Theme Thursday: Qapla’!

Theme ThursdayTheme Thursday is where it’s at.  Every week several very talented bloggers test out their mad skillz and write their take on a certain topic and then link their posts up at Something Clever 2.0.  In other words, for a good time, call Jenn.  She’ll hook you up with all these fabulous writers.

This week’s topic is all about what makes you proud. 

(Yeah, yeah.  I know it’s almost Friday and I’m just now posting this.  I had something I had to take care of, more explanation about that will come later.  So call me fashionably late…)

Qapla’ is the Klingon word for success, and me being the geek that I am, I had to work it into this post somehow.  Yes, I have some successes in my life, and those therefore are things that I’m very proud of!  The following is a comprehensive list…

IMG_1439My husband

Why am I proud of Evil Genius?  He took a negative situation and turned it into something positive.  After one factory closing and rumblings of trouble at the one he was hired at next, he decided enough was enough.  He went back to school to be a Mechanical Engineer.  Going to school when you have a family is not easy, but he made it work and graduated at the end of 2011.  The next month he started as an intern at a company that makes agricultural sprayers and was hired on full-time in no time flat.  And yes, he’s still there, being all kinds of evil and genius and all that whatnot…

My writing

I guess it all does sound kind of impressive.  I’ve been blogging for almost a year and have lots to show for it.  I’m not saying that all of my posts have been award winning, but I am quite prolific and manage to keep a pretty consistently high quality of posts.  I’ve rubbed elbows with The Bearded Iris and The Domestic Diva.  I’ve been featured on Aiming Low and was lucky enough to write for The Epistolarians.  While I may not exactly be rolling in the dough right now, perhaps on down the line something will happen.  Maybe I can make, oh I don’t know, five or six bucks?

IMG_1259My kids

While my kids may not be perfect by any means, I am proud of the people that they are becoming.  They both have definite personalities and each have their very own sense of humor.  They provide constant fodder for my writing, and that’s all good.  🙂

The work in progress

I can’t exactly say that I’m proud of me, but I’d like to think that I’m a work in progress.  Kind of like Windows, I’m working on a better me for tomorrow.  A successful tomorrow?  Could be.  I don’t know, it hasn’t been written yet.

Thanks for reading!  Don’t forget to follow the link at the top of this post to see what all of the other participants take pride in!

More Traveling, Please Come See Me!

I "halped" out.

I “halped” out.

Not too long ago, a lovely group of women came to my rescue when I needed some guest bloggers to fill in for me.  What resulted was a week of guest bloggers like no other!  Yesterday I repaid my favor to Ginger over at The Wild and Wonderful World of Gingerssnaps.  Today I am over guest blogging for Tamara at PenPaperPad.   I wrote about writing!  I hope you’ll come over and check out what I have to say!

No novels from me yet...

No novels from me yet…

You Like Me. You Really Like Me!

I feel like Sally Field because you really like me! Now I’m going to go watch “Smokey and the Bandit”.

The results are in.

On a day when I was feeling particularly empowered, and my husband was especially encouraging the night before, I invited people I knew to view my blog.  At least I think he was.  He said something about my blog.  That’s encouraging, right?  I sent him a link to it because he’d never seen it.  And the more I thought about it after he went to bed, the more I thought that maybe I don’t need to be totally anonymous.  I had already set up the page for total strangers.

The reason for my anonymity once again ties into my anxiety.  That someone somewhere that already knew me was going to tell someone else who used to know me that I ranted about them online or something like that.  And they’d come burn down my house.  Or that I’d accidentally offend someone. Then I realized that the only one I’m probably really going to offend is my husband (would he REALLY be offended about me talking about his zest for meat?)

It’s been a tough couple of years.  Social anxiety manifests itself in different ways in different people.  For awhile I felt like everyone I ran into was either judging me or hating me.  Lately I tend to run from people because I either don’t remember their name (I’m allowed because I’m ADD dammit!) or because it’s really hard to be upbeat when people ask me if I’ve found a full-time job yet.  Let me share how I feel about my job search as of late.  Imagine me saying this is in a sing songy voice with a great big Cheshire cat grin:  “Why no, as a matter of fact I’ve run out of jobs to apply for because I suck so much that jobs I’ve put my resume in for have been reposted so they can hire someone else.  Rejection is SO FUN!”  And then all my teeth break from forcing the smile.

So naturally when people say “Hey you should blog” I think “What the hell is so interesting about my life?”  But I AM good with the written word.  If it weren’t for my ability to write, I probably really would be sad and not wise because I would be good at NOTHING.  Writing has gotten me some places.  I do believe I can bs my way through just about anything if I can write it down.  The only reason I made it into the music education program at Lord Valdemort College (the one that shall not be named, of course.  See what I did there?)  was because I had to write a paper to get in.  If I could do that then there may really be something to it.

And my Facebook friends like my blog.  Some have even said it’s funny.  And also some people not related to me like it.  That’s good.  That’s very good.  It’s good to have something to feel good about.

You like me, you really like me.  So I’ll keep it up.  I started a notebook of ideas of things I can blog about.  Once I lose the notebook we’ll see what happens.  I do have stories.  And I have kids.  And I’m ADD, which I’m told is actually a sign of being creative or something.  So keep reading.  And I’ll try really hard to keep giving you something to read.