About the Crazy

IMG_1872 (2)I am the overanxious ADD mother of two rather interesting children, wife of one Evil Genius, writer, blogger, and dreamer. The name of my blog actually has very little to do with the song “The Sadder But Wiser Girl”.  I’m not actually sad, and sometimes I am wise, depending on the situation.  The title  refers to the experiences in my life:  I may be sadder for having had them (such as blowing a lot of money on a career that didn’t pan out), but I am hopefully a little wiser as I go through my life.

The Cast of Characters-a who’s who of those mentioned in my blog.  Just in case you were wondering who I’m talking about.

SAMSUNGMy Husband:  Evil Genius
Mechanical Engineer who’s one lab experiment away from being a Super Villain.  Tall, not so dark, and handsome.  He may take over the world some day (along with my daughter) but what he really would like is a good night’s sleep.

IMG_1970My Son:  The Professor
Freakishly smart eight year old who someday very soon may be discovering new things in a laboratory near you.  Sheldon Cooper, minus the germ phobia.  Like me, he has ADD, among some other interesting issues.  Adorable.  Never stops talking or reading stuff.

IMG_1969My Daughter:  Princess Whatever We Are Calling Her That Day
An extremely strong-willed and intelligent five year old who may someday rule the world.  At least in her mind.  She often reminds me of DW from Arthur.  But don’t call her that, it makes her mad.

I've had enough.  You're done because I've said so.The Cat:  Rogue (AKA Antisocial Kitty)
She’s cute, she’s cuddly, she hides all day.  Occasionally she even graces us with her presence.

IMG_1615The Dog:  Neo
He’s big, cute, a bull in a china shop, not too bright, but very sweet and loveable.

IMG_2105The Other Kitty:  James Tiberius Kat 
Our brand new kitty, a work in progress.

47 thoughts on “About the Crazy

  1. i suck: i need more technical help from you (don’t barf). how did you get all the blogs you’re following, including non WP blogs on your “blog roll”? i want to cry i’m so daft about this stuff. which brings me to another existential quandary: you’re just a vowel away from insulting someone when you call them daft instead of deft.

  2. I totally love how you did a cast of characters for yourself. You get to live out the “who would play me in a movie” fantasy! I would probably pick RD Jr. for my husband too.

  3. Pleasure to meet you, SBWG. :0)
    I was (mis) diagnosed with a gazillion disorders as an adult- but I know now that I had ADD and OCD growing up. (Severely.) After I grew up, I realized that there’s an actual term for people like us (“us” as in- you and I- not “us” as in split-personality- heh..) they call us “artists”. [wink]

    Hey, all of the artists I know are as anti-social and as bizarre as I am.
    Regardless, I do understand you (and your brain) very well.
    Feel free to read my BIO if you like.
    I think you might relate.

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