What You Missed These Past Few Weeks, Probably Because You Forgot I Had A Blog

*Waves frantically*


It’s not that I don’t love you all, but the paying job and those people !known as a family have had to take priority.  And hey, my house was clean for almost a week!

This is what I’ve done lately, which hasn’t been much.  You might be bored, or curious, or have nothing better to do than to peruse these posts, which is totally okay with me!

This Past Week

The 80s Child Thinks of ChristmasRelive your childhood through my reblog!

Might As Well Face It, I’m No Robert Palmer-It’s Twisted Mixtape Tuesday, the addiction edition.

Flaming Pillow Pets and Other Christmas List Nos-Here I was totally out of the blogging habit, and I got sucked back in by the idea of this post.  Some blogging friends and I vent about things that we don’t want our kids to get this Christmas, carnival style.  Even if you don’t want to read about combustible pillow pets, scroll down to the bottom of my post and check out the other bloggers’ Christmas item vetoes.

Ode To The Baking Queen-If you are familiar at all with The Secret Subject Swap or Fly on the Wall, you’ve probably heard about Karen of Baking in a Tornado.  Someone had a brilliant idea to do an Advent calendar of sorts just for her, and I got Friday the 13th to share something with her.  I wrote her a song, sort of.

Previously on the Sadder But Wiser Girl

And recently… okay maybe not so recently:

Let It Snow: The Blogging Conference That Really Should Have Happened in a Snowstorm-My prompt for the Secret Subject Swap was whether I’d rather be on an island alone with all the amenities or trapped in a snowstorm for a week with my favorite people.  Obviously the title gives it away!

Christmas, Christmas, CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Twisted Mixtape Tuesday, Christmas Style!

Fly on the Wall November 2013: The Princess Edition II-Everything entertaining that the Princess has said and done recently.  This should really have a laugh track.

Football, Food and Fashion Sense-Once again I make brilliant observations and even learn some things from a football game.  It won’t happen again, promise.

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Tell Me A Story!  Songs that tell a story.  My idea, thank you very much!

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

Now what you’re really been waiting for… trust me, I’ve been totally saving them up for you!  Apparently while I was on my little hiatus people were totally wondering about their bodily functions:

yo I p!  Yo I do 2!

troi cake, or even better, deanna troi underwear Get both and you can eat your cake AND wear her underwear too.

fat unicorns farting rainbows  Don’t discriminate, what about the skinny ones?

what does glue do to your poop?  People look this stuff up?????

where do unicorns poop?  Now I want to know too.

Why am I not pooping glitter?  Because you need more fiber?

John Cusack headband I just.can’t.imagine.

What aisle is pudding in at Target?  Again, people look this stuff up?????

antibacterial lotion This seems normal compared to the other stuff.  Now I have to find out why this leads to my blog!

This Next Week

I’ll roll out some sort of Christmas related reblog from back when I had more time and more ambition to write stuff!

There will beTwisted Mixtape Tuesday- it’s another dealer’s choice, a free for all, an   opportunity for us to share whatever the heck we feel like!  So I will share WHATEVER I FEEL LIKE!

Fly on the Wall-Another invitation for you to come into my house and try to figure out how I have yet to actually go nuts.

Cherish this time, because WHO KNOWS when I’ll write enough to actually be able to post another one of these wrap-ups!  It’s a busy, busy time of year.

But I will share one thing.  Take a looksie:

I went RED!

I went RED!  Isn’t this exciting???

Weekly Wrap-Up: The I Totally Forgot To Do A Wrap-Up Last Week Edition

always-forgetful-or-just-too-many-thoughts-to-rememberHey guess WHAT???? With the Halloween fallout last weekend I totally forgot to do one of these little wrap-ups!  And then this week I had a sick kid with an ear infection and all kinds of other things to keep me away from the internets.  So you get double the fun this week, not that there was that much to read but hey, humor me…

Two weeks ago we found our heroine preparing for Halloween…

Tuesday  Twisted Mixtape Tuesday:  Songs From The Big Scare  Because it was Halloween week, the theme was scary songs.  I don’t like to be scared, so this is the next best thing.

