Guest Posts

Sometimes I get around… some of my guest posts

In The Beginning There Was… Twitter? at Menopausal Mother

The ADD Housewife of Rural Iowa at The Wild and Wonderful World of Gingerssnaps

Teacher Turned Unpaid Humor Writer:  Will Work for Peanut Butter Cups at PenPaperPad

The ADD Mom Goes Out…Alone at Go Cheap or Go Home

Common Decency, It’s In the Past, Man! at Seriously?!

It’s Okay, They Know Me Here at When Crazy Meets Exhaustion

My Kids: Weird or Normal? at Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine With My Morning Quiet Time?

Confessions of a Geek at An Old and Cranky Gamer

I Go Back, Way Back on My Skewed View

Random Thoughts From the Tball Diamond at Indian American Mom

I’ve been labeled as a blog whore.  Apparently I give my stuff away for free (my writing that is).  Want to get in on the action?  Contact me and we’ll talk…

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