Weekaramalamadingdong All Wrapped Up


My Week
This week got off to an awful start with the tragedy in Boston.  Monday did get better for my family later on in the evening, my sister had her baby.  Then Google told me I needed to hang out with Justin Timberlake, Hugh Jackman, Daniel Radcliffe, and Lady GaGa.  If they come read my blog, heck yeah I’ll add them to my circles!

Monday Better Late Than Never  My second post made its way to The Epistolarians.  They’re awful nice to me, you know?  I’ll be doing a lot more with those lovely ladies as time goes on…

Tuesday Are You Seriously Guest Posting Again?!  My rant on the state of the human race.  Or something like that.  This was over at my friend Lisa Newlin’s blog Ranting Seriously?!  She’s one smart, very funny lady, and I enjoy talking to her!

Wednesday  See Tuesday.  Post cancelled on account of late post the night before.  It’s all good, I didn’t have anything to say anyway.  It rained.

Thursday  Theme Thursday: What I Did Not Do On My Summer Vacation  Some people get to travel and do all kinds of awesome things on their summer vacation.  I am not one of those people.

Also, in a surprise development, my newly submitted post to Aiming Low was published sometime Thursday.  It’s all about knowing when you’re an ADD Mom.  If a friend hadn’t mentioned it, lil old ADD me would have never known it was there!  And that is NOT me in the shower.  Click here to read it: You Might Be An ADD Mom

Friday  April 2013 Fly on the Wall:  The Naked Cat Edition
Come and join the insanity.  Naked cat pictures not included.  Read the other contributions in the links at the bottom of the post while you’re at it!

Best and most disturbing search engine terms
Oscar the Grouch This in itself is not disturbing.  The fact that WordPress says that 33 people googled it and found my blog all on the same day is.

Homemade cards for random girls  So are you wanting to make cards and then pass them out on the street?

And just in case my husband is still wondering what I do on Twitter, here is the definitive proof.  We’re doing research, and lots of it.  This is a recent conversation I had with Sarah of Sarah’s Brand New Chapter, also a WordPress blog, on Twitter:

twitter funnyResearch, all in the name of science-er blogging.  And cakes with butts AND boobs.  Important stuff.

Next week
A review of famous toilets (including the one used on I Just Want To Pee Alone), a special post just for Earth Day, I write my birthday list, yet another guest post, discussing do-overs, and another Finish The Sentence Friday.  Sounds busy.  I should really get to work on all of that…

Remember Evil Genius?  He had a birthday this past week, and now that he is a year older he has thought that he would like to regularly impart this wisdom on poor unsuspecting people as a monthly feature.

Do you have a question for Evil Genius?  Send your questions to me at thesadderbutwisergirlisme at gmail dot com with the words
“Dear Dr. Genius” in the subject line.  The crazier the question the better.  And remember, I am not responsible for his answers and how much they offend you!


He might wear the mask, but I doubt he’ll be drinking Skinny Girl while answering your questions.

22 thoughts on “Weekaramalamadingdong All Wrapped Up

  1. “WTF” is so hilarious. Like LOL. But I also think that the person who realized that has way too much time on their hands. I think a better use of their time would be to come over and clean my floors…Google kills me. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry anymore. Can they please send someone my way who gives a damn about what I have to say? It’s certainly not the person who googled “butt birthday cake”!!…I can’t think of any questions off the top of my head for Evil Genius, but I LOVE where you are going with this…

    • I could use some floor cleaning around here, but I’d rather have someone wash my dishes!

      The butt birthday cake was pretty funny. At least mine kind of made sense with the whole castle boob birthday cake debacle!

      My husband is not terribly enthusiastic about my blog, so I was tickled that he wanted to do the advice post and then go ahead with answering more questions! I’m hoping he does more with his blog-his rants are pretty famous around here!

  2. Fun post! Great to come over here and have such a refreshing point of view on things. Congrats on your sister’s little one; sorry about the Boston stuff. My heart goes out to you. I hope you’re having a good weekend.

  3. Any time I use a woman’s name as a tag, I get hits from that woman’s name + a random (or not so random) body party. I wonder if they get to the blog and are all disappointed that I’m not talking about Hope Solo’s feet.

    “It rained today” would have been the most profound three-word blog ever, you know.

    • Oh HA HA! That must be how I get so many people looking for naked pictures of Chad Knaus (NASCAR Jimmie Johnson’s crew chief). Sorry Chad, I never want to see you naked.

      Sometimes I just want to write a blog post of nothing but random words to see what kind of search engine hits I come up with!

      • I think if you did that, the Google penguin and panda would show up on your doorstep with lead pipes.

        I hate thinking that if Hope Solo googled herself she’d find all kind of freaky searches that lead her to Coach Daddy.

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