Wordless Wednesday: In Memory of the Tree

2013-07-16 09.58.18

We’re still not sure what caused the apple tree to give in.

Ah the apple tree.  It’s had some issues.  It had parts that just fell off, with a little help from the weather.  First it lost a limb.Then part of it fell off.  Last night at some point, the other part fell off.  Leaving a rather strange looking sight.  At least we got some great pictures while it was intact!

This hat.  The hat rocks.  Maybe I'll make a tire swing too.

Me in the tree.


The Professor thinks this is a pretty sweet ride.


The Princess hadn’t quite figured it out back then.

IMG_2072 (2)

Now she’s got it! The Princess enjoys the swing!

We’ll miss our tree!  Now we know that our tree has to be taken down, we’ll be sure to preserve its memory by using some of the seeds to plant a new apple tree!  Do you have a lot of trees in your yard?  Do you and/or your family play in them a lot?

Wordless Wednesday: Little Firecrackers

IMG_0613In honor of Independence Day…here are my little firecrackers from a couple of years ago!

Remember my assassination of Bears on Wheels a couple of weeks ago? A new assassin is stealthily stalking another children’s publication.  This is extra fun because Lisa is a good friend of mine!  Now it’s not really part of the ninja code to reveal the whereabouts of my fellow assassins, but in this case it’s all good… Click below to read all about Lisa’s ninja skills in tracking the elusive Waldo. Yeah, THAT Waldo.

Lisa Newlin - Seriously?
Check out Nicole Leigh Shaw, Tyop Aretist to see past assassinations.

I’m a Rock Star Today On My Skewed View!

My little rock stars!

My little rock stars!

I had picked this picture for Wordless Wednesday because it was one that goes along very well with my guest post about music.  Then silly Jen decided to change my day to Thursday, so consider it Wordless Wednesday on Thursday.  Yes, I’m guesting for Jen of My Skewed View while she does this thing called “vacation”. I’ve heard of this thing, and I understand that some people actually get to do this…

You know Jen, she’s the gal that goads me into doing Twisted Mixtape Tuesday most weeks.  This post is full of music as well.  Join me and see how music takes me back…

I Go Back, Way Back

Hee hee.  I could have my own audience if I made this... too cute!

Hee hee. I could have my own audience if I made this… too cute!


Wordless Wednesday: Wonder

IMG_0460This is still one of my all time favorite pictures of my daughter. She ran outside, checking for rain, still in her princess dress.  I just think it captures all the wonder and imagination of a child.

Wordless Wednesday: BUBBLES!

Last year I did something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time: the kids and I made homemade bubbles!  When I first made up the batch, I didn’t realize that the bubbles had to sit overnight.  So when the kids tried to use them with the bubble wands, they didn’t work very well.

However, the next morning we found out that they were indeed not just good bubbles but GREAT bubbles.

IMG_0632Ever since, every time we make these, they don’t last very long!

IMG_0635The recipe we used is pretty simple.  I always double the recipe and put it in a jar that you would normally use for lemonade or iced tea so the kids can get their own bubbles easily.


  • 1 1/2 quarts of water
  • 1/2 cup light corn syrup
  • 1 cup liquid dish soap

Mix water and corn syrup until completely blended.
Slowly stir in soap.
Let sit overnight for best results.

Homemade bubbles Round 1A word to the wise:  Be sure the lid is on tight if you attempt to pick up the full container of bubbles, lest you wind up with a soapy mess!

Yesterday I did a guest post for my friend Michael over at An Old and Cranky Gamer, but it wound up being sandwiched between these two previously scheduled posts.  So if you missed it and would like some advice on how to relate to a female geek, click here to read my post.

Wordless Wednesday: Mothers Day Memories

In honor of Mother’s Day this past Sunday, I thought I would share pictures from the special day…

Planting the garden.

Planting the garden.  We hope there’s no drought this year!


Flowers ready to be planted this week (the mums were given to all the “Mums” at Theissens, which I thought was really neat!)

I posed for a picture with the "kids".

I posed for a picture with the “kids”.

It really was a lovely day.  The weather was beautiful and it was nice to spend a whole day together as a family!

A quick request for my fellow bloggers.  My friend Sleepy Bard over at The Insomniac’s Dream is a mistress of words.  If you have never read her blog (and are not easily offended by language or subject matter) now would be the time to discover something new!  Next week she is publishing a blog post about the weirdest places that you have ever written down an idea for a blog post.  Want to contribute?  Pen a paragraph or two about the strangest place you’ve written down a blog idea and the strangest place you have thought of a blog idea and send it to insomniacsdream13@gmail.com


(Not So) Wordless Wednesday: Birthdays and Blog Love

Me, 38 years ago.

Me, 38 years ago.

I am thirty-nine today.

For my special day, I get…  laundry and a mountain of dishes!  Yeah, now don’t you go being getting all jealous of me.  I’m thinking of having a party-come on over and grab a dishrag.  😉

In honor of my birthday, I’m going to share some blogs that I’ve started following the past few months.  These are blogs that I haven’t shared the love much and feel like I should.  Why?  Because I like them!

Jen Kehl (formerly Break the Parenting Mold)
Finding Ninee
The Adventures of a Misplaced Alaskan
Mom Rants and Comfy Pants
Evil Joy Speaks
An Old and Cranky Gamer
The Insane Asylum
The Girl Next Door Drinks and Swears
Sarah’s Brand New Chapter

It’s all good stuff Maynard, you should go check them out!

I find it funny that there aren’t a lot of people born on May 1st.  There are a few famous people who share a birthday with me:  Tim McGraw, Ray Parker Jr. and Paul Teuttle Sr.

So Happy Birthday everyone out there who might be celebrating today.  It’s supposed to snow later.  I didn’t order it, so don’t go blaming me! 😉  Have a Happy Mayday, whatever the weather.

cat birthday present

Wordless Wednesday: Just Chillin (And A Link To My Guest Post)

Just chillin'...

Just chillin’…

Yesterday it was thirty eight degrees with a twenty one degree wind chill.  In late April.  This made me want to go through pictures of warmer times.  This particular picture is from an April three years ago.  Here is The Professor, just chillin’ in the hammock.

This isn’t all we have today I join my friend Stephanie over at When Crazy Meets Exhaustion.  I’m psyched to guest post for her, but a little nervous because I think she is the best thing since sliced bread!  I hope I don’t sully her good name.  Click the link below to come on over and read my wistful little piece about friends, family, and blogging.  And check out some of Stephanie’s fabulous and funny writing while you’re there!

It’s Okay, They Know Me Here

Wordless Wednesday: Life In Iowa


I love this picture.  It is so representative of rural life in Iowa.  Wide open spaces, railroad tracks, a wind turbine in the distance.  Home.

Wordless Wednesday: Snow, Snow, and MORE Snow!


We are literally days away from Spring Break.  And?  We get a snow day.  Tons and tons of snow piled up on us.  This snow’s redeeming value is that it looked really neat the way it stuck to everything.  But come on Mother Nature, show us some signs of Spring!  Here I post this the day after I got stuck half in and half out of my driveway…