A Man, A Plan, And A Stache

Not this stache...

Not this stache…

Once upon a time in Iowa there was a man and his progressive facial hair.

That’s right, this year Evil Genius decided to grow a beard.  This is not the first beard he has attempted, but it was the most successful beard thus far (as far as beard successes go).  I’m not a huge fan of beards, but even I have to admit I liked it.  It helps that I love the man underneath it, so I’m kind of biased.

As 2013 progressed into February, he volunteered to represent his department at the company booth at the collegiate career fair this year.  Some brilliant person decided that this year it should be a seventies theme.  Therefore since he always gives 150% to his career he decided that his facial hair should go along with the theme.  The result? The 70s pornstache.

brian fantana

Who WOULDN’T want to look like someone from Anchorman?

Now all photos of him in the 70s outfit are, as far as I know, utter top secretness.  I have, however, substituted the above picture of Brian Fantana from Anchorman.  I understand that their booth at the fair was a raging success, but who wouldn’t love a booth with a disco ball?  Yes you saw that right, there was a disco ball.

I did take one picture of him with it, but I was laughing so hard as I attempted to take it that it didn’t turn out as well as he would have liked.  Considering he has threatened to grow a handlebar moustache on several occasions, I was really okay with the pornstache.

The very next day after the career fair he shaved it, and the pornstache that used to be became nothing but a memory… it was quite a shock to see him those next few days without any hair on his face.  I understand that several people that he works with were very sad that he did away with it.

Does your significant other have or has ever tried to grow a beard or moustache?  Were the results delightful or comical?  Please share…

Oh all right, I won’t keep you in suspense.  Here is the only existing photo that I have actual permission to share.  I even told him he was the subject of today’s blog post and he insisted I include the actual picture I took.  He would also like everyone to know that despite the title of this post, there was no actual plan, just a man and a stache…

Sorry ladies, he is all mine...

Yep, he is all mine…

23 thoughts on “A Man, A Plan, And A Stache

  1. You’re a better wife than me. I’m normally not the type to “allow” or “not allow” things, since he’s a grown man, but I would never allow a moustache.

  2. Hey, I like the pornstache!!! But then again I grew up in the 60’s and 70’s so they are second nature to me! My Hubs still has a stache but many years ago he grew a beard, too. Not so great–he looked too much like the Geico Caveman.

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