Wednesday Halloween Whine With Lots of (Cheap) Cheese  Like you still need costume ideas…  maybe you are going to a Thanksgiving costume party.  Right???

Thursday  Seven Things My Kids Have Taught Me About  Halloween  It’s not all about the things you can pin…

Just one of the things I learned this year...

Just one of the things I learned this year…

This past week there was sickness and badness and workiness and some other stuff…

Tuesday TMT Free For All: Stuff My Husband Makes Me Listen To  I’m supposed to be the music person in this relationship!!!  And yet he’s the one expanding my mind.

Friday Revelations of a Weenie:  What Scared Me The Most (But I Lived and Got Over It)  My prompt was all about what scares me the most.  Read on…

I'd say they were worth the scariness...

I’d say they were worth the scariness…

Stuff I Really Loved This Week

I really didn’t do much reading, AGAIN.  But a few things caught my eye that I of course had to read (really quickly.)

15 Things That My Friends Without Kids are Thinking When They Visit My House-Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva  I was thinking about this AGAIN as I was scrubbing toothpaste off of every surface in my bathroom and the poop smear off the toilet.  Yeah…

Jedi Names-Parenting, Illustrated With Crappy Pictures  LOL.  That is all…

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

And just think, you get TWO weeks worth of these.  You may or may not find it funny that people used these very terms to find my blog!

Darth Vader sitting on couch


This made me curious, so I tried to find a picture of Darth sitting on a couch. This was as close as I could come… Hey, Vader’s gotta relax too!

I made myself incontinent

Uncontrollable hairs

big hair senior pictures

no tp

pooping ice cream grown-ups

evil murder pumpkins

is ziggy cheaper than lowes or home depot  Who is ziggy????

Hey I'll sell you those home improvement parts for really cheap!

Hey I’ll sell you those home improvement parts for really cheap!

Next Week

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday will feature songs that tell a story.  it was my idea, so I had better share some excellent tuneage, right?  I’ll also share the story of how I am almost trendy when it comes to fashion, almost.  Otherwise, I’ll be discovering a new element and making some significant contributions to the world of scientific research.  Not really, but it sounds good, right?  Have a most excellent rest of your weekend!

They're supposedly doing a new Bill and Ted, so only appropriate to add to the "excellent" end of my post...

Excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (They’re supposedly doing a new Bill and Ted, so only appropriate to add to the “excellent” end of my post…)

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Shortest One Ever Edition


I don’t usually get my picture taken and actually share it, because I hate how they turn out. Despite my yellow teeth, messy hair, and double chin this isn’t a bad picture.  But gosh darn it, that little girl sure is cute…

This weekend I went tailgating so am fairly late sharing my wrap-up.  It was a good time, and as you can see from the above picture I even had a camera with a charged battery AND the memory card in it.

AND this will be the shortest post I have EVER written…

It was a busy week for me as well at work as well as on my blog.

Monday Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My Purse (at Target)  Got weird dreams?  I sure do…

Tuesday Twisted Mixtape Tuesday:  We Got Spirit, Yes We Do  A rather last minute but fun Twisted Mixtape Tuesday.

Thursday  Meltdowns…Reviewed  I got the exciting opportunity to read and review a book!  If you have ever had or have been close to having one of THOSE moments, this book, The Mother of All Meltdowns,  is for you!

Friday  The Evolution of a Halloween Costume  If you are a parent, do you make your kids’ costumes?  I try to every year.  It’s interesting how kids’ costumes can evolve from their original form when mom is in charge of putting it all together!

Best Stuff This Week

I love celebrating my friends accomplishments! Did you know that Menopausal Mother is the newest staff writer on In the Powder Room?  I love the fact that this great group continues to add top notch writers and has formed such a diverse bunch of ladies!

Another friend of mine, Karen from Baking in a Tornado had her Apple Pie Shotini featured on Felicity Huffman’s What The Flicka?  I think it looks a perfect drink for fall, don’t you?

