I’m Taking Over


In case you didn’t know, that was my evil laugh.

I’ve been a bit obsessed over superheroes and supervillains lately due to my recent venture out of my own little world to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  Which was nothing less than AMAZING.

Keep in mind that I don’t get out much, so there’s that…

Also, in my spare time, I stole a plane and flew down to Florida so I could hijack my friend’s blog.  Oh yes, in true supervillain fashion I’m holding Menopausal Mother hostage and I’m not giving it back until she asks me really, really nicely.  And maybe sends me some rum cake.  I hear she makes the best rum cake in the world.

I know supervillains don’t ask politely, just consider me a very friendly one.  Please come over and say hi, and check out some of Marcia’s writing while you’re there!

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Fear me, I have minions... and I command thee to visit me at MENOPAUSAL MOTHER!!!!!

Fear me, I have minions… and I command thee to visit me at MENOPAUSAL MOTHER!!!!!



Guess Who’s Coming For Dinner: Conversations With Geeklings

shieldI never understood what the big deal was about… being normal.

From time to time, we have conversations in our household that seem perfectly normal to me, but that’s because I live here.

Later on as I think about it, not so much.

We’re nerds.  Geeks.  We don’t tend to like things that the normal person would enjoy.  We’re not normal.  And really, that’s perfectly okay.  I wouldn’t want it any other way.

This week with the anticipated opening of the latest Marvel movie which I am attending on opening night (Squeeeeee!), the conversations have been centered around superheroes.

Remember, we don’t get out much.

It started with Evil Genius disagreeing with my choice of serving utensil.  The ladle was in the dirty dishes, so I grabbed a great big serving spoon for our soup.  He protested loudly.

“Steve Rogers wouldn’t disagree with my choice of serving utensil!” I shouted after him.

(For the layperson, Steve Rogers is the secret identity of Captain America.)

Captain_America_I_Understand_That_ReferenceThen I totally uninvited him to the movie.  Too bad I don’t really have any say in that.

It went downhill from there.  By Thursday we were knee deep in superhero references.  We were talking about the new movie, and pretty much every other superhero movie ever made.  This somehow led to this question:

If we were to have superheroes over for dinner, who should we invite?

(This is REALLY important stuff in our house, by the way.)

The Professor right away shouts:  “The Flash!  Supper would be ready really fast because he’d cook it.”

(Food that is done quickly is very important to him).

So not only are we inviting them over, they’re cooking for us too?

The Princess:  “I’d like Wonder Woman to come over.  She’s a girl.”

(Poor Black Widow, she’s obviously a threat. No soup for her.)

Me:  “Well obviously Captain America is the right choice.  He would have EXCELLENT table manners.”

The Princess:  “We’d have to invite Superman.  He could open the pickles.”

The Professor piped up “Batman would be cool because his secret identity is Bruce Wayne.”

Me:  “What does that have to do with anything?”

The Professor:  “I just like Bruce Wayne.  And Batman.”

He just really likes Batman.

He just really likes Batman.

The Princess got a very worried look on her face.  “We can’t invite ALL the Avengers, because the Hulk would smash the table.”

The Professor:  “But if we ALSO invited Green Lantern, he could make us a new table with his ring.”

The Princess:  “But all his stuff is always green.  I don’t want a new table that’s green.”

Me:  “So invite a red lantern.”

The Princess:  “How about a PINK Lantern.  I would looooooooove that!”

The Professor:  “There are no PINK Lanterns.  But there are purple ones.”

The Princess:  “*GASP*  INVITE THEM!!!!”

The Professor:  “OK, but no yellow ones, they’re evil.”

Me:  “Yes I think there probably needs to be a no supervillain rule.”

(I’m secretly sad about that one, I’d totally invite Loki to my house…)

The Professor:  “Some supervillains aren’t really that evil.  Justin Hammer can come.”

(Secretly not sad now, Sam Rockwell can come to my house any time.)

The Professor:  “I’m sure that if we invited the Green Lantern AND The Flash that they would get along very well.  And Spiderman-I would love that.”

The Princess:  “Spiderman?  Ewwwww.  He’d just walk around on the ceiling.”

The Professor:  “Thor.”

The Princess:  “No.  No one is going to smash things.  He’ll smash things with his hammer.”

(She’s really worried about this whole smashing thing, should we be concerned?)

Me:  “Don’t you remember The Dark World?  He hung his hammer up when he came in the house.”

The Princess:  “Oh yeah! I still don’t want him to come though.”

The Professor:  “Let’s invite Phil Coulson.”

Me:  “He’s not a superhero, he’s a SHIELD agent.”

