The Weekly Wrap-Up: The Batamax Edition

Once?  I feel I've been there for awhile...

Once? I feel I’ve been there for awhile…

I Did Stuff This Week

Monday  I joined the cool kids over at Raised on The Radio with  I Go Back, Way Back

Wednesday  I Neglected My Toes on My Anniversary and Other Not So Interesting Stories I recounted our special weekend, gross toenails and all.

Thursday  I reblogged Pumpkin Carving: Squash Murder or Decorative Glee for your reading pleasure.  Or displeasure, depending on how much you like pumpkins.

Friday October 2013 Fly on the Wall:  The Big Dork Edition  Are