Some Halloween themed posts this week included:

Finding Ninee It’s Halloween I Don’t Want To Be A Wonder Woman Skank.

My Skewed View on Halloween with food allergies Snickers Melt in Your Mouth and Then Kill You

Mommy is For Real Why I Always Wear Cat Ears on Halloween.

Left Brain Buddha Trick or Treat:  My Motherhood Journey in Nine Halloweens

And don’t forget the Laugh Til You Pee Your Pants Halloween Party is still going on too!

LaughTillYouPeeBest and Most Disturbing Search Terms

Other than “dying frog” I got nuttin’.

Next Week

For the first time in I don’t know how long I do not have anything scheduled any place else or have anything pressing on my blog.  Hmmmm… what to do, what to do?  It IS Halloween week, so I expect to be busy!

Or maybe I'll just take my cat's advice and relaaaaaax... Yes he actually was sleeping like this!

Or maybe I’ll just take my cat’s advice and relaaaaaax… Yes he actually was sleeping like this!

The Weekly Wrap-Up: The Batamax Edition

Once?  I feel I've been there for awhile...

Once? I feel I’ve been there for awhile…

I Did Stuff This Week

Monday  I joined the cool kids over at Raised on The Radio with  I Go Back, Way Back

Wednesday  I Neglected My Toes on My Anniversary and Other Not So Interesting Stories I recounted our special weekend, gross toenails and all.

Thursday  I reblogged Pumpkin Carving: Squash Murder or Decorative Glee for your reading pleasure.  Or displeasure, depending on how much you like pumpkins.

Friday October 2013 Fly on the Wall:  The Big Dork Edition  Are you a great big dork?  You may appreciate this one.

What I Loved on the Internets This Week

I’ve been kind of sort of absent,due to multiple things going on at work and then having company this weekend so I haven’t done a lot of reading, but one post positively made me laugh so hard I had to cross my legs.  You may or may not have seen Maria Kang’s controversial picture about fitness.  Regardless of what you think about it, this is FUNNY!  Hilarious bloggers joined together with Susan of The Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva to share what their excuses were on Here’s my excuse (and a bunch of others too) since you asked, Maria Kang

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

Movies on batamax  This is my new favorite search term, because what else would batman watch movies on…

refrigerator college I am so so glad that people are looking for refrigerator college and coming to my blog.  Really.

And just some terms that I just have no words for…

Why are there no squirrels in sweden

Chocolate and your poop

Funny computer square eyes

puncuation people

preachers that misbehave

Why does it feel like my hair is on fire when I’m smoking crack

Next Week

I will be recounting the Halloween journey in my post The Evolution of a Halloween Costume, I’ll be reviewing the book The Mother of All Meltdowns, and talking about some more of the reeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally weird dreams that I have in Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My… Purse.  I might do some other stuff too, you just never know…

And just one more thing…

In the spirit of Halloween, Moms Who Write and Blog are having a party, a Laugh Till You  Pee Your Pants Party.  I may have mentioned it a bit this past week.  If you like funny pictures, please join us on Facebook by clicking the link!


Weekly Wrap-Up: The Lack of Funny Search Terms Edition

chex catWhere was I this week?  NOT in a box of Chex!  HA HA!

Monday The Road to Hell Is Paved With Sharpened #2 Pencils  My first post in awhile at The Epistolarians where I rant about school supply lists.  One major error occurred here-I have the wrong address in the pic I made!  Oops!

Tuesday  Twisted Mixtape Tuesday:  Movie Music  Do you know a song or two or more that you can’t help but associate with the movie?  I know a bit about that!

Wednesday  Go Ahead, Roll It Over  I guest posted at Menopausal Mother for her Wacky Wednesday Writers series.

Thursday  Priceless Mom Moments:  It’s Okay to Surrender to Big Sparkly Shoes  I’m never sure if my moments are more priceless or worthless.  Click on the link to see what the heck I’m talking about!

