Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: The Soundtrack of My Summer 2014

twisted mixtape tuesdayWelcome to the return of Twisted Mixtape Tuesday.  Aren’t you excited?  I am! 

What is Twisted Mixtape Tuesday?  It’s a once a month opportunity to share the songs you love according to the chosen theme!  This week’s theme is the Soundtrack of Your Summer. When you’re done with my post, be sure to hop over to the link up on My Skewed View!

So what did I listen to this summer?  A quick look at my most played songs painted the picture pretty clearly.

This first one?  Because awesome!!!!

Happy-Pharrell Williams

The next one is just one of several other songs I’ve listened to constantly from the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack.

Spirit in the Sky-Norman Greenbaum 

Another sky related song that is wildly catchy…

Sky Full of Stars-Coldplay

I don’t know why but I’ve been totally stuck on this next song all summer.  Lady Antebellum is one of my favorite crossover groups.  This is the most played, but there are many other songs by this group that I listen to on a playlist pretty regularly.

Just A Kiss-Lady Antebellum

The last one is an oldie but a goodie.  At least compared to the others.  Fun.

I’m A Believer-Smash Mouth

What songs have been the soundtrack of your summer?  Let me know in the comments, or better yet, make your own post and share by linking it up at My Skewed View!

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Awesome Mixtape 2

twisted mixtape tuesdayRecently I’ve been feeling a little blue.  Perhaps this is directly related to the lack of Twisted Mixtape Tuesday in my life.  Could it be?

This past week Jen and I both got the pleasure of seeing one of the greatest movies ever made:  Guardians of the Galaxy.  Unfortunately we didn’t get to go see it together, since we live a state away from each other (I know, cue the sad face.)  In case you haven’t had a chance to watch this movie, I certainly don’t want to give anything away, so I will keep my mouth shut.  I will however say this:  If you liked Avengers, you’ll love this movie.  In addition to it being downright funny and entertaining and downright awesome, it all centers around an awesome mixtape, rightfully called Awesome Mix, Part I.

This special edition of Twisted Mixtape is dedicated to this very movie.  What if I chose the music for the sequel, the Awesome Mix, Part 2?

Considering I write fan fiction with specific soundtracks in mind, this is hands down the easiest Twisted Mixtape Tuesday ever!  I can only imagine the plot, so I don’t have a lot of specific information to base my choices upon.  I can only believe that the Guardians planners will once again pick tracks that burrow into your brain and make you never, ever, ever cease to hear the songs over and over and over…

Tragedy-Bee Gees

If You Leave Me Now-Chicago

Don’t Fear The Reaper-Blue Oyster Cult

Rocket Man-Elton John

Superstition-Stevie Wonder

So now that I have finished this mix, I’m going to go listen to the soundtrack for the millionth time… What would you put on your soundtrack to the second movie?  Tell me in the comments, or better yet make your own post and link it up at My Skewed View!!

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Under the Covers

twisted mixtape tuesdayIt’s time to get twisted!  Twisted as in Twisted Mixtape Tuesday.  This week’s musical topic is Cover Songs. 

Here I was all set to go and simply link up an old post and be done with it.

Then as I dug that old post out and set it out to look at it I realized that this was in my TMT infancy.  In other words, I was such a novice at it that I had no idea how to put video in my posts.  I’ve come so far…  So with a little tweaking, here is the post with fresh new life!

Let’s kick it off with the woman responsible for getting my parent’s alley paved.  True story.  She was coming to town to give a concert across the street, and they paved the alley.  And at the time I thought “Who is Sara Evans, other than obviously someone with a fabulous first name?”  This is hands down my favorite cover of the song “I Could Not Ask For More”.

I Could Not Ask for More-Sara Evans

Remember the 80s?  Why is it that I can’t remember what I ate for breakfast but I can remember every word to almost every 80s song ever written?  This song is no exception to that rule. The original version of this song is pretty dang good, but I’m partial to this particular cover.  The quality of this is not great.  As a matter of fact, it was the only one I could find that the person sat really still while taping the song off the TV using their phone.  Apparently that takes some serious skills!

The Boys of Summer-The Ataris


I’m not a big Marilyn Manson fan, but this particular cover is one of my favorites.  Creepy?  Yes.  Cool.  YES.  I couldn’t find a decent, um, clean version of the video, so you have to deal with lyrics.  Want to see the real video?  Google it.  There are boobs in it, among other things…

Tainted Love-Marilyn Manson

And now for something completely different.  How could any version of this song be better than the original?  Make it acoustic-I’m a sucker for that…  Hey look, a video that is actually a video!!!

