Stuff That I Did and Stuff That I Didn’t: Wins and Talked My Self Out Of Its

Bet you’re wondering what happened with the laundry soap, right?  Well I worried myself right out of making it.  Ever seen that commercial where someone asks someone else about something and they start spouting information from the internet.  Yeah that’s me.  I decided that I didn’t want my nice new HE washer to explode.  Yes, when you have anxiety that is your worse case scenario for everything-stuff exploding.  On the other hand, I found lots of other uses for the stuff I bought to make the laundry soap!

I did find some other nice cool stuff to make off the internet that did not to my knowledge cause explosions of any sort-I found a nice taco seasoning recipe that I have used a couple of times that makes me wonder why I ever bought the packaged stuff.  I was able to create a homemade hamburger helper of sorts off of a recipe that you can adapt to make almost any type of “helper” product.  The fact that my antipasta son (yes you read that right as in he HATES pasta) actually ate it speaks volumes.  Just yesterday I found and made a homemade fajita seasoning that despite the fact that I misread one of the ingredients turned out pretty darn yummy.

At work my husband calls these types of things “wins for the week”.  I guess I should too because I so desperately need something to feel good about right now.  Like I actually was able to coerce my daughter into taking a walk that was only cut in half instead of a quarter or more because she got “bored”.  That’s a win, right?

Ok… it wasn’t exactly what I wanted to insert here but it made ME laugh…

The negative part of this is not ready for prime time.  Ever have that email that you really really want to send but you hit delete instead? That is kind of what I am going through right now-I have one of those emails saved to my computer with the destination of work and the other is the part of the blog that I deleted here.  It’s the job-it’s not fair, but it doesn’t matter because it’s me.  The facebook status I wanted to put was this “Feeling disposable hurts.   I’m a person, not a tampon.”  But I didn’t.

More to come. If anyone is reading…