Friday  The Totally Tubular Story of Tie-Dye Girl and Her Amazing Rubber Chicken It’s that Secret Subject Swap again.  Hmmm… Sooner or later they are going to have to learn how to keep me out of this!

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

I am sad to report that there really aren’t any that aren’t more funny than they are disturbing.  It’s a sad day!

Next Week

Make sure you go to Moms Who Write and Blog to see the link to our Laugh Til You Pee Your Pants Halloween Party! 

Monday-I make my debut on Raised on the Radio!

Tuesday-Twisted Mixtape Tuesday:  Uncomfortable songs.  I’m so sad I can’t find the clip of JD from Scrubs when he says “Uncomfortable”.  It would be so perfect for this!

Wednesday and/or Thursday-I hope to share my story of the week I went away!

Friday-Fly on the Wall.  Buzzzzzzzzzzzzz!

It’s another week of madness at the library (lots of programming stuff going on), so anything I post will be extra special!  I hope your week is filled with nothing but goodness and fun!

Mmmmmm.... leg...

Mmmmmm…. leg…

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Double Extra Special Edition

miss meHi there!  Did I miss anything while I was gone?  I DID?  Crap!

I didn’t have a wrap-up last week because I was off the grid, sort of speak.  So this is a double wrap-up, just in case you missed something the last two weeks!

Monday Extreme Parenting, What the Books Never Prepared Us For  A group post that I participated in along with seven other bloggers.

Tuesday  Twisted Mixtape Tuesday:  Dude You Must Chill!  Music to relax with.

Wednesday  Celebrating #14, The Clean Anniversary  It’s was the ivory anniversary, therefore I guess I was supposed to receive a bar of soap…

Then I had other folks take over my blog, and it was WONDERFUL!!!!!

autumn-leavesThursday  The Squirrel Whisperer by Marcia of Menopausal Mother  Marcia starts off my Week of Guest Bloggers with a, um, chatter? Acorns and peanuts for everyone!

Friday Why You Should Never Scrimp on Salon Services by Dani of Cloudy, With a Chance of Wine  This has been the most popular post on my blog ever!  I guess I know how I need to get high views-have guest bloggers all the time!

Monday  If It Wasn’t For Her, I’d Be That Chick With That Blog by Jen of My Skewed View  I still think she needs her head examined for this post, but I’m glad she loves me so!

Tuesday  If You Fall Through the Cracks… Mom Will Catch You by Karen of Baking in a Tornado  Such a personal post by a wonderful lady!

Wednesday All That is Wrong With Me, I Blame on Catholic School by Terrye of The Adventures of a Misplaced Alaskan  Terrye tells about being bullied and how it changed her perspective on life.

Thursday Cable Makes Me A Better Person by Melissa of Motherhood is an Art  I just got my cable back recently as well.  I’m sure there are ways it makes me a better person too!

Friday  Don’t Be That Tree by Amy of Funny is Family  A post that could quite possibly double as a motivational poster.  You saw it here first!

Don't worry, I don't think Amy is moving in to a van down by the river any time soon.

Don’t worry, I don’t think Amy is moving in to a van down by the river any time soon.

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

What should I get my husband for our millionth anniversary?  Wow… you must be really old to be married a million years.

Batman with boobs  Batman hanging out with boobs or batman with breasts?  Interesting…

Laundry mat nudists  Time to get a little more organized for laundry day!

I bleed glitter and fart rainbows  You have a problemYou might want to go see the doctor for that.

funny dogs waiting for texts  How many dogs have cell phones???

Does Dave Grohl like Incubus?  I don’t know, why are you asking me??

What is the mood of the sadder but wiser girl?  Happy but a little tired.  Who looks this stuff up?

I really hate looking up stuff on Google  Then why are you?

Next Week

This evening I will be part of a round-up through Moms Who Write and Blog.  It’s a Halloween special.  I shared my experience from last year’s Halloween party.

