Theme Thursday: Pet Peeves

Theme Thursday

Jenn at Something Clever 2.0 is the mastermind behind Theme Thursday, a weekly “event” that a few very awesome and unique bloggers partake.  Every week I manage to come up with a post, and every week people actually read it.  This is is amazing to me, because I know that some of my posts for this have been pretty bad.  This week’s theme is “Pet Peeves”.

(Theme Thursday is not filmed before a live studio audience.)

The term “pet peeve” is a strange sounding term.  When I was younger I used to think it had something to do with pets peeing on things.  I know what a pet peeve is nowadays, but it didn’t stop me from looking up the definition of the word online.  Pet Peeve:  An opportunity for complaint that is seldom missed; a particular and often continual annoyance; an irritating experience by others in which you cannot control.

Anyone remember this episode of friends?

Anyone remember this episode of Friends?

The majority of my pet peeves are right in front of me every single time I go online!

I think the above picture pretty much sums it up.  Think about your words when you use them!  Contractions are contractions for a reason-they are short for something!

Please us spellcheck and spell it right!  I get so annoyed when I look at job listings with serious spelling errors.  I always wonder how those people are employed full time and I’m not!  I must admit I was guilty of a serious spelling faux pas that I did not once, not twice, but MANY times.  My mother pointed it out to me that deodorant was not spelled deoderant as I was spelling it.  It “deodorizes”, hence the “o” instead of an “e” in the middle there…

If done correctly it saves lives.  Please refer to the following picture:


People who can’t stop doing whatever it is that they are doing on their phones.
I’m talking about the people who constantly have their face buried in their phone.  They must always be texting, checking their Facebook status, instant messaging, or whatever the heck they are doing on there.  I’m not referring to people who need to be on the phone for their job, or people who blog who might be checking their stats or replying to comments. I’m referring to people I have worked with who can’t even put the phone down to DO THEIR JOB!  People who can’t drive without texting!  People who can’t walk down a street without texting!

Before cell phones...

Before cell phones…

Recently Evil Genius and I were driving through town.  We saw two girls walking down the street, both busily texting on their phones.  Without missing a beat, he turned to me and said “You suppose they’re texting each other?” I myself have a smartphone, and I have some things that I check occasionally on it (because I am a wife and a mom, after all), but I can live without it.  As a matter of fact, it doesn’t stay on long enough for me to do anything anyway!

There are probably more things, but these are the things that bother me the most.  What bothers the snot out of you?

Please take the time to read some of the other amazing and probably much better posts than mine over at Jenn’s place, aka Something Clever 2.0.  Want to participate?  It’s not hard at all.  Refer to the Theme Thursday page for more information, and tell Jenn I sent you!

January Secret Subject Swap: Like Mother, Like Daughter, Except When We’re Not


Welcome to Round Two of the January Secret Subject Swap. 17 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.  At the end of the post is the list of ALL the people who participated this month!

This is my second time participating!  Here is my prompt, submitted by Denise at Go Cheap or Go Home:  I knew I had turned into my mother when…

But she is my real mom. And I bet she likes this just as much as I do.

She IS my real mom, and I bet she loves this just as much as I do.  This is one of my favorite pictures!

Well, I haven’t actually had that exact moment yet where I thought I was turning into my Mom.  There are lots of ways that we are similar, and ways that I wish I could be more like her!  I will now attempt to list some of these things-keep in mind my mind is a bit fuzzy from what they say is bronchitis, but I’m beginning to think there is some sort of brain eating virus accompanying it.

Ways I Wish I Was More Like My Mom:

My Mom is a pretty crafty person-to have her craft skills would be awesome!  I’m good at scrapbooking, but have never been much at the other stuff.  Remember, you all saw my cakes.

We've had kitty ribbon shredders, why have I never thought of this?

Eureka!  Forget those fancy edge trimmers, I have a cat!

She’s also great at being thrifty. I used to be.  Now that I have no control over my money situation not so much.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for financial security…  When I was a kid she would do little things like do rebates or work part-time here and there so that we had money for little things like music lessons.  When my son was little I still was able to do those things, but since then all of the various ways I managed to bring in extra money have gone the way of the dinosaur.  All but one of the places I have picked up extra CPR classes have shut down or quit offering services, people were not interested in sending their kids to my preschool music classes, and I can’t even hired for ONE job these days let alone an extra job for cash.  I’m hoping I can start bringing in something with my writing here soon.  That would be swell!

This was too funny not to share!

This was too funny not to share!

My Mom had to go it alone often when my sister and I were little. My Dad was often out at “sea”, what they call it when Navy guys go out on their tour of duty.  Often he was gone for months at a time.  Not only that, we moved a lot!  She made sure we had a fun time wherever we lived.  I don’t think I am nearly as good or as patient a parent as she was with us when we were kids.  I’m hoping I get better as time goes on.

moms that do everything

I’ll include my address if anyone wants to come over and take me up on this.

She’s really good about remembering those all important things like birthdays and anniversaries.  She always remembers and I always look forward to getting a nice card in the mail for special occasions.  I now have calendars with reminders on both my computer AND my phone, and I STILL forget.  I guess I do remember them, just never in time to get something into the mail.  I suppose if the calendars were to slap me across the face with the card and then push me out the door to the post office with it in my hand, they might be more useful!  For the record, I do remember the things in the house I live in.  Beyond my little ADD world, forget it…

The Ways That I See That We Are Alike:

There’s definitely the sense of humor.  The weird sense of humor that I have runs in the family.  A little morbid and maybe a little bit different than what other people might consider funny.  But when we get together we all just get each other.

Because I too am strange and unusual.

Because I too am strange and unusual.

Growing up, movies were something that we watched together as a family on a regular basis.  Therefore we can quote most of the same movies and tv shows. We quote so many movies and shows on a daily basis at our house that awhile back I even wrote about it. My Mom and I have a lot of the same movies on our favorites list.  I’ve branched out a little since I’ve married my husband, but the old stand-bys are still the best!

I bet you can name that movie...

I bet you can name that movie… one of our very favorites.

We have this thing that we call the recessive gene.  No it’s not a disease or a birth defect.  It’s this thing that happens to some members of our family.  You can be anywhere, anytime, and hear someone say something or even just see something and you automatically break into song.  I can’t control myself any time anyone says anything that remotely resembles a line from a song.  And neither can she.  For example, if someone says the word “so” or “sew” or “sow”-I have to go there. I have to follow up with singing “… a needle pulling thread”.  Sad…but true…


We both enjoy working with kids, because kids are funny (though oftentimes it’s the adults that suck).  She was a second grade teacher for years, and now is a school librarian-both at the same school I started out teaching at.  I taught preschool for a long time.  Neither of us went insane doing it.  Seriously though, much like me she hasn’t decided what she wants to be when she grows up either.


We like punctuation. If you’d like, I can even sing you the song from the original “Electric Company”.

There’s a few other things too:  One in particular is the annual tradition of the lost gift.  Every year Mom misplaces a gift for someone.  This is due to the fact that she starts her shopping early and spreads it out.  Guess what, I’ve done the same thing a few times, just in a different way.  I have bought things for people and totally forgotten them until I accidentally happen upon them.  (The thing, not the person.)  And it has recently come to light that this was passed down from her mother to her, and now to me.  I just had to change it up a bit.

Perhaps as I get older I’ll be more like my mom in the ways that I want to be.  Like when I grow up?  Oh I forgot, I refuse to grow up, just get old.

The '70s are a long way down there anymore...

The ’70s are a long way down there anymore…

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