My Life This Week: Not Very Interesting

So far, has anyone messed up and written ’12 instead of ’13 on their checks?  Does anyone still write checks?  I was actually told it was cheaper to write a check to pay a bill yesterday.  So I wrote one, and sent it snail mail.  Weird-I thought they were moving away from paper and ink!

Anyhoo, here is the life I led this week:



MONDAY-I just plain ran out of time and ambition to finish my post.  It was New Years’ Eve after all.  I did celebrate New Years Eve like a boss though.  Well, that is if celebrating like a boss involves making homemade pizza rolls and watching Mystery Science Theater…

TUESDAY2012 Is Done: The Year In Review So We Can Just Move On  My year and how it went, up and down…

mostly dead

He’s mostly dead, all thanks to Google.

WEDNESDAYMy Glands, My Glands, My Lovely Swollen Glands  What happens when you use Google to figure out what’s wrong with you.  Hint:  Never, ever google your symptoms.  Ever. You WILL think you are mostly dead.  Also, Wordless Wednesday: Coffee  Self explanatory.

THURSDAYWintertime Where The Sleddin Is Easy (If You Have Hills)  I participate in my second Theme Thursday on Something Clever 2.0.  The theme was Winter.  It was probably the easiest post I’ve written in awhile!

FRIDAYSheldon Cooper Lives At My House, And Today He Turns Eight  My oldest had a birthday, and tried to convince us that we were supposed to throw him a surprise party.

The only thing I will ever have in common with Rachel Green is that I am also trained for nothing.

The only thing I will ever have in common with Rachel Green is that I am also trained for nothing.

SATURDAYREBLOG:  What I Think Prospective Employers Are REALLY Saying About Me  I started applying for jobs again after a couple of week hiatus and this still rings true.  What the heck are they looking for out there?  Am I really like Rachel on Friends, and trained for nothing?

This next week:  we’ll revisit the ADD Kitchen for a new chapter, cats versus dogs, and the latest in Baking In A Tornado’s brainchild-The Secret Subject Swap, among other things!

Eat, Pray, Eat

This is so cute, I couldn’t resist using it. Get it?

Is it just the church we attend or are all churches on a mission to feed us?

My children are apparently conditioned to associate our church with eating.  It’s a Pavlovian thing of sorts.  When we enter our church, my daughter automatically wants to know where the food is.  I noticed this at choir practice the other night.  We had just sat down and opened our music when Princess Gimme inquired “When do we get to eat snack?”

I guess it’s only natural, after I started to think about it, there is food at every church service we go to.  She’s all about the treats.  She has been known on occasion to take TWO treats from the pastor at the end of the children’s sermon (and has been made to try to give them back).  I’m surprised she doesn’t call it the “Treat Sermon”.  She always makes sure she sits right next to the pastor so she’s near the treats.  Sometimes her eyes never leave the container of treats.  Today she made darn sure he knew that she wasn’t leaving without a piece of candy-as if that would happen!

Communion happens every other Sunday, and it seems that we are up there trying not to laugh more often than not.  The kids just don’t really get the whole Communion thing-which isn’t unusual at their age.  The Professor is beginning to understand it a little better, but she is really struggling with the whole concept.  So we get a lot of interesting comments.  Usually she’s upset that she doesn’t get to have anything (I came up for communion and all I got was a lousy blessing?).  One time she looked at the communion wafers with very wide eyes and hissed “THAT’S NOT A BODY!” Apparently she thought the pastor was trying to pull a fast one on us.  (I’m a Methodist attending a Lutheran church-we always had the big homemade loaves of bread. I think that communion is sooooo much better with bread.  But that’s just my opinion.)

It’s not like we need to have the kids with us to make us on the verge of laughter.  We watch too much Family Guy.  I can’t take communion without thinking of the one episode where Peter takes the communion wine and then asks “Is this really the blood of Christ?  Holy crap, that guy must’ve been wasted 24/7!” Sigh… I really do take church seriously.  I can’t help it if my mind wanders.  ADD brain.

Anyway, back to the story at hand.  Today we walked up to take communion and she gleefully said “Oh look, there’s the snacks!”  No honey.

It’s not unusual for her to associate different places with food.  She used to call Casey’s “The Pizza Store”.  When I was addicted to Diet Coke and would regularly go to get my 32 ounce refills, Kum and Go was “The Pop Place”.  I’m waiting for her to just start referring to church as “The Snack Shack”.  Never mind that we’re supposed to be learning about God and Jesus and all that great stuff-when’s snack?

We have just the one church service, and afterwards we have fellowship followed by Sunday School.  The kids live for this time of day.  It’s always wonderful stuff-banana bread, brownies, cookies.  Naturally both children wonder often during the service when it will be time to go eat.  Today as usual it was good stuff- we had a snack mix and brownies.  However, instead of Sunday School they had a wonderful presentation by two girls telling all about their trip to India.  Naturally, she was confused and pretty upset when it was time to go.  Not to mention they had tomatoes from the church garden, and she wanted some.  Since the presentation had run over the Sunday School time and we were leaving, I felt really weird coming in and taking tomatoes.  But she WAS NOT leaving without some of those wonderful goodies.  I finally gave in, and we picked out a few cherry tomatoes and big ones from the box.  As we walked out the door, she began to get upset with me.

