Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Mistaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!

twisted mixtape tuesdayThe theme for Twisted Mixtape Tuesday is past mistakes.

I will not make the mistake of rambling on and on as I tend to do, or have done in the past.


Or use funny kitty memes. Oh wait I just did…

Seriously though, I couldn’t wait for this week’s Twisted Mixtape Tuesday because I had to share this clip:

Ah, mistakes.  We’ve all made a few. Even the most perfect person in the world has made a few in life.  I’ve made a lot and I’m certainly not perfect!

Is there a song called “I Chose the Wrong College and Wrong Career and Now I Have No Future”?  How about “I Can’t Believe I Ate All of That Cake Batter and Frosting”?

No?  Dangit!

Naturally if we are referring to any sort of mistake this song must be mentioned.  It’s the law.

It’s A Mistake-Men At Work

This really has nothing to do with mistakes, but sharing that Men at Work song reminded me of this – one of the greatest videos ever made.  I really think this is what started Robot Chicken.  Really… I could have totally made this video as a kid, it just wouldn’t have featured all the sex and drug references.

The Hell Song-Sum 41

So naturally, that thought led me to this one.  Blink 182, Sum 41.  I used to get them confused.  But Blink 182 like to make videos where they’re running around wearing nothing but black socks and shoes.  The usage of this video is two-fold:  1)  I got the bands confused, therefore that was a past mistake 2)  One mistake I’ve made often in the past is to act my age.  Or not act my age.  Wait, what was that again?  Oh, and Mark Hoppus and his… eyes… yeah, that’s it.  Well worth sharing this video…

What’s My Age Again-Blink 182

Funny thing, I am a huge Coldplay fan and I don’t think I’ve ever shared a song of theirs on Twisted Mixtape Tuesday.  This one counts because it’s about a mistake.  And the video is really freaky.  Kind of like the fact that Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow are together.  Freaky.  Weird.

The Scientist-Coldplay

Another mistake I’ve made is not appreciating Muse sooner.  I thought this group was just weird.  Then they grew, and grew, and grew on me.  Here’s the song that changed my mind.  And yes, they’re still weird.

Supermassive Black Hole-Muse

Stringing random stuff together to make a post.  It’s what I do.  Is that enough tuneage that really has  nothing to do with the theme? Be sure to check out my friends Jen at My Skewed View and Kristi at Finding Ninee for all kinds of mistakes, but not the writing kind.

So click the links already so you can…

make like a tree

LEAF! It’s LEAF! BA HA HA! BTTF reference #2 this year. 😉  You’re welcome.