What To Expect When You’re Blogging: The Toddler Years

It's a PAR-TAY!

It’s a PAR-TAY!

One year ago today I published my first blog post on WordPress.  Can you believe The Sadder But Wiser Girl is one year old today?!

How do blogs age anyway, do blogs age like dogs?  Or do they age in people years?

If blogs age in people years then my blog should be a full fledged toddler.  Right now it could be walking around.  It’s probably still in diapers.  It might even be starting to talk.

Since it was my blog’s birthday, I thought I’d take a good look at my blog this week…

The Beginning:  My very first post was It’s My First Blog Post! Truths About Me, Scary or Otherwise.  I’m not really crazy about it, but I leave it up because I like to be able to look back and see how far I’ve come!

Content:  My blog wasn’t very funny when I started out.  Eventually this became a humor blog.  While the name of my blog may not sound very funny, I like the irony of the word “sadder” in the name of a humor blog.

While I may not be a Mommy blogger per se, I do write about my children frequently.  I go through phases where I write about them almost every day, and periods like this past few weeks where I have other things that I’m writing about.

In my recent bout with pain, I feel like my writing has taken a bit of a backward slide.  That and the fact that I now have two kids here all day long!  I’m determined to get back to my “pre-pain writing” form here soon, so if you’ve been disappointed as of late please bear with me!

pain 2Followers:  I remember when I started my blog and I had no followers.  Then a few trickled in, mostly friends and family.  One day when I begged everyone I knew to please follow me because I had 13 followers and I am extremely superstitious.

Eventually I started a fan page on Facebook, and started actually USING Twitter at the urging of the one and only Bearded Iris.  This really helped ramp things up a bit, and I’m amazed at much my readership has grown.  Now I have almost 300 followers that follow my blog directly, and almost 500 followers apiece on Facebook and Twitter.  Now keep in mind that a lot of these are actually the same people following me different ways.  Who knows how many followers I really have!

Blogging:  One place where it's good to be a follower.

Blogging: One place where it’s good to be a follower.

Stats:  I’ve had over 35,500 views since I started this blog.  According to what some people find my blog with, I suspect that some of these views are by perverts…

My most popular post is I Peed My Pants At Wal-Mart and Other Stories of Mommy Incontinence.   It has been viewed over 12,000 times!  This is absolutely astonishing to me.

The most common search engine term that people have found my blog with?
“Fantasy football”.  I don’t even like or participate in this.  This is followed by “strawberry blonde hair” and “poop puns”.  Should I be disturbed by this?

I couldn't find anything else really funny related to stats, because stats aren't really that funny...

I couldn’t find anything else really funny related to stats, because stats aren’t really that funny…

Friends:  My husband still looks at me with this certain strange look whenever I start talking about something that I have discussed with my blogging friends.  He doesn’t quite get how people who have never met face to face can be friends.  I have met a lot of amazing people doing what I do. It’s nice to not feel alone!

Change is a good thing: In celebration of this special occasion, I made a little change.  You may notice that my blog address has changed.  It’s now thesadderbutwisergirl.com Just a little change, but now the blog is more my own.

WordPress supposedly redirects everyone to the new address, but I’m still obsessing over the fact that folks won’t get my posts due to some glitch. Just be aware in case you all of a sudden are missing me…

Thank you:  I have been told time and time again that I have some of the best and most loyal followers a gal could have.  I just wanted to say thank you for reading and supporting me through the good and the bad this past year!

I lava you guys!

I lava you guys!