Meltdowns… Reviewed

I agreed to review this book and all I got was this PDF.

Crap.  I wish I was in a book, besides the phone book.

Did you hear the news?  Crystal Ponti of Mommifried gathered together some terrifically talented bloggers to write a compilation!  Isn’t that exciting?  I thought so, especially since I know several of the ladies that are in it!

But hey, this isn’t just any anthology.  This is a book about that point.  The adult version of a tantrum.  Something that I have referred to in the past as a “hissy fit”.  An incident that I’m sure I’ve had in the past, but the details are blurry because I’ve most likely repressed it to the deepest darkest corners of my little mind.

Ironically, after I wrote those words this very week that I am publishing this review, I had a meltdown of my very own. Only mine was in private where there were no witnesses.  I sat in my car and bawled my eyes out and thought for sure there for a little while there that my whole world was going to come crashing down.  My trigger?  Not really any specific thing, other than maybe PMS, lack of sleep, crabby kids, and my sixth sense alarming me to the fact that it was going to snow.  In October.  Not cool…

I just had to share that.


This is what the book would like look, if I had one.  I have the lovely PDF version.  It’s REALLY hard to turn the pages (ha ha)!

So what about this book?

Why should you read this book? So you too can have that “meltdown connection” with people just like me and you!  Because we all have those moments, because we are all HUMAN (unless you are an extraterrestrial who is reading my blog, then kindly disregard that remark.)  Here is a little tease of some of stories in the book:

Lisa Witherspoon of The Golden Spoons reveals how her first mommy meltdown occurred just hours before she even became a mommy.  She also sums up some of the most epic celebrity meltdowns of all time.

Danielle Herzog of Martinis and Minivans discloses how being in denial of being pregnant can make you look like a shoplifter.

Jen Kehl of My Skewed View and Raised on the Radio finds out what happens when you give your spare dryer to a deconstructionist (and the title of this one got me singing Annie Lennox…)

Dana Hemelt of Kiss My List discovers that there really is crying at Disneyworld, as well as provides a handy manual of what to do to recover from your epic meltdown.

Melissa Swedowski of Home on Deranged includes a practical guide on what to do if you are faced with a meltdown of your very own (I took notes), and spins a harrowing yarn of her “food emergency” while pregnant and out with an impatient (and hungry) nine month old.

Debra Cole of Urban Moo Cow relives the time that a hat set her off.  It’s usually unmatched socks that do me in!

Kristi Campbell of Finding Ninee shares that perhaps “soccer tots” is not all it’s cracked up to be.

Rachel Demas of Tao of Poop gave me an earworm with her unplanned rendition of “Turn the Crib Around…” (Think Gloria Estefan… YES!  Got the earworm now?)  A bonus story doles out excellent advice when dealing with a child taken from her experiences in the “trenches” of elementary school.

Norinne Dworkin-McDaniel of Science of Parenthood explains what exactly Lego Stress Land is.  And shockingly it has nothing to do with stepping on legos without protection!

Janine Huldie of Janine’s Confessions of a Mommyholic and J9 Designs reveals the boiling point at which having nonfunctioning a/c plus small children is especially maddening when Play-doh is added.

Karen Blessing of Baking in a Tornado tells the tale of when her son got in trouble with the video feature on his phone, though not in the way that one might necessarily expect.

Chris Carter of The Mom Cafe recalls the time that multitasking failed her when it came to finished grilled cheese sandwiches.

Marcia Kester Doyle of Menopausal Mother shows the stress relief benefits that a bag of powdered sugar can provide!

Look at this face... surely you don't believe that we have had our share of tantrums of the child kind here at this house...

Look at this face… surely you don’t believe that we have had our share of tantrums of the child kind here at this house…

Like other blogger anthologies, I not only enjoyed stories by my beloved favorites, but also introduced me to quite a few bloggers that I hadn’t yet had the pleasure of reading!  This book features a total of thirty stories.  If you do the math, oh, never mind…  Let’s just say that’s an unbelievable amount of talent in one place.  So much that if I tried to share something from each one this post would be terribly long.  Regardless, I want to make sure that everyone involved is mentioned.  I included links to everyone’s blog.  You know, because you want to visit EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!  😉

Anne Marie Gubenko of Tidbits from the Queen of Chaos
Alexa B of No Holding Back
C. Lee Reed of Helicopter Mom and Just Plane Dad
Natasha Peter of Epic Mommy Adventures
Tamara Bowman of Tamara (Like) Camera
Rabia Lieber of The Liebers
Nicole Goodman of Work in Sweats Mama
Michelle Nahom of A Dish of Daily Life
Ginnie Marie of Lemon Drop Pie
Stephanie Farley of Crayon Marks and Tiger Stripes
Melissa Galileo of Completely Eclipsed
Jennifer Barbour of Another Jennifer
Angela Keck of Writer Mom’s Blog
Marie Bollman of Make Your Own Damn Dinner
Jennifer West of PinkWhen
Andrea Moore of BeQuoted
Kristin Daukas of Four Hens and a Rooster

To learn more about the book visit The Mother of All Meltdowns, the website.  And coming soon, The Mother of All Meltdowns, the action figures! (Yeah I totally made that last part up, but wouldn’t that be super cool?)