Then ironically, due to weird coincidence I’ll be spending time over at OTHER people’s blogs the first part of the week! The first two posts I’m a little vague on when exactly they will be published.  I am on The Epistolarians with my School Supply List From Hell, as well as being featured on Cloudy, With A Chance of Wine‘s Priceless Mom Moments series.

Tuesday’s Twisted Mixtape Tuesday is music from soundtracks.  I’m trying to feature stuff I know and love, but ones that not everyone else in the world will feature.  I’d rather not show the one scene from Pulp Fiction that everyone and their dog has already seen!

On Wednesday I’m on Menopausal Mother wondering what would happen if we actually had a rewards points system for marriage.

Friday is The Secret Subject Swap!  I have a very interesting prompt this month.  I can’t wait to share it with you!

I have so much to do that I’m totally overwhelmed today… maybe I’ll just take a little nap first…  Hope your weekend is fun and maybe somewhat productive as well!

cat nap

Right? I think I’ll pencil mine in this afternoon.

Weekly Wrap-Up: The I Can Barely Contain My Excitement Edition

omgIf you’re reading this you probably missed something this week?  Or my search engine terms are just that entertaining to you?  Did I mention I’m behind?  I’ve actually made some strides to catch up but not nearly as much as I need to.  But… I have news here at the other end of this post, so let’s get through this, k?  Here is what you might or might not have missed this week.

Tuesday  Twisted Mixtape Tuesday:  Acoustic, Schmamoustic  It was an anything goes week and I chose acoustic versions of songs I liked.  I got lots of great compliments on this one.  If you haven’t given it a listen, you might find some new favorites!

Thursday  Expectation Versus Reality:  A Morning in the ADD Household  Pretty self explanatory.

Friday  September 2013 Fly on the Wall:  The Frozen Thumb Edition  So it was Fly on the Wall and I wasn’t even around to read all of the awesomeness.  I’m getting caught up now.  If you’re also playing catch up, please go read some of the other fly posts by following the links at the bottom of mine!

What I Loved This Week

Big Bang Birthday: Pars Unum and Big Bang Theory: Pars Duo Starr Bryson The Insomniacs Dream  How about the coolest birthday party EVER?

A Survivalist Guide to Loving a Writer-Starr Bryson (The Insomniac’s Dream guest posting on Menopausal Mother)  Starr continues her awesomeness for a third consecutive day in a row by posting something that made me laugh and cry in the same place!  This post is something that anyone who blogs can relate to in some way!

(Starr didn’t pay me to like three of her posts this week.  She’s just that awesome!)

It Could Have Been Worse, I Could Have Been Wearing A Thong-Vikki Claflin Laugh Lines  This is one that I apparently missed the first time around.  Vikki is the mistress of poking fun at herself and making it hilarious!

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

naked life  Not here!

how to dive with no money  Probably the same way you dive when you do have money.

mummy pee  As in Halloween mummies or as in English mummies?

suspicious observers  There’s always one that I wonder how the heck this led people to my blog…

Next Week

Next week is going to rock!

Monday  I am partaking in a “group post” about the things they don’t tell you about in those parenting books.  What????? What’s a “group post”?  Guess you’ll have to wait and see!

Tuesday  Twisted Mixtape Tuesday “slow jams”.

Wednesday  It’s my 14th wedding anniversary.  Be scared, be very scared.

Thursday through the next Friday-This is where it gets really exciting.  Remember my week of guest bloggers this past spring?  I’m taking a few days off for my anniversary and my husband’s twentieth high school reunion and have rounded up some of the best people on the internet to share their talent!  I have been dying to share this news and am so excited I’m about peeing my pants over here!  The schedule of lovely ladies is as follows:

Thursday-Marcia from Menopausal Mother

Friday -Dani from Cloudy, With a Chance of Wine

Monday-Jen from My Skewed View

Tuesday-Karen from Baking in a Tornado

Wednesday-Terrye from The Adventures of a Misplaced Alaskan

Thursday-Melissa from Motherhood is an Art

Friday-Amy from Funny is Family

I hope you’ll join me next week to read some of the great guest posts (and other things too!).  There will be no weekly wrap-up next week since I’m going to be gone doing all the celebrating.  Enjoy what’s left of your weekend-I’ve got a lot of blog reading yet to do!


