Weekly Wrap-Up: Weak Week

It did seem a bit like a weak week to me.  My husband was on death’s door for at least two days (and missed work for three) while I’ve been suffering a bit, um, mentally (damn PMS).  But I did get new glasses this week, which was very exciting to me.  The picture is a bit blurry, but let’s just pretend that it’s on purpose, shall we?


Monday  The ADD Kitchen 4:  Baby Its Cold Outside But We Want to be Healthy Edition  Baking when it’s cold outside makes the house warm!  Some stuff that actually worked for me for once!

Tuesday  Insomnia:  It’s Nothing to Lose Sleep Over  I’m a zombie, RAWR!

Wednesday  I am “Loded”  It’s not like it sounds at all.  This is what happens when you are all out of “v”s.

Thursday  Theme Thursday:  The ADD 80s Child Looks at 80s Teen Movies  Jenn challenges me to figure out which member of The Breakfast Club I am.  All I can think about is Sixteen Candles.  Here is the scary result.

Friday  Fly on the Wall January 2013:  The Princess Edition  Find out what man cans and lady cans are.

Saturday  The Flake Award:  The Please Don’t Hate Me Because I Forgot About My Award Post  I’m a flake and how I’m trying to make up for it.

My favorite posts this week:

(Is it sad that I really don’t remember much from this past week?  I haven’t been drunk or anything, honest!)

Depression-S*&T That Everyone Should Know  Nicole Knepper-Finally, someone who explains depression in language that I can relate to, in poop terms.  Well you know, sometimes you just feel like poop…  This is a must read!

ALL the Fly on the Wall posts this week!

Best Search Terms This Week:

Mr T Cooking-I pity the fool!

She wants my zamboni-Is this something like “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” or more like a penis reference?

What does batman eat for dinner-It really sounds like there should be a punchline.  Now I’m wondering, WHAT?

Abby’s Flying Fairy School lyrics-Look up high, in the sky, it’s a school, it can fly!  Um… I used to know all the lyrics… A quick search reveals that you can find the lyrics HERE.  So if you’re looking, now you know where!

Coming Up Next Week:

I have one very exciting thing to share:  I’ll be guest posting over at Menopausal Mother!  Yahoo!  But enough about me, go enjoy your weekend!

yay weekend

What I’ve Learned From Blogging: The Good, the Bad, and the REALLY Scary

Blogging has provided me with an outlet for my ideas. See look, I have one right here.

Today was my best day yet.  I smashed my previous record of having over one hundred views in a day, at last count I was up to 173 views!  That may not seem like much to those of you that get that many every day, that is huge for me.  As I close in on having 3,000 views and almost 50 followers, I can say that this whole blogging thing has been on the whole a very positive experience.  I sent my first post to the AimingLow website this week, hoping that maybe they’ll publish it.  I’m also trying to get going in the writing world.  It is definitely a process, though.  It took me a while to get here, and I still have a very long way to go.

Some things I have learned along the way thus far:

  • One of the scariest things about having your own blog is the stuff that people use to find your blog.  *shudder*  Search terms used to find my blog include the following- glue sniffing crack, why my husband takes 25 minutes to poop, is white chocolate made out of bat poop, barbie in compromising positions, girl poops out a mouse, moms that screw pets for fun and get caught and share.  That’s weird, man.
  • Never, ever use the word “penis” in a blog title.
  • No one cares about your PMS.  Even if it IS extreme.
  • Comment if you’re thinking something.  I never used to comment on anything I read before I started doing this.  Now I say what I’m thinking.  I can’t say it’s gained me a million followers, but it’s nice to see people read what I say on other people’s blogs.  And like it.
  • If I were a spammer, I would hire someone who at least knows how to write with proper grammar.  Or make it sound like it’s a real person.  Or something.  Don’t worry, I’m not hiring myself out to do this, though I could really use the money.
  • You find the bestest people on WordPress.  I don’t care if it’s not a real word, I’m gonna use it anyway.
  • Kids, husbands, pets, and my own stupidity are endless sources of blog ideas.  It’s pretty rare that I do have a day without something to write about.  Which is good, because I don’t want my brain to be full.  Or empty.  Or half full or half empty, depending on how you look at that…
  • I never lack for entertainment having found the blogging community.  Even when I’m not writing, I’m reading other blogs.  Tell me I need to get a life, I don’t care!

Not so much something I have learned but more of a thought in my brain:  As I continue to go on with my blog, my biggest fear is running out of space on here.  I started out not using a lot of pictures, but now I use at least 2 for every post.  Pictures use up a lot of memory.  Maybe I need to take up a collection to upgrade to PRO?  It could be like the Save the Children fund, only it would be “Save the Sadder But Wiser Girl”.  Perhaps by the time that happens I’ll be gainfully employed.  I applied at Casey’s General Store this week, it could happen.

What have YOU learned from having your own blog?  Any wisdom you’d like to share?