Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Stuff That Happened This Week!

Previously on The Sadder But Wiser Girl…

MONDAYResuscitation Successful!  Items That Didn’t Work That Now Do.  Wheee!  I did a little dance, but didn’t make a little love over my resuscitated garbage disposal and shiny new (cheap) faucet!  The new faucet is 100 times better than the old one, which doesn’t say much about the one it replaced considering it was the cheapest Lowes made (that wasn’t an ugly plastic one).

TUESDAYThe 80s Child Thinks of Christmas:  Movies on Betamax and VHS Tapes.  We paid a little visit over to Memory Lane, reminiscing about all of those Christmas specials and movies that we used to watch, on VHS and BETAMAX!!!!!

WEDNESDAYThe ADD Kitchen:  Making Christmas Play-doh (And Other Random Artsy Fartsy Stuff).  We made glittery play-doh, and I considered burning my “I ♥ WordPress” t-shirt over them making it hard to put images on your page…

THURSDAY-Dude, Where’s My Love?  Oh THERE It Is…  A thoughtful post, sort of, all about supporting your fellow blogger when they are having a great big mountain of crap in their lives.

FRIDAY-The ADD Kitchen Chapter Two:  Cooking Calamities   I attempt to make things, and why it rarely works…

SATURDAY- In the spirit of Christmas, why not share Things I Love So Much I Want To Marry Them (Sorry Honey).  I was also tagged to write a Christmas post by Rachel at the Tao of Poop-check out her post and blog, IF YOU DARE!  I love anyone who has the word poop in the title of their blog!  Watch for that post  next week.

OTHER NEWS FROM THE WEEK:  I also made arrangements to do some guest posts on different blogs here soon, and a late development on the “ME” front is that I am being featured on “The Sunday Sip” going live at 8 am Sunday.  This wasn’t supposed to happen until next year so I am SUPER excited!  Here is the link if you want to check it out!


The Menopausal Mother-Caveman Twitter.  What if Cavemen had Twitter?  Complete with a not horrible reenactment.  What does she ploy her husband with to play along and can I have some to make my husband play along?  I have just started following her recently and she ROCKS!  I’m guest posting for her in January, so watch out for that!

Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom-1-800-HOT-ELVZ.  As near as I can tell, this is lines taken from Christmas movies and used grossly out of context.  I came close to peeing my pants here, not that it’s that hard to do…  Take a look-see!  Another new blog to me that I am thoroughly enjoying!

Cloudy, With A Chance of Wine50 Things I Want To Teach My Daughter. Having to update your will is never fun stuff, but I love this list she made for her daughter. I love this blog, and I hope you will check it out!  I love that she starts this list with scented tampons.

Mostly True Stuff-I’m Jealous of You.  I am just full of love tonight.  Yes I love this blog.  She is just so honest! Please check out this blog.  If you are a parent of a child who has special needs of any sort, you’ll be able to relate.

Front Range ScribblesQuestions that make you go Hmmm?   Hee hee!  Funny stuff!

The Domestic GoddessLaughing At Farts, And Other Ways To Stay Young At Heart.  Somehow I feel like Marj is a kindred spirit.  I can always relate to her writing!  This is no exception.  It’s so bad that I have had to assure her that I’m not a stalker, I just really like her blogging!  I am so glad I am not the only one who laughs at certain words (I snort every time I see the word “wiener”, among other things).  You have to grow old, you don’t have to grow up.  Who said tha, anyway?

These Are A Few Of My Favorite… Blogs

Do you have the song stuck in your head?  Yes you’re welcome.

Today I wanted to take a break from my Idea Diarrhea a bit and share some of the stuff that I really like (not things I love so much I want to marry them, that’s a different post).  I read a LOT of blogs every day.  I guess I have to consider it research.  I just love to read, and give me a good story with a good laugh or two and I’m hooked.  I’m a Mom, so most of the blogs I follow are Mommy blogs, though looking at my list there are a few that are not.

So here are 15 of my fave blogs.  If I had an award to give, I would.  I’m kind of broke but I’m sure I could come up with something.  A trophy made out of homemade playdough?  A sculpture made out of old Cheerios?  A year’s supply of dryer lint?  Hurry and get yours today before the dog eats it.

Parenting, Illustrated With Crappy Pictures-I have said it before and I’ll say it again, she is so funny!  I love the illustrations she draws-it’s certainly unique.  This is the blog that more or less started it all for me.  Her sense of humor inspired me to use mine.  It’s good when funny people use their powers for good and not evil, don’t you think?

Scary Mommy-I love this site!  You will feel better that you are in good company of the not so perfect Mommies if you visit this site.  Read the Confessions IF YOU DARE!  You may very well feel much better about your parenting skills.

Attack of The Redneck Mommy– Here is one lady I really admire-she’s not afraid to be her own funny, original self.  She’s raising two teens and a child with special needs, all the while maintaining a wicked sense of humor.

Motherhood is an Art-An inside look at Motherhood to three adorable children.  Lots of good storytelling.  I can certainly relate to her!

The Domestic Goddess-Fellow redheads unite!  Marj Hatzell deals with life with the best sense of humor.  I found it by accident one night and have been a loyal follower ever since.  She’s awesome, you should read it sometime.

Dumb Little Man As it says, it’s tips for life.  It is.  Good useful stuff.

Adrea in Wonderland– Ever read one of those blogs where you think, wow, I wish this person was my friend in real life because she’s cool?

Lady Or Not…Here I Come-This one is not for the faint of heart or the easily offended by stuff that is a little, um, naughty.  She is , however, one of the best humor bloggers out there!

stark.raving.mad.mommy– I follow her on Facebook.  She posts on a lot of different sites. Good stuff!

Rants From MommylandI just recently started following this blog.  She will make you ROFLMAO.

Super Healthy Kids– I started following this blog trying to find healthy lunch ideas for my son.  I’ve had not so great luck with him, but have found some winning dishes for the other little eater in the house.  I love fun, healthy food!

Girl On The Contrary-I found this blog through the comments on a WordPress forum about humor, I believe.  I love her perspective and her observations about, well, everything.

dirtyrottenparenting– Another blog I found through a forum, and so glad I did.  Funny stuff!

Aiming Low– This is a humor blog that is a collection of a lot of different stuff from different people.  I’m hoping to be published on here sometime soon.

My Brain on Kids–  Another great funny blog about parenting (and Adam Levine)!

I hope you maybe find a new blog to love by clicking on these links!  Is there a blog that I should be reading but am not? Let me know!  Do I follow you and you follow me and you’re sad because you’re not on my list?  I love all the blogs I follow, but I don’t have room to list them all on here!   So I picked the ones I a) comment on the most b) post frequently and c) I’ve followed for more than a month.   🙂  I don’t want anyone sad (or burning down my house).   Maybe you’ll make my next list. *wink*