Let’s Get Physical (In a Non Olivia Newton John Sort of Way)

She definitely looks better in a headband than I do.

She definitely looks better in a headband than I do.

While many of you were out enjoying the great weather earlier this week, I was lying face down on a table.  Doesn’t that sound like fun?

It was actually means to an end.  The beginning of finally getting some relief for the literal pain in my neck. Since nothing that I have been prescribed has worked thus far, I ended up getting sent to get physical with the physical therapist.

Ironically, I started physical therapy this time exactly five years ago to the day I first had physical therapy at that same facility.  I had my tiny baby little girl in her carrier and an adorable three year old boy accompanying me back then. This was when I could barely walk without excruciating pain and had a horrible pain in the neck.  Now I have two adorable and curious elementary school aged children who asked a lot of questions with me, and a neck and head that throbbed when I blinked.

deep tissue massageI filled out paperwork. I squeezed stuff.  I got smacked with one of those things they test your reflexes with. I got pushed and prodded and got my head almost yanked off of my body.  I got some great deep tissue massage.

Meanwhile, my children were so good they were practically little angels.  This may have something to do with the fact that they thought I was going to have electroshock therapy or something like that.  No, dear children, the TENS machine does NOT deliver electric shocks.  Apparently that is what my son took from the conversation we had the previous night about what physical therapy actually was.

Both children stared at me with wide eyes the whole session, whispering to one another and looked quite a bit worried.  At the end when she hooked up the electrodes to me The Professor started jabbering a billion miles a minute.  He wanted to know what exactly was going to come out of those things.  The therapist was great, explaining everything that she was doing and how it all worked.  Even then, they didn’t relax until she turned it on and I didn’t even react, or started smoking or anything interesting like that.

static electric chairThey got tootsie rolls in exchange for all of the stress that my session put them through.  I’m probably in for it on Thursday when I go back, now that they realize what I’m really having done.

I have to go for at least a few more times.  Next time I need to take a notebook, because I forgot pretty much everything she told me by the time I got home.  Something about C1 and C2 (which disappointingly has nothing to do with cookies).  Use cold instead of heat. Something about a something something muscle in my back.  I was given three exercises to do every day at home.

Oh-and I was told no more blogging on the couch.



In other words I need to stop being so lazy.  I need to sit in a chair at a table or desk with the computer at a certain height.  While sitting on my couch with my laptop most likely did not cause the problem, it certainly isn’t helping!

So I carried the desk from the bedroom down the stairs and set myself up for blogging in the living room where I could keep an eye on both kids.  I found the fold up chair with the padded seat and back, but since I have to keep my elbows at a 90 degree angle I also have to sit on pillows.

Guess what?  I hate it.

I can’t concentrate.  I’m certainly not comfortable.  I’m not inspired.  My back hurts.  Add the pounding headache that I’ve had all day and it’s SUCH a good time.  I have posts scheduled for other people that I need to write.  This with the realization that I haven’t written much that can be considered actual humorous writing lately makes me a bit frantic.

Who knew that I was really that lazy?  I’ve always known that desk work isn’t my thing, but it’s necessary.  I need to channel my inner couch so I can have some inspiration to write funny things.

What do you do when you need inspiration?  How do you make the best of a situation that isn’t ideal for you?


55 thoughts on “Let’s Get Physical (In a Non Olivia Newton John Sort of Way)

  1. After I had my surgery last year, I was all bedrest, all the time. Then I decided to really GET INTO blogging. And I realized that every bed was my desk. Then I realized, damn, I should sit in front of a desk. I notice that my back hurts more. So now, I too have a desk. You may just need a better chair. One of those fancy er-go-nom-ics. Good luck with channeling your inner couch!

    • I need one of those chairs with the ball in it, because I need a back on it. I do have an exercise ball that I could sit on if need be. But I have to fight my kids for it.

  2. Oh dear, I’m a couch blogger offender too. 😦 I have also had those electrolyte things put on me at the chiropractor, and I was sure that there were going to shock me with them, but at the most, all I felt was a pulsing and most of the time it was quite relaxing actually. I should probably go and visit again since my neck has been killing me on a pretty regular basis (read: almost every day if not every single day). Boo.

    • People have all sorts of weird reactions when I try to explain what the TENS machine is. Maybe I should just tell them it’s electroshock therapy and let them wonder…

      • Yeah, and then you look all hardcore when you get up without even breaking a sweat and are all like, “Psh, that was nothing.”

  3. I am so with you on hating sitting at a desk and write my best sitting up in my bed believe it or not. So, yup add me to the lazy list. And glad you are getting some much needed relief and you are feeling better very soon!! 🙂

    • That was great! HA HA! Thank you for sharing that. I have an exercise ball. If I could get the kids to leave it alone when I don’t use it I might be more likely to lug it downstairs. Right now it sits precariously on top of my wardrobe, because little hands can’t get at it! I like the idea of sitting on the floor. The key is that my arms need to be at a right angle, which is difficult! I’ll have to do some experimenting. For now I do some at the desk, like replying to comments and catching up on social media. At night I guess I have to resort to the couch so I can feel inspired. It worked last night-I banged out my Secret Swap post pretty fast then…

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    • I am going back and forth. With the crappy weather, we have spent an inordinate amount of time at home, which is usually when I try to get ahead on stuff (while my kids are playing/trying to kill each other).

  5. I’m glad you got some deep tissue massaging and did not end up having smoke puffing out of your ears from the electrode thingies. And as to the no blogging on the couch…what if you used a tv tray or something??? That sucks. Laughed out loud that C1 and C2 sadly didn’t have anything to do with cookies.