So what are you waiting for?  Don’t walk, RUN to your nearest computer and GET THIS BOOK!  Oh wait, you probably are already in front of a computer if you’re reading this!

I was not compensated in any way to write this review, unless you count that whole good karma coming my way thing…  However if you really liked my review I DO like dark chocolate and wine…


I found this picture oddly appropriate for this post…

I reviewed another book once.  I can’t believe I was permitted to do one again.  Read my review of I Just Want To Pee Alone, complete with questionable pictures of me reading next to my toilet here.

62 thoughts on “Meltdowns… Reviewed

  1. I think it’s hilarious that some of our meltdowns made you start singing! “Turn the Crib Around” is totally in my head right now! Thanks so much for reading and reviewing our book!

  2. What an awesome review! Thank you! And you know what else makes it so special? You are the first person to give a shout-out to EVERY writer in the book, not just a small handful. Very sweet of you to link it back to everyone’s blog, too. This is why I love you so much because you are one of the KINDEST bloggers out there! Thank you again! XO

  3. What a wonderful review! We’re glad you enjoyed our finest moments – haha! They’re easier to talk about after! It was such a treat when I got to read everyone’s stories because it made me feel like I wasn’t alone! Thank you for linking back to all of us…that was so nice of you! It was great to meet you last night on Facebook!

  4. Thank you for the wonderful review and if I were to hear it was going to snow here in NY in October, I too would have a meltdown of epic proportions. It was 45 and blustery yesterday here and I was complaining, so totally feel your pain on that. Thank you though and truly appreciate all your kind words about this book and all of us who contributed to it!! 🙂

  5. Thanks for the wonderful review! I love how you describe a mommy meltdown. I think it’s spot on! And I think action figures are the next logical step in all of this. 🙂

    Oh and I saw a friend in Canada post the first snow pic of the season. I see a low of 29 in the forecast for tomorrow night. Booooo

  6. Yep – this hands down my favorite review so far! How awesome! 🙂 Thank you so much for being part of our early journey. We could not do this without the support from fellow bloggers like you, Sarah. It is beyond appreciated! – – Crystal

  7. I have also read & reviewed this book & it’s every bit as awesome as you made it out to be!! I also love that you just recently had an epic meltdown. Welcome to the club😃

  8. Oh, Wow, Sarah! What a great review! Thanks for the linky love. I would love to have some action figure to go along with the book. If only I had caved and bought that 3D printer my husband begged me for after watching an episode of The Big Bang Theory!

  9. OK this takes the CAKE. You did good lady 😉 I need your address so I can send you some wine and chocolate!!! This was awesome, I know some ladies who will be very happy!

  10. Hey, I like wine, too! 🙂 Thanks for a fantastic review and linking to all these amazing ladies including myself. Best part of this book is all the new bloggy friends I have made and now you’re one of them! 🙂

  11. I love you more than my luggage. Such a wonderful review and with the right amount of levity for this project. Which means action figures would be awesome.

  12. Great review! I am sure all of these are talented bloggers who have had their share of incredible meltdowns. I am sure plenty of wine and chocolate will be coming your way!

  13. What a great review! Thank you for reading, reviewing, AND mentioning all of us! You rock! And I’m so glad you posted that picture. Now I am on a hunt to find Relax Riesling!! 🙂

  14. You’re so awesome to connect with all of us and mention us! What a great review. I had a meltdown just today. And it probably is bookworthy!

  15. Oh Sarah!! You are SUCH a dear to write such wonderful things about us and the book!!! i do hope you get paid a TON in good Karma!! 😉
    Pass the Riesling, would you? It snowed already here… gulp.

  16. This is the best review ever, in the history of time. On Earth and other places (or so I’m assuming because nobody has abducted me yet). Thanks so much Sarah! You’re the bestest!

  17. Wine and chocolate on the way. Mind if I pop on over to share it with you? Wouldn’t that be great? Well, at least, I think it would be great. I love your review, just like I love you!

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