Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Movie Music

Jen Kehl

There’s a song somewhere in your favorites that you love because it was in a movie that you love.  It’s maybe not a song that you would have paid much attention to if it hadn’t been used in a certain scene.  That’s what Twisted Mixtape Tuesday, hosted by the super cool Jen Kehl and Kristi Campbell, is all about today!

I won’t bore you with using clips of musical scenes from movies that probably every single person in the world thinks of.  Like the Bohemian Rhapsody scene from Wayne’s World, or the dance scene from Pulp Fiction.  And I wouldn’t even think of using the song from Titanic.  OK I thought about it, but I didn’t use it.

I will admit that this post was somewhat influenced by Evil Genius.  We are both huge movie buffs, but he tends to take movie watching to a whole new level.  There are many scenes from movies that he has played over and over that I simply cannot hear the song without thinking of the movie scene that it is in.  He suggested several scenes from movies that I reacted to with a “Heck yeah!”  Now in the interest of time, I only chose a few of them.  That is because this post could have included fifty songs.  Yes, we love movies here just a wee bit.

I’m starting this post off with a song from a movie that I loved so much as a kid that I held the tape recorder up to the tv to tape it.  I watched The Secret of NIMH so much that I’m shocked that I didn’t wear out the videotape.  Now if I still had a copy of this particular tape recording, you would hear my little sister yelling “WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”  during the instrumental part of this song.  Now if only YouTube and ITunes had existed when I was a kid…

Love Is The Key-Paul Williams

Now let me introduce you to one of the most kick ass soundtracks of all time.  Queen+The Highlander=Epic. The album with the good music from the movie is actually Queen’s A Kind of Magic, NOT The Highlander soundtrack that you might see somewhere on Amazon or Ebay. There are quite a few good fan made videos using footage from the movie, here is one of them.  Doesn’t it make you want to go out and have a nice sword fight?

Gimme The Prize-Queen

This one is just for Evil Genius.  I just can’t hear this next song without thinking of this scene from Major League.  Not to mention I’ve seen this part of the movie a billion times.  Don’t worry, there are other movie scenes that he has watched just as much (what you think he just watches ONE movie?)

Wild Thing-X

While the movie Just Go With It was okay, the soundtrack is decent.  There is one particular scene in it featuring this remake, and it is amazing.  While I couldn’t find this song on Itunes, I did download the song “Chasing Cars” just because of this movie.

Every Car You Chase-The Snow Police (Party Ben Mash-Up)

If you were in middle school in the 80s, you saw Top Gun. I saw it approximately 2,721 times because I just happened to live on an air force base when it was popular.  I saw it in the theater several times.  It never got old.  I chose the music that plays at the beginning of the movie, because I can close my eyes when I hear it and picture that theater and feel the excitement that was part of being a military kid.

Top Anthem+Highway to the Danger Zone-Harold Faltermeyer/Kenny Loggins

As a teen moved away from my comfort zone in Florida to Iowa, I could really relate to the character in Pump Up The Volume.  And that movie had a pretty rockin soundtrack.  I used to walk to this song on my walkman.  My CASSETTE PLAYER walkman.  Yeah, I’m old.

Wave of Mutilation-The Pixies

I have always loved The Smiths, and this particular song I hadn’t heard prior to seeing The Wedding Singer.  Again another song that I hear and immediately flash to this scene in the movie.  This is another great soundtrack and one of my favorite movies as well.  This particular film also gets the award for “best appearance by billy idol in a movie”.

How Soon Is Now-The Smiths

When Garden State came out I couldn’t wait to see it.  Part of it had to do with Zach Braff, because the guy is a genius.  The other part was the soundtrack. So many great songs that are perfectly chosen for the movie.  Here is one scene from the movie that features a snippet of one of the songs.

New Slang-The Shins

Oh come on, what would a soundtrack post be without a little Monty Python in it?  How about this from Life of Brian? If you don’t own a copy of Monty Python Sings, then what is WRONG WITH YOU????  😉

Always Look on the Bright Side of Life-Monty Python

Last but not least, my tribute to Madagascar, because I like to move it, move it.

(And I love King Julian, because he makes me laugh).

I Like To Move It-King Julian

This post may seem a little sparse (for me, anyway).  That was because there were many that I left out.  Mostly because I couldn’t find the part I wanted to share in English, like pretty much any scene from Forrest Gump.  And others as I said before would make this post take three months to read. 

What about you?  Surely there is some song from some movie that you love!  Write your own post and link it up over at Jen or Kristi’s site.  Or just tell me in your comments.  I love comments!