    • I KNOW! C is for cookie, I thought I was going to get some… I guess I need to do some splainin bout the couch-it has no support. It’s old, we got it secondhand, and the dog ate the back of some of the cushions. Therefore much like some of my bras, it does not offer much support.

  6. I have to say, I actually prefer working at my desk! However, I know the pain with your back issues because I have the same thing going on! I just started PT recently as well. I once did PT before last year, and now here I am doing it again! It definitely is a big help since we’re always stuck at our desks/beds writing all day!

    • To each his own. I don’t know why I don’t like working at a desk, but thinking back I never have. Not even at school. Although I’ve had a headache since that appointment, I think in the long run I’ll feel much better!

      • Yup, to each their own! because of my back, i’m actually more comfortable sitting at my desk than anyplace else! All other chairs and even beds are uncomfortable. Oh well, gotta do what you gotta do, right?

  7. I have back issues so the couch is out for me. I prefer my desk, but I’m sure it’s hard to switch after you are so used to it. How to I make the best of a less than ideal situation? I suck it up. I know it’s a crappy answer, but I have no other words of wisdom for you. Hope PT is helping!

  8. SO glad you didn’t start smoking, it’s not good for you, you know!

    Sounds like you have a great therapist who can not only help you, but is kind enough to take the time to explain to the Professor.

    Feel better.

  9. Don’t think of it as laziness, think of it as a habit. You had your blogging zone and now you need to find a new one and that’s hard, but only as hard as breaking a habit. I’m the same way, only blogging on the couch is harder for me and I prefer to sit up at the kitchen counter or other table-type place. Best of luck!

  10. You ask some hard questions here, how does one get inspired? I have no idea, but there HAS to be some inspiration/couch correlation. You did a great job, the cartoons were a hilarious touch (no pun intended). To come back to inspiration, I think that I don’t wait. It’s great when it strikes me, but most of the time it doesn’t, so I just sit down and write in anticipation, it’ll happen once you’re at it.

  11. Aw! That was funny, but I’m sorry you are in pain and in a bad spot. When something little like that doesn’t go my way, I usually rage like a preschooler. Probably not super helpful. 🙂

  12. Yeah it is so hard to have good posture! I remember a handout I was given at PT showing a proper seated position at a desk. I thought yeah right! Good luck.

  13. I have an exercise ball I sit on (well, I should and it is very safe upstairs in the closet) that helps my back and works out my abs at the same time. My desk is next to a window so I can watch the birds, or visit with ducks when they come by. Also, I have a few specific music lists on Spotify to put me in that certain mood.

    Give kidos gold stars from me for being so helpful.

  14. Channeling your inner couch–that’s hilarious! I also love the cat picture. Yep. I can just hear you saying that when the doc told you to stop blogging on the couch. No worries though–you’re still just as funny as always. Feel better, my friend!

  15. Well Chiquita, you’re doing pretty well. In your situation, I think I would have just shut down. So, you know… You’re still writing. It’s OK to not be funny all of the time. Eat lots of chocolate, oh wait… if you get fat your knees will start to hurt. Don’t ask me why I know. I can tell you this, enjoy the physical therapy, it may not seem like it, but it’s “you time”.

    • Tomorrow it really will be. Evil Genius is taking a couple of vacation days this week, so he’s going to stay with the kids while I go to PT. It will be very nice!

  16. Yup, writing this from the couch. I might mix it up and sit in the lazy boy but sitting at a desk makes my tush hurt. Of course it could be the hard wooden chair, hard to say. I have neck problems from slipped disk (thanks to the 7yo when she was 6 mo old) and when it flares up I put thermacare wraps all over me like a calico quilt. It is very sexy. Two days of it and then throw in a deep tissue massage and I’m good for a bit. Good luck.

  17. Oh girl, you’ve got it from several directions huh? The physical and the mental- so sorry. The physical, however, can be overcome. You just need to train your body to find a new “comfortable.” It’s like any new exercise- the muscles feel stressed and tense and not at all relaxed. But as you get stronger and your muscles “learn” the new position, it will get easier. The mental, though, I know how much more difficult that can be as well. I think there is something in the air right now. it seems so mahy of us are feeling uninspired and unfunny. What is that about? Is it the let down of realizing taht summer is here but not quite teh “beach party” we all hoped it would be? I wish I could say that I find inspirations somewhere specific- for me, I just try to find an idea or two and jsut start writing out a few notes and see where it takes me. If it takes me nowhere, I step away and come back later. I alway stay connected to the blogs that make me laugh- that helps. I hope the coming days and weeks are better for you. I know how much the physical impacts the mental which then manifests itslef in more physical. Maybe you just need a super cool headband like Olivia?

  18. Sarah, big kudos for going to your appointment with kids in tow. And what’s this about carrying a desk down the stairs? I would have driven to Iowa to do that for you. Of course, you would have had to wait about 8 hours, but I would have brought treats with me!!! I sure hope you get some relief soon. I have been feeling uninspired as well and I have no physical excuse to speak of other than getting older. And what DID happen to Jake from Sixteen Candles. I remember him making some movie where he had a mohawk and that was it. Bummer. And that Static Electricity Chair – too funny. If I can ever do anything for you…even telepathically…lemme know!!

    • You’re still welcome to come visit anytime, and I wouldn’t make you do anything like that though I appreciate the thought!

      The funny thing was I had been wondering that exact thing the day before I found that cartoon. Scary…

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  20. I don’t even own a desk. I would have to borrow my son’s toy workbench that turns into a desk, and he would have to write in his Dude Diary from the couch. I hope PT gets you back in business soon!

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