Things I Love So Much I Want to Marry Them (Sorry Honey…)

I thought it would be fun to do a post about some of the things I love, besides my family and friends of course!  I know that life is not about what you have.  But there are some things that if I had to live without them, while I would survive I would be very very sad.

Diet Sunkist Lemonade-A mysterious illness earlier this year robbed me of my ability to enjoy Diet Coke.  This other pop is the bomb.  I have loved it for a good portion of my adult life.  Unfortunately it’s very hard to find sometimes.  I’m addicted.  When I can’t have it I’m very sad.  But I suppose there are worse things to be addicted to, huh?

Neutrogena pear and green tea body wash-It’s like a little spa in my shower.  It smells so good, I look forward to showering so I can smell it.  Is that weird?

Dark chocolate-  It’s health food, right?  I like the really dark stuff, but not so dark it’s bitter.  Dove dark chocolate with almonds rocks.  Hershey’s used to make a very dark chocolate that had blueberries, cranberries, and some sort of nut in it.  In a pinch I’ll settle for milk chocolate, but I prefer the dark stuff.

My IPOD-I have a 16 gig ipod.  My music is extremely important to me.  I don’t make big purchases very often, but this one was well worth it.  I like the fact that I still have room to put more of my favorite songs on it.  I have some pretty weird taste in music-it’s so nice to be able to listen to what I want when I want it.

My tevas.  I love teva sandals.  My feet practically cry when the weather gets too cold to wear them.  The fact that I finally was able to get a couple of pairs of Merrells this last winter helped to ease the pain a little.  Just a little.  I have them in three different colors. I do a lot of online surveys to be able to buy footwear!

Tie-dye-I can’t get enough of it.  Note:  I was wearing tie-dye long before it was considered in fashion.

Method products-All natural, non-toxic, and affordable!  I can’t stand to breathe in any kind of fumes when I clean.  I don’t exactly need excuses not to clean.  These smell so good-though my husband claims the green antibacterial cleaner smells like pee (I disagree).  The Lavender is my favorite.

Neutrogena Body Lotion-In addition to the great smelling body wash, we have the great smelling body lotion.  I don’t wear cologne, except once in a great while.  I don’t feel I have to-this stuff smells so good.  I buy the super duper giant bottle and it lasts me a very very long time.

Sutter Home White Zinfadel-My weekend delight.  Not my very favorite, but when I can buy a huge bottle at Target for $9 every few weeks I’ll take it!

Relax Riesling-when I’m feeling wealthier this stuff is wonderful.  This is my very favorite.  Also, the bottle looks really cool on your table.  I hope to someday make a whole bunch of lighted Relax bottles for decoration.  As soon as I figure out how.

Incense-I love all things that smell, but nothing beats the smell of incense when you’re trying to relax.  It’s the best smell ever!

Everyone is so different-what are your favorite things?  What do you feel you would be very sad without?