Going Back, Radio Style

If you haven’t seen the new blog Raised on the Radio, today is a great day to check it out!  I’m on there today with a post I originally wrote for Jen Kehl’s My Skewed View a few months ago.  If you didn’t catch it the first time, you may want to come over and check it out.  And come on, doesn’t this picture just make you want to take a peek?  Click on the image below to go read the post.

crazy girl0001What is Raised on the Radio?  It’s a blog that came about due to the days before you could simply look up a song on the internet or download a song instantly.  If you wanted that song forever you had to buy the record, or sit in front of your stereo for hours waiting for that one song to come on so that you could record it on your cassette player!  I hope even if you have already read the post that you come over to read some other things on the blog.  What are you waiting for???

Raised on the Radio

What Day Is It? Wacky Wednesday of Course!

As I continue to play hopscotch around the internet, please join me for Wacky Wednesday Writers at Menopausal Mother!  Do you ever keep score when it comes to marriage?  Do you or your husband hope to acquire niceness points that can be turned in at a future time?  Then this post may be for you!

just roll it overAnd pssssst… want a little giggle?  You can also see what song lyrics I heard incorrectly over at Raised on the Radio.  Go ahead and laugh at me after reading this.  Keep in mind that I was three or four at the time.  I just never realized it until I was an adult…  Click on the image below to get there.