “How to get a snowman pregnant”.

Insane body  Yes, it is.

People who make boob cakes and their addresses  Ummmm…

Best Spam EVER!

Looks like I saved a life or something-HA HA!  Gotta love spam comments!  Read on:

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Enjoy your weekend, I’m outta here.  Gotta get groceries and all of that fun stuff!

Yay for March!  Yes I am well aware that leprechaun is spelled incorrectly.

Yay for March! Yes I am well aware that leprechaun is spelled incorrectly.