It’s so exciting!

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Deadly Artificial Color Version

wrap catHere ’tis another week in September.  Here is a brief summary what I did:

Monday  The Truth About Kindergarten:  Mommy Won’t Be Driving the School Bus  She started kindergarten and she didn’t cry, but she did wonder why I wasn’t going to be there.

Tuesday Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: B-E-A-Youtiful  The theme?  Beautiful.  So I picked some beauties to listen to.

Friday The Preoccupied Professor and the Lunchbox Mystification  Do your kids lose things?  I may lose my mind before long-after this happened he left his glasses “somewhere”.  Where?  Also a mystery.

My favorite things this week

Wacky Wednesday Writers:  Guest Post By Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine

15 Things I’ve Learned in My First Year of Blogging-Funny is Family

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

nether pee panties Along with hither pee panties?

i wish i was ideas for costumes Yeah I wish I was too…

where can i buy an arc reactor  I’m not sure.  Ask my husband.

preschool teacher liquor store  I’m sure it would be a big one!

a chocolate stool softener that looks like icing  Ummmmm…

will artificial colors kill me?  No, but if you eat enough it might turn your poop colors.

bizarre and unmotivated  Sometimes I am, yes.

The For Sure and Definite of Next week

I’ve got lots of stuff cooking, just not a lot of time to finish them, so we’ll see what I end up posting this week.  The following is what is for sure.  Anything else will just have to be a surprise!

Tuesday-It’s a Twisted Mixtape Tuesday Free for All!  It’s basically sharing whatever music I want.  *rubs hands together*  Whatever shall I share?  Hmmmmmm….

Friday-It’s Fly on the Wall!  We’ll see what I can actually come up with this month.  It’s been kind of slim for good quotes.

My apologies if this is brief.  We have our annual college rivalry game today and will be out of town from early until late tomorrow, so I’ve had a short time to whip this up.  Now I need to “wrap up my wrap-up” and go cheer on Iowa State!  Have a great weekend!

The kids are ready to cheer on the Iowa State Cyclones!

The kids are ready to cheer on the Iowa State Cyclones!

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Flushed Muse Edition

Got that?

Got that?

I finally concluded that at some point I must have dropped my muse in the toilet and unknowingly flushed it down.  Friends are churning out great stuff like butter and I can’t put together more than three sentences about much of anything.  And it didn’t get any better as the week went on.  If you read my Secret Subject Swap post on Friday, part of it was missing and the title was screwed up when it published.  Somehow one of my final edits got lost and is floating around in blog cyberspace. How nice.  Just what I needed when I’m already frustrated.  I fixed the spacing in the title and said screw it.

What I Did This Week

Monday The Annual Fried Stuff Experience (Otherwise Known as The Iowa State Fair)  Not laboring away on Labor Day, I guested for my wonderful friend Jenn over at Something Clever 2.0.  I just know she’s going to buy me a pony for helping her out so much, right?

Tuesday Part I: Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: To All The Geeks I’ve Loved Before  The topic was “Best of”.  Best of?  What could I possibly post??? 😉

Tuesday Part II:  She Who Microwaves  I also honed my microwaving abilities at Baking in a Tornado in a rare guest post (for her, not for me, because I seem to be able to write stuff for EVERYONE else).

Wednesday and Thursday  This is when I tried to write stuff and my brain exploded.

Friday September 2013 Secret Subject Swap: Sense-less  The prompt was what sense I would choose to lose… see the picture below for my answer…

smelly catsMy Favorite Things This Week

In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been a horrible blogging friend and have read very little.  I’m working on it.  Consequently when you don’t read much you don’t have much that was your favorite(s)…  I hope to get better by next weekend!

The Crappy Family Goes To A County Fair  I’ve soooo been missing this blog.  This is just what I needed this weekend!