Listen To Your Heart-DHT featuring Edmee

This cover of Nine Inch Nails “Hurt” could also be used on a mix entitled “Songs that make me want to shoot myself”.

Hurt-Johnny Cash

Garth Brooks makes it very difficult to share his music.  I’m not stealing, I just wanna share the love!  I apologize for the crappy sound, but take heart in the fact that you can try to win a staring contest with Garth Brooks while the music plays.  “Shameless” is in fact a Billy Joel song.  I like his version too, I just love me some Garth.

Shameless-Garth Brooks

Now it’s your turn.  Are there covers of songs that you love a little more or a lot more than the original?  Share that goodness!  Leave me your list in the comments, or better yet share it with Jen and all the cool kids by hooking at My Skewed View!

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: If My Life Had A Soundtrack

twisted mixtape tuesdayWelcome to the latest edition of Twisted Mixtape Tuesday.  This week’s theme is “If My Life Had a Soundtrack”.

That’s right, you saw that right, what IF there was really a soundtrack to your life?

Previously on my IPod and now on my IPhone I have lists of songs that may not necessarily go together, but they are little snippets of the soundtrack of my life.  I’d like to imagine that my life had a soundtrack like Garden State, only one of the coolest soundtracks ever.


And wallpaper I could hide in.

So just what exactly would I want to put on a soundtrack of my life?  There are so many choices-some that would bore you to tears and some that would depress you beyond belief.  So I kept it middle of the road.

Starting this off (and speaking of Mr Braff in the picture above) I’ve shared this song (used in a very funny episode of Scrubs) before, but as one who suffers from anxiety and insomnia, this just fits.  And Mr Hay is welcome to follow me around and sing about my life.

Overkill-Colin Hay

Just when you think you’re in control, just when you think that you’re on a roll.  In other words, just when you think things are going really well… yeah, here it goes again.  Just like my life.  If you have never seen this video, what rock have you been under?  It’s AWESOME!

Here It Goes Again-Ok Go

Every time I go to do laundry, dishes, or something equally important in my house I wish this song or something similar would start playing.  I’d feel more important, not to mention get more done.

Top Gun Anthem

Have you ever sat and REALLY listened to the lyrics of a Foo Fighters song?  One night I was trying to find some songs for a mixtape and just started googling the lyrics of all their songs I have on my playlists (I currently own twelve Foo Fighters songs that I love equally).  There’s some really deep stuff there.  This is currently on my “life soundtrack list”.  I’m still learning to walk again.  Figuratively of course.

Walk-Foo Fighters

I know what this song is really about.  I prefer to think it be about poor choices… I’ve made a lot in my life… Now if you can get past the creepy video…

Fallen-Sarah McLachlan

My theme song for much of my adult life…

Brain Damage/Eclipse-Pink Floyd

I wish I had some.

I wish I had some.

At the end of the day, this song needs to play, because I made it, and that’s a triumph in itself, right?

Star Wars Episode IV Throne Room Scene-London Symphony Orchestra

And if there actually was a movie soundtrack to my life, what would it be called?

IMG_1148-001 (2)Or….


black holeBa ha ha…. If you could have a soundtrack to your life, what songs would be on it?  Share, share, SHARE!  Leave a comment, or make your own mix and link it up to Jen’s insanely awesome linky HERE.

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Guilty As Charged

twisted mixtape tuesdayThis week’s theme came from my own little brain:  Guilty Pleasures:  Songs or Bands You Hate To Admit You Listen To.  It was inspired by my husband, who is well known for blasting some stuff that gets some pretty weird looks.  

I admit I have some things that I’m not proud of.

Like the fact that if I have ice cream I have to get something salty to go with it, like french fries or saltine crackers.

Or that I not only have to match my bra and underwear, they must also be in the same color family as the clothing I’m wearing.

Then there’s some of my music.  You know what I’m talking about-there are certain songs that are like musical skeletons in our closets.  Those groups or songs that you listen to and enjoy, but don’t want anyone else to know about.

So today I’m coming out of the musical closet and revealing to you some of my very own guilty pleasures… these are all actual songs and/or groups that I have in my music collection this very minute that I even listen to!

