Beware of She Who Writes With Flaming Laptop

Because apparently there are no funny pictures of a computer on fire...

Because apparently there are no funny pictures of a computer on fire…

Just in case you were thinking I was such a bitch for 1)  Not responding to all of your wonderful comments 2)  Not reading your blog posts or 3)  Not seeming to be around at all so that you were wandering around crying and calling for me by name…  I know, how dare I disappear for a few days!

You see, I’m too hot.  Or rather, my laptop is.

The old girl has been having some issues (as do I, but this isn’t the time to discuss it). I uninstalled some programs, swapped my mouse, did some other things and it’s not so bad.  I still can’t be on for long periods of time, which is sad, but considering the alternative I’ll take what I can get.

blue screenBasically my computer gets too hot, and then it forgets who it is, what it’s doing, and apparently who I am.  That’s bad.  I’m not sure if I need to find an Alzheimer’s unit for confused computers or if there is still hope.

One thing I have learned is If you own a Dell laptop of any kind, DO NOT google “flaming laptop” thinking you’re going to find something funny.  All it will do is scare the bejeezus out of you!  Not only did I find very scary images of laptops on fire or melted, but many of them were of the very same make and model of computer that I am tapping away on right now. I DID NOT share that information at the time, so it fully leads me to believe that this really is one big problem looking for a place to happen.

update kittySo if you’re thinking about sending me a shiny, brand new laptop, shoot me an email and we’ll talk.  Until then just think of me as “She Who Writes With Flaming Laptop”.  Or for short you can call me SWWWFL, pronounced “swiffle”.

Since you’re reading, please hop over to Theme Thursday by clicking the cute button below and see what my ladeez love.  It’s all about favorite things.  I also love things, and I linked up the post I did earlier this year if you want to read about it.  But you don’t have to.  I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post with my thoughts about the BlogHer 2013 conference.  Have a Happy Thursday!

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39 thoughts on “Beware of She Who Writes With Flaming Laptop

  1. I had the same problem with my laptop. Its an HP and it would get so hot that it would burn my leg! I ended up ordering a laptop can from Amazon (its cool… Ha ha ha, got a blue LED light and everything). My laptop stays ultra cool now, and I can stay on it all day if I need to get work done… I never get work done…

  2. Oh man! That sucks! But…it’s better to have this happen in the middle of the summer when stats are down, then to have this happen in the dead of winter when you’re stuck inside with nowhere to go, right? Okay, it’s better to have it NEVER happen, but at least I found a silver lining for you. BAHAHAHAHA!

    I do hope your computer is fixed soon though as you are too funny to be missing from the internet for long stretches of time!

    • I’m sure there is some way around it. I’ve just descended into the 7th level of unemployment hell and feel there’s no money for anything. It will work out, in its own way. Right now it’s jut pretty dark for me!

  3. This happened to us and that is why I am currently writing this to you from a $300 laptop that constantly calls me a bitch and stubbornly refuses to do what I ask of it most of the time 🙂 I’m sorry to hear that your computer is doing this to you. Have you ever considered slowly tweeting out a blog post? I’ve been told that is a surefire way to gain followers 🙂

    • Ugh! Maybe it’s a conspiracy against mom bloggers! Interesting idea with the tweeting. I’d never heard of that. One thing I am going to try is one of the laptop cooling pads. I suppose it’s worth 20 or 30 bucks to try it out!

    • This made me laugh, but in no way related to BlogHer. Every year when we were kids we wanted one thing for our Barbie house: MORE MEN. This was because the ratio of Barbies to Kens was pretty disappointing. In my family no one even batted an eye, but in another family that might look pretty weird.

  4. Ah, that sucks, my friend. I hate computer problems. I got my beloved iMac this year after my six year old spilled a glass of water on my Dell laptop. It was a rough few days of transition, let me say! Hang in there, no worries about shirking “duties”- we have all been there! Can’t wait to read your BlogHer post!

    • I hear the IMacs are quite nice. I don’t DISLIKE this computer, it was what I could have at the time. It was better than the one I had before, but not nearly as nice as the one my husband got brand new. I’m so nice. So, so nice.

  5. I’m telling you it’s a technological conspiracy. My pictures turn sideways and my mouse stops working. I think it happens so I have to call my son and he has yet another opportunity to roll his eyes at me.

  6. I can sympathize and understand your pain, my laptop burnt up and now I am stuck with an iPad which makes things (like blogging) ridiculously hard

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  8. Sometimes I wonder whether computer manufacturers make them die on purpose after a certain amount of years so that we’ll buy new ones. Sorry to hear about your woes, Swiffle. Very very sorry. My husband just had to get a new computer – sucks. Hey I work at a place that sells refurbished laptops. Maybe I could get one at a discount for you. It’d be used (refurbished obviously) but I can see what they have in stock if you tell me what you’re looking for!! On ebay they’re either Securis or PCRecycler – I think we’re a top seller there. At least your awesome sense of humor hasn’t melted…

  9. darn technology not doing what we want it to do…I feel your pain, my laptop gets awfully hot too…I am hoping that it’s not an issue.

  10. Oh, yes, flaming crotch! I’ve had that several times! Um, I mean, several laptops like that! When I was pregnant, I remember my husband being so worried about the hot laptop by my belly that he went out and bought me own of those boards on a pillow (I don’t really know how to describe it).

  11. I took my burning laptop to the Geni over at the Apple Store. Whatevs, Genius my butt, mine didn’t even graduate from college. Anywhoo. They said it was the battery, apparently the thermal sensors on a battery can go. So maybe you just need a new battery? Oh and thanks for the time tunnel with the pictures. They are just so dang cute!

    • They actually recalled some of them, but I can’t remember if Travis got his battery replaced. I need to take the battery out and write down the numbers and look it up. Would be nice to get something free. I’m getting the cooling pad regardless, because I want to be cool on more than one level (hey some of them LIGHT UP!)

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