I Review Famous Toilets, Or At Least A Book With a Toilet On It

I thought it would be funny to preface this book review with a review of famous toilets.  I found out quickly that there are not really that many toilets that would be considered famous.  Sad?  However there are a few.  For example, did you know that Elvis died on the toilet?  The toilet played a prominent role in Lethal Weapon 2.  How about the entrance to the Ministry of Magic in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1?  And who can forget how prominently the toilet has played a role in this blog.  Remember the toilet tractor beam, and an event so horrifying that I wrote about it twice? Oh yes.  Famous indeed.

Then I was charged with the task of reading a book with a toilet on the cover.  This is quite possibly the most famous toilet I have come into contact with!

See?  Famous toilet.

See? Famous toilet.

When I heard that many of my favorite bloggers were banding together to put out a book, my first reaction was “YEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”

When I heard the name of the book, I knew that I could relate.  It’s called “I Just Want to Pee Alone.”  I haven’t peed alone in years.  I always have a kid or a dog following me in there.

I cried, whined, and begged until Susan from The Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva took pity on me and sent me the book in the mail. I was so excited I almost threw up!  Thank goodness I didn’t, because 90% of the time I throw up I also pee my pants.  Is that normal?

Then reality set in that I hadn’t read a book in many, many years.

I blogged about this previously, thinking of how I would find the time to accomplish such a task (read about that here).  I finally did it, but it was not without considerable effort.

So technically I was NEAR the toilet when I read it.

So technically I was NEAR the toilet when I read it.

I laughed, I cried, I even peed a little.  Here is my advice for reading the book:

  • It is what is known as “an easy read”.  It’s like buttah for your brain.  Short but funny stories, easy to read a little at a time.
  • Reading on the toilet-yes, highly recommended.  Then when you pee from laughing, well… you get what I mean.
  • Hide it from your children.  My children thought it was the funniest thing ever because there was a toilet on the cover and therefore wouldn’t leave it alone.  Toilet=Funny.

My favorites (and I’m not playing favorites, we all have different senses of humor and there are different things that appeal to us more than others!  Don’t burn down my house please.)

  • Meredith from Mom of the Year wrote about the hilarity that ensues in some families when a member dies.  I could relate to a lot of this post.  We also laugh at morbid times in my family.
  • Bad Parenting Moments shared about birth control.  This is the one you need to read on the toilet.
  • Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva told A Tale of Two Vaginas.  I almost gave myself a second vagina laughing at this one.
  • Funny is Family humorously told the tale of just how embarrassing motherhood can be from the moment that test turns up positive.
  • Cloudy With A Chance of Wine reveals the truth about breastfeeding.  The truth hurts, literally.

And there is much, much more than this.  You’ll have to go find out for yourself!

If you were wavering on reading/purchasing/renting/stealing this book, I hope that I can persuade you to go ahead and take the plunge(r).  It’s well worth it.  You can find it right HERE.

Here is the complete list of everyone involved with this effort.  I found some new blogs from this read, and rediscovered some that I had not visited for awhile! I gave the ones I already followed a nice little star.  How nice.  Please note all of the extra work I did to provide a link to each and EVERY blog.  You’re welcome.

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This Could Be Fun: Doing the15 Day Getting To Know the Blogger Challenge

Here we go. This could be fun!

I’ve never done a challenge before, I think this could be fun!  This is from the blog “A Little Unhinged”, a site chock full of information about blogging.  For people like me who are still learning the ropes, this is fabulous!  If you want to participate, follow the information down below.

I’m still not sure how I’m going to do it, but this is my post to get started:

Introduction to the Challenge and a little bit about myself:

I started my blog in June when things in my life were spinning out of control and I just needed a place to write my feelings down.  I didn’t seriously start blogging regularly until the end of July, when inspiration struck and I started having what I can only characterize as “Idea Diarrhea”.  I decided to try to brush off the stuff that was not so great in my life and try to focus on the stuff that was more funny, with maybe a little heartfelt post in there here and there.  I made a promise to myself that I would try to post something every day of the week, because I have had difficulty staying with anything.  I did, and although I may not be the most popular blogger on the planet, as the months have progressed I’ve built myself a nice little following.

My real name is Sarah.  I am 38 years old and live in the Midwest with my husband, Evil Genius (aka Travis), whom I have been married to for thirteen superstitious years.   I have two children:  my son The Professor (Ezra), who is seven, and my daughter Princess Whatever We Are Calling Her That Day (Brynn), who is four.  I started out as a music teacher, but through many unfortunate incidents and a realization that it wasn’t what I was meant to be, I’ve followed many other paths since but still haven’t found quite the niche I’m looking for.  Hence the name of the blog, The Sadder But Wiser Girl.  Currently I’m an unemployed wanna be writer and relatively unknown blogger who hopes to one day be paid to do what I do right now.  Through this blog I have found a whole world of wonderful people to talk to every day from all different walks of life.  I’ve me many moms who blog like me, but lots of other interesting people too!

I don’t really consider myself a Mommy blogger, I try to write about all different kinds of things.  But it all comes back to my family, which is what is most important to me.  I do have Attention Deficit Disorder, which has been good and bad for me.  Good for the creativity, bad for concentration!  I also have an Anxiety Disorder, which together with the ADD causes a whole lot o fun in my life.  I’m also a geek and a recovering vegetarian who enjoys long walks, caffeine, and wine.

That’s all I’m sharing for today.  I hope you’ll share too!  Copy below to get going if you want to participate.

15 Day Blogger Challenge – Getting to Know the Blogger

This challenge is open to any and everyone who wants to get to know each other a little better in the blogosphere. I encourage you all to make this challenge your own. There is no special format to follow or rules on posting. Do your challenge in 1 day by answering all the questions at once or do it in 90 days. Just have fun!

Add your link below. The link you add should only be to your post about starting this challenge. Please do not link up your homepage or any other post. Feel free to grab the button at the top to advertise this challenge. The only thing I ask is that you follow A Little Unhinged via GFC and provide at least one link back to me at some point during your challenge.

Challenge Questions:

1. Introduction to this Challenge and tell us a little about yourself!

2. Where did you grow up? Small town or Big City?

3. What’s some of your favorite memories from childhood?

4. What type of student were you in school?

5. Who was your closest friends as a teenager?

6. Where have you worked?

7. Has your life gone the way you expected it?

8. Tell us a bit about your family!

7. What are your hobbies?

8. What are some of your fears?

9. What are your goals? Parenting, Life, Career?

10. Why did you start blogging and what is your blog about?

11. What are a couple of your favorite blog tools that you use?

12. Your top 5 posts and why you think they were successful.

13. 3 blogs you visit and read enthusiastically.

14. Social Networks/Blog Communities you want others to know you’re a part of.

15. Closing and any upcoming posts or raffles you would like to share with us.