Turns out she wanted those tomatoes for a SNACK.  Because that’s what we do.  Eat, Pray, Eat… Hopefully she’ll catch on when she gets a little older!

Not only do I tend to think of Family Guy at church, this little gem pops into my head often. This really has nothing to do with this post, other than it has to do with a church.”Mawwiage is what bwings us togevah today.”

Have Fun Storming the Castle!

It’s often like this show at our house. Except we have more hair.

We quote a lot of stuff at our house.  A LOT of stuff.  Mostly movies, and TV shows, among other things.  I wouldn’t be surprised if my husband and I have had a whole conversation in movie quotes.  Hey, that would be a really neat game.  “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” used to do games where you spoke only in song titles.  I’ve always wanted to try that.

But I digress…  which reminds me of digest.  But this is not a rhyming game.  But…”Rhyming is fun.”

We don’t quote stuff that other people quote, mostly more obscure stuff.  What brought this whole post on?  Today my husband took both kids and the dog to drive to his sister’s house to pick up some stuff she’d done for him, as well as stop in and see the folks.  I packed them each a drink and snacks, and as they went out the door I yelled “Have fun storming the castle!”  The neighbors probably think I’m really weird.  I can’t help it.  It’s verbal diarrhea, it just comes out and I can’t stop it.  Especially stuff like that, from “The Princess Bride”, only one of the best and most quotable movies ever.  It’s a good book, too.  One of the best and funniest ever written.

I get it honest, my Mom does it too.  Every time we go somewhere and park, of course she quotes Star Trek IV, the scene where they leave the cloaked Klingon Bird of Prey in the park.  “Everybody remember where we parked.”  That’s another very funny and very quotable movie.  What other movie do you get to hear Mr Spock cuss?  “Perhaps now is a good time for a colorful metaphor?”

Weird weird stuff makes us quote stuff.  Don’t ever talk about rueing the day.  Because that really opens up a can of worms at our house.  “Rue the day, who talks like that?” (Real Genius).  “I rued the day once.” (Friends)  Seeing a large amount of cups in one place often leads to these quotes, starting with “They will rue the day they put in me in charge of cups!” (Friends, again).  Someone uses the word “youth” “Da two yutes.”  “What is a yute?”  “The two YOUTHS.”  (My Cousin Vinny)  Anytime we come across anyone called Newt “She turned me into a newt… I got better”.  (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

We actually quote Monty Python almost to the point of absurdity…  “We already got one.  It’s verrah nice.”  “I fart in your general direction!” “I’m FRENCH!  Where do you think I got this OUT-RAGEOUS ACK-SENT!”

Speaking of french, anything that has the word french in it results in this:  “Fronch fries, Fronch toast, Fronch dressing, and for dessert, Peru.” It costs two dollars?  It results in one of us yelling “TWO DOLLARS!  TWO DOLLARS!” (Better Off Dead).   And of course when anyone has strange symptoms of any kind in our house, “Maybe it’s a tumor.”  “It’s NOT A TOO-MAH!”  Gotta go to the bathroom?  “There is no BAWTHROOM!” (Kindergarten Cop).  And to round out the 80s movies, who DOESN’T say “AUTOMOBEEEEEL?” when they see the word automobile written down somewhere?  (Sixteen Candles)

Some things we can’t even say right anymore because it makes us think of something else.  Anything that’s navy blue isn’t “navy” blue, it’s “nah-vee blue” (You know, Fronk from Father of the Bride, oh you DON’T know?).  Or we make something similar to a quote in a movie.  Me with my coffee:  “I love coffee.  Coffee, coffee, coffee.”  (Substitute Scotch for coffee, Anchorman).  In addition to this we’ve also stolen many ideas that we work into our every day conversation.  Like needing an “epiphany toilet”.  Betcha can’t guess where that one came from…

And don’t forget the commercials.  You know when you get things that go together, I have to say “Unicorns and glitter!”  (I love Flo)  My daughter has caught on to that, she can’t hear the word smooth without reciting “He’s smooth, like Keith Stone”.  I’m not sure whether to be proud or horrified at that.  We really watch too much TV.

Oh, and before I forget, “Rhyming is fun” comes from Scrubs.  Yet another awesome TV show.  Anytime we have to guess how much something costs, “I’m going to guess…seven dollars.”  Also from Scrubs.  I could go on and on…

Perhaps it’s all related to the recessive gene we all have in my family that causes us to burst out into song at the mention of something that reminds of a line in a song.  It has to at least be in the same general area of the brain.  Thank goodness I met Evil Genius, because he understands all of this.  See, there’s someone out there for everybody!  He’s actually there to correct me, because I never get the quotes exactly right.  I understand that he and his boss talk in movie quotes all the time at work.  So there are more of us, maybe even some who won’t admit that things make them quote other things.  We must find them, and assimilate them.  “Resistance is Futile” (Star Trek:TNG)

When I was younger, much like with my interests, I tried to repress my quoting urges.  Guess what, I was…

You have to do it to the tune of a clock chiming. Think about it.

I WAS wrong.  It’s a good thing I decided to accept my geekdom.  And by the way this above picture’s quote would count as both a song AND a quote.  “See what I did there?”

Wish I knew what THAT was from, since I use it all the time…