So go hide in your room and watch some of these videos…

I dislike Kanye West.  However, there are a couple of his songs that I will admit to owning if torture is involved.  This particular example has to do more with the amazing video than anything else…

Love Lockdown-Kanye West

And what better to follow a Kanye West song with than a Taylor Swift song?  Make fun of her all you want, we own all of her cds.  *AHEM* The males in the house own all of her cds.  I just steal from them.

I really, really like this particular song.

Mean-Taylor Swift

What’s so embarrassing about the Backstreet Boys?  Nothing, unless you’ve spent a lifetime trying to reject all boy bands.  I didn’t like them when they were popular, I do now.  Sick sick sick…  This is one of SEVEN songs that I have SPENT MONEY ON, and listen to regularly when I work out.

I Want It That Way-Backstreet Boys

And *gag* I also own two Spice Girls songs.  I bet you can’t guess what the other one is.  Really, don’t try, k?

When Two Become One-Spice Girls

I am guilty of owning not one but three Mariah Carey CDs. I know, shameful.  But on the other hand, it’s pretty awesome to belt one of her tunes out while you’re alone in your car.

One Sweet Day-Mariah Carey featuring Boys II Men

This last one I am so ashamed of having downloaded in the last month that I almost didn’t put it on here.  But hey it’s catchy… and if that video with the light up private parts I’ve share previously didn’t offend you then this one just might.

Blurred Lines-Robin Thicke featuring T.I. and Pharrell

Come on, you’ve got some guilty pleasures too, I know you do!  Feel free to share in the comments.  Better yet, link up your post to My Skewed View, and tell her how pretty her blog looks when you’re there!

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: A Colorful Mix!

twisted mixtape tuesdayWelcome to another Twisted Mixtape Tuesday.  It’s another week where we can share whatever we damn well please. Do you know how exciting that is to me?  Do you?  DO YOU??????

Now comes the hard part-whatever shall I choose?  There must be a theme, for I am random about everything except my music.   How about colors?  Everybody likes colors!  How about songs with a color in the title, or bands with color names.  Yes, let’s do that.

First a short little something for the kids…

Three Primary Colors-Ok Go

This next is an amazing video.  Interesting fact: Garth Brooks almost froze to death filming this.  Sorry about the subtitles, it’s the only version I could find.

The Red Strokes-Garth Brooks

What rhymes with orange?  Nothing.

Orange Crush-REM

Really I just wanted to share a bunch of Coldplay songs, but this was more fun to share color songs, so that’s what I did.


How about a song by a group with the color in it?  Don’t mind if I do…

Good Riddance-Green Day

And we must have a twangy country song.  There are so many country songs with the word blue in them… I lost count.


Hey remember the 90s?  I had to get indigo in here somehow…

Closer to Fine-Indigo Girls

I promise, no more Coldplay songs today, at least after this one.

Violet Hill-Coldplay

You can’t help but like P!NK.  If you don’t, she’ll beat you up.

(Pssssst-I’m doing you a favor by putting a P!NK song in here instead of Pink Floyd, because I want you to stay awake until the end of this post).

So What?-P!NK

Strange video, good song.

Black Hole Sun-Soundgarden

What’s a color countdown without a little Billy Idol in it?

White Wedding-Billy Idol

Still one of the best Cyndi Lauper songs.

True Colors-Cyndi Lauper

What are your favorite songs with color titles in them?  Or bands with color names?  I’d love to see your picks in the comments!  Got some tuneage you’re dying to share?  Make a mix and link it up to

Speaking of tuneage, if you missed my misheard song lyric post from awhile back, you can catch it HERE.  Come see how silly I really am… I hear stuff wrong!


Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Music That Makes Me Move For More Than Ten Seconds

twisted mixtape tuesdayDemetri Martin on exercise:  I go the gym and I try to run on the treadmill and I listen to music but it doesn’t motivate me enough. So I’m going to get a recording of a pack of wolves gaining on me. People would be like, ‘Why is that guy crying on that treadmill over there?’ ‘I don’t know, but he’s been yelling, ‘help’ for like 20 minutes. He’s getting a good workout.’

In case the previous quote didn’t cue you in, this week’s theme is a mix to get motivated to do, well, anything.

Trust me, I need all the motivation I can get these days, especially in the exercise area.  While I haven’t gained any weight according to the scale, I am certainly gaining what is known as the middle age spread.  I am not planning on subsisting on ten calories a day or eating nothing but cabbage for six months, so instead I am simply trying to spend more time at the gym.  I already lift, but I hate cardio.  My schedule doesn’t allow me to attend fitness classes like I used to, so I’m just trying to walk whenever I can.

