When Art Meets Engineering…

I’m raising the next generation of engineers.  Two of them right in my house.  I must admit I’m proud, and a bit scared.

I’ve mentioned before that the Professor is not crazy about art that doesn’t have purpose.  While his sister is content to draw, color, and paint away, he is more interested in activity books and drawing up plans for specific things.  That is, when he isn’t standing on his head on the couch.

It so happened that we had a little designing session here at our house the other night.  Usually in the evenings my son gets a little bored.  This particular evening after supper I peeked in to see why it was so quiet-he had pieces of scratch paper spread out all over the table.  “What are you doing?”  “I’m designing stuff.”  he replied, and reabsorbed himself in his work.  I tried to inquire exactly WHAT he was designing, but he didn’t answer.

After a bit, I noticed his sister had joined him at the table.  She too had pieces of scratch paper spread out everywhere.  “What are YOU doing?”  I asked her.  “I’m designing stuff.”  She answered.

The Professor must have been ready to share.  He piped up, “I’m designing some stuff for superheroes to fight with.”

My son’s Superhero Fighting Thingie. I think it’s along the idea of the balls they use on Pokemon?

Princess Artistic jumped in, very enthusiastically, “I’m designing a flower machine! It makes flowers.  Lots and lots of FLOWERS!”

My daughter’s flower machine. It makes LOTS and LOTS of flowers!

Two very different kids with very different interests… I love it.

(Why all the yellow paper?  It’s leftover from the flyers I used to print up to promote my preschool music classes.  I used to teach a half hour music class to kids once a week at work, and then later at the church near my house.  Then the economy went in the crapper.  NOT using them anymore… now it’s scratch paper!)