The Professor:  “That’s okay.  Agents can come too.”

In the end, the Professor was realizing his worst worry might come true if we did indeed invite all of these people over to our house.  His fear:  If all of the Avengers AND the Fantastic Four came over, how would Chris Evans be both Johnny Storm AND Captain America?  Serious stuff.

And nobody suggested Iron Man or any of the X-Men, which is a shame…


Nobody invited Iron Man…

So there you have it, superheroes and SHIELD agents.  Dinner party at my house.

On the menu:  Pizza (shaped like a cat AND Captain America’s shield), Craisins, and baby carrots.  And if everyone behaves, chocolate/vanilla twist ice cream from DQ for dessert.

You’re all invited, you can even bring a guest.  That is as long as it’s not a super villain (except for Justin Hammer, you’re already invited).

Looks like I’m gonna need a bigger house.

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Theme Thursday: Everybody Has Superpowers (Maybe Even YOU!)

Theme ThursdayWhat is Theme Thursday?  It’s faster than a speeding bullet!  It’s more powerful than a locomotive!  It’s able to leap tall buildings in a single bound!  Look, up up in the sky!  It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s THEME THURSDAY!  And in case you didn’t guess by the opening, this week’s theme is superheroes.

Participants of Theme Thursday are not actually superheroes. Oh wait, yes they are.  They totally are.  And you need to click that button at the top and read their superness.  Do it, or I’ll tell The Human Torch on you.

melt ice

It totally proves my theory…

What exactly is a superhero?  Is it someone who does good deeds?  Does having superpowers make someone a superhero?  We all know that Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark didn’t have superpowers, they just had really expensive toys.  They also totally got by on their looks, which is okay, because we like to look at them.

In reality, I think everyone probably has some sort of special power.  Especially kids and pets. They can totally pull off being a superhero.  It doesn’t take a radioactive spider or a horrible life tragedy to bring these powers on.  I know it has to be true because I am an eyewitness.  They are right in my house.  I have seen it so it must true, right?  Don’t believe me?  Keep reading:

The Streak

The StreakAbility to strip off clothes in an instant.  Added superpower of stopping people in their tracks laughing because dammit it is funny.  Sometimes.

Mega Stench

Mega StinkerSmells so powerful supervillains as well as anyone else within a ten mile radius are brought to their knees. *Gasps for air*

Mr Knowledge (the little guy on the right)


Knows every fact, every statistic, and will be sure to tell you at least a dozen times.  Known to paralyze people with his facts.  This is the guy who will not only have all of the cool toys when he grows up, he will have designed and built all of them too!

Mistress Mess

Mess MistressThe Flash’s long lost sister, cousin to Storm, stepsister to Messy Marvin.
Superpowers:  Ability to mess up a room in no time flat, and magnetically attract dirt.

Captain Cuteness

Captain CuteHe can stop anyone in their tracks with his adorableness.  Can bring down a busy person in a matter of moments and can keep them immobilized for hours.

There are supervillains too!


The Evil DishesRight?  This is totally evil in my house.

Dr Laundry

laundry One of the most evil things out there.  It takes over your house slowly.  Even Captain Cuteness’s powers are useless against it.  (I think its totally in cahoots with 3D-they’re on a quest together for world domination, or at least house domination.)

Still don’t believe me?  I’m actually a superhero myself.  Sort of…

Tie-Dye Girl

Tie Dye Girl!Who could forget Tie-Dye Girl???  She’ll make sure your life is full of color.

Why do I know so much about this anyway, you ask?  Well, I am married to this guy after all:

Evil Genius

Evil Genius


Further research on this subject may involve watching the movie Mystery Men and the disturbing yet hilarious animated series The Oblongs, listening to The Avengers soundtrack and eating  a lot of spinach.  Keep in mind that singing the song with the lyrics “I’m Popeye the sailor man, I live in a garbage can…” is totally optional, but I am a bit alarmed by the fact that someone actually researched different versions of it and put it on a website.

What’s your superpower?  I bet you have one too!

I found this little gem awhile back.  On days like this it certainly makes me smile...

I never had the superpowers had to be USEFUL!

I hope you enjoyed or at least found my post mildly amusing.  All of the images used in this post were edited to kind of sort of look like comics through Picasa.  This is really sad because a) I got no money or any kind of fun stuff to say that and b)   I actually own a copy of Photoshop Elements that I paid for using actual money!

Be sure to go check out the other super writers and what they had to say about superheroes by clicking on the Theme Thursday button at the top!

Thanks for reading, now I must go save my people!

Thanks for reading, now I must go save my people!