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

Is the ding dong back?  I didn’t know I went away.

Chandler Bing Chocolates  Do they look like Matthew Perry? 

How to tell if you have superpowers  This made me laugh.  How DO you figure that out?

Cinder Garden Cop  Cops that hang out in the garden by the cinder blocks?

Ambien Polygraph  I cannot tell a lie, I took that Ambien!  Then I fell asleep and did nothing interesting.

Uneaten Laundry  That’s the best kind, right, the kind that hasn’t been eaten?

My wife makes me sit down to pee  Why is your wife telling you how to pee and how did it lead to my blog????


I don’t tell him to sit down to pee… Something that could be said to both me and my husband. Get it? Very punny.

Next Week

Beyond my likely futile attempt to utilize such useful things as Hootsuite and Triberr to help me keep up with the blogging world, I pledge the fifth for this next week.  Have a great rest of your weekend!

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Melty Edition

brilliant shitI stole this from a friend.  It was totally worth it!

Well August it was nice knowing you.  No offense, but I hope you and your extreme heat hit the road and don’t come back (til next year!)  I guess I can’t be too upset, I’ve been in the air conditioning this last week,  trying get organized in way more ways than one.

Believe it or not I even did stuff this week!  YEAH!  Don’t get too excited, I’m still coasting on things I wrote before I hit this dry spell…

Monday If Real Life Was Like Star Trek  I guested for my bestie Terrye at The Adventures of a Misplaced Alaskan. She has been going through dental hell lately and I was more than happy to entertain people for a day for her.  Please come over and read, and then check out her blog as well.

Tuesday TMT:  We’re Not Even Vampires  Apparently my usage of a song from Forgetting Sarah Marshall was the bomb.  You have to listen to this mixtape for this, and the Puddle of Mudd song.  Remember them?

Wednesday  Someone’s In The Bathroom With Mommy  My famous review of I Just Want to Pee Alone is regurgitated over on The Epistolarians.  Oh pish, you act like that’s a bad thing!

Friday #&^;!*#@( My Dog Eats And Refrigerated Cats  Just when I thought I had it all together…

melting catBest and Most Disturbing Search Terms

how to surprise batman  How DO you surprise Batman?  Jump out from behind the batcave and yell BOO??!!

moose poop soap Soap made of moose poop?  Or soap used to clean up moose poop?  I bet Terrye Toombs might know the answer to this one.  Terrye?????

oh and then one more ha, just slightly sadder sounding  Huh?

what was the machine in the 80s that had current songs that you could make a cassette tape Ummmmm…. a RADIO?

A very long comment about the removal of skin tags was my very favorite spam this week.  Because knowing is half the battle.

(Thank you weird people for finding my blog!  I was beginning to lose hope…)

I want this welcome mat, even though it has nothing to do with this post!

I want this welcome mat, even though it has nothing to do with this post!

Next week (Promises, promises)

Monday  Labor Day-THANK GOODNESS I won’t be in labor… I’ll be laboring away for Jen at Something Clever 2.0, however!  Jen did one of the BEST guest posts for me earlier this year, Google Has The Questions Jen Has The Answers.  I hope that my post for her is half as good as hers was for me!

Tuesday-But wait… as if it couldn’t get any better this week… I’m on “The Tornado Lady’s” blog.  Instead of baking I’m microwaving on Baking in a Tornado.  Karen is one of my original blogging buddies, I’m very excited to be guesting for her!

Wednesday  Why football season sometimes makes me want to stick my head in a vise.  I’ll feel better, when it’s over.

Thursday The theme is Facebook… we’ll see if I rise to the occasion.  I’ve been a horrible Theme Thursday participant lately, I really need to find my muse!

Friday  It’s the Secret Subject Swap!  It’s exciting!  I bet you can’t wait!  I don’t know why I’m yelling!

I hope you all enjoy your fabulous extended weekend.  Stay safe and all that jazz.  I’ll see you in September!  🙂