So here is a sampling of the songs on my Iphone that motivate me to get moving.  And I behaved myself this week and stayed as close to five as possible.  Are they working?  Ummmm… sort of.

Did I mention I saw these guys LIVE in CONCERT?  What?  I did?  A few too many times?

Let’s Get Rocked-Def Leppard

Blame Percy Jackson…

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark-Fall Out Boy

Fun to sing, especially in the shower.

As If-Sara Evans

I really don’t think I need buns of steel. I’d be happier with buns of cinnamon.-Ellen Degeneres

The video to this song is probably going to cause me to lose my “family-friendly” rating here.  So do me a favor, if you watch it a)  Don’t be offended-because trust me, this particular group has made waaaay more offensive stuff than this.  b)  DO NOT watch it with children in the room, unless you want to field some uncomfortable questions.  “Mommy, why is that guy’s crotch like a light bulb?”

Now, forget all of that and please listen to this very motivating song.

Danger! High Voltage-Electric Six

Moving on…

Viva La Vida-Coldplay

I’m not a huge Britney Spears fan, but good lord that girl sings some catchy stuff that makes you want to move!

Til The World Ends-Britney Spears

I should work out. It’s hard to find time to work out when you really don’t want to.-Jim Gaffigan

I love this song.  I don’t know why…

DJ Got Us Falling In Love Again-Usher

Hell yeah Josh Turner, I’d go with you.

Would You Go With Me?-Josh Turner

What songs motivate you to do stuff?  Check out the links over at My Skewed View to see what gets other people motivated!

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: The Ultimate Cheer Up Kit

twisted mixtape tuesdayWelcome to this week’s Twisted Mixtape Tuesday.  The theme for this post?  We are supposed to make a mix that would cheer someone up!

The following are songs that I simply cannot be in a bad mood when I hear.  I get bummed, I turn one of these songs on.  It works every time! 

Fortunately I have this cutie that always wants to cuddle-a great cure for a bad mood!

Fortunately I have this cutie that always wants to cuddle-a great cure for a bad mood! And the blanket?  I MADE THAT!

This is not only a fun song the video to this one is quite entertaining as well.

Hey Ya-The Outkast

Then for fun, watch this video.  It has nothing to do with music, it’s just funny.

Whose Line Is It Anyway:  World’s Worst Dating Service

It’s amazing that I didn’t name my daughter Cecilia…

Cecilia-Simon and Garfunkel

Now watch this, because I said so…

Cat-Friend vs Dog-Friend

Now, back to music.This one would have been appropriate last week for the dance songs.  Sort of.  Who else thinks Josh Turner has a sexy voice???

Why Don’t We Just Dance-Josh Turner

I would also tell my friend to google “funny wedding announcements”.  Seriously!  I am not kidding how funny I think some of these names are.  I laugh until I am in tears…  You can’t make this stuff up. Do it!  NOW!

But I digress…

I love love love this song.  It is interesting to note that I didn’t even know of it when it would have been popular.  I heard it on Scrubs, so therefore it must be a masterpiece, right?

A Little Respect-Erasure

This is really short… And hilarious… 🙂

Stewie’s Soda

Speaking of the 80s… Daryll Hall with his mullet of awesomeness.  And John Oates-that stache puts most staches to shame…

You Make My Dreams Come True-Hall & Oates

My other go-to cures for glumness include:  Episodes of Friends, Scrubs, movies such as Despicable Me, Better Off Dead, Elf, and The Wedding Singer, to name a few.  Let’s just say I’ve had a few bummed out days in my lifetime.

The Ultimate Cheer Up Kit-kitty not included (though if you catch me on the right day I'd probably send him to you cheap).

The Ultimate Cheer Up Kit-kitty not included (though if you catch me on the right day I’d probably send him to you cheap).

So there you have it, my complete kit for banishing bad moods!  Well not COMPLETE… there are a million other things I could have included, but I didn’t.  You’re welcome, I think.  What do you like to listen to (or watch) when you’re a little (or a lot) down?  Maybe you want to write about it?  Hop over to My Skewed View and share, and check out some other fun mixes while you’re visiting!

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: You Can Dance If You Want To…

twisted mixtape tuesdayThe theme for Twisted Mixtape Tuesday this week is favorite dance or club songs. 

Do you know why I’m guffawing right now?  I’m laughing because I haven’t set foot in a club or a bar where there is actual dancing in… let’s just say it’s been a long time.  A very long time.  Do you want to know what was playing when I still went to clubs?

I know what you're thinking... No it wasn't in the stone age...

I know what you’re thinking… No it wasn’t in the stone ages…

To be fair, I only frequented one place, and it was the place that I eventually met my husband.  There were two levels, the one downstairs played more of the current music and the upstairs played more classic stuff.  I probably spent more time upstairs because it was quieter and a little more laid back, sometimes… here was what I would have heard on a typical night:

Who doesn’t want to dance when they hear this song?

Ballroom Blitz-Sweet

And you thought that Tori Amos video I shared awhile back was weird?  This one is too, but dude that song is catchy…  I do wish I had been in the conceptual meeting for this video where someone said “Hey, let’s put arms and legs with no bodies in it!”

Wild Wild West-Escape Club

Remember when Mark Wahlberg rapped?  He probably wishes that people would just forget.  But come on, who can forget this song?  I dare you not to start bopping along to this, or putting your best rapper moves on.

Good Vibrations-Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch

Are you pissing the night away?  Some people there probably were…


Because I haven’t quite shared it enough on here… I shared the REAL video this time, not anything from Night at the Roxbury!

What Is Love?-Haddaway

I know what you’re thinking-where the hell did you hang out?  But it’s true, they played this and it NEVER freaking gets old!

The Time Warp-Rocky Horror Picture Show

Now get in your time machine and come back to the present, almost 15 years and two kids later.  I’m not a big fan of popular dance music, but there are some I listen to occasionally.  You’ll have to come back another time to hear just what those songs are….

Be sure to dance over to My Skewed View to see what other people are dancing to.  I bet they don’t have The Time Warp on their lists!  😀

PS:  Your bonus track, because it’s in the title…

The Safety Dance-Men Without Hats


Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Mistaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake!

twisted mixtape tuesdayThe theme for Twisted Mixtape Tuesday is past mistakes.

I will not make the mistake of rambling on and on as I tend to do, or have done in the past.


Or use funny kitty memes. Oh wait I just did…

Seriously though, I couldn’t wait for this week’s Twisted Mixtape Tuesday because I had to share this clip:

Ah, mistakes.  We’ve all made a few. Even the most perfect person in the world has made a few in life.  I’ve made a lot and I’m certainly not perfect!

Is there a song called “I Chose the Wrong College and Wrong Career and Now I Have No Future”?  How about “I Can’t Believe I Ate All of That Cake Batter and Frosting”?

No?  Dangit!

Naturally if we are referring to any sort of mistake this song must be mentioned.  It’s the law.

It’s A Mistake-Men At Work

This really has nothing to do with mistakes, but sharing that Men at Work song reminded me of this – one of the greatest videos ever made.  I really think this is what started Robot Chicken.  Really… I could have totally made this video as a kid, it just wouldn’t have featured all the sex and drug references.

The Hell Song-Sum 41

So naturally, that thought led me to this one.  Blink 182, Sum 41.  I used to get them confused.  But Blink 182 like to make videos where they’re running around wearing nothing but black socks and shoes.  The usage of this video is two-fold:  1)  I got the bands confused, therefore that was a past mistake 2)  One mistake I’ve made often in the past is to act my age.  Or not act my age.  Wait, what was that again?  Oh, and Mark Hoppus and his… eyes… yeah, that’s it.  Well worth sharing this video…

What’s My Age Again-Blink 182

Funny thing, I am a huge Coldplay fan and I don’t think I’ve ever shared a song of theirs on Twisted Mixtape Tuesday.  This one counts because it’s about a mistake.  And the video is really freaky.  Kind of like the fact that Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow are together.  Freaky.  Weird.

The Scientist-Coldplay

Another mistake I’ve made is not appreciating Muse sooner.  I thought this group was just weird.  Then they grew, and grew, and grew on me.  Here’s the song that changed my mind.  And yes, they’re still weird.

Supermassive Black Hole-Muse

Stringing random stuff together to make a post.  It’s what I do.  Is that enough tuneage that really has  nothing to do with the theme? Be sure to check out my friends Jen at My Skewed View and Kristi at Finding Ninee for all kinds of mistakes, but not the writing kind.

So click the links already so you can…

make like a tree

LEAF! It’s LEAF! BA HA HA! BTTF reference #2 this year. 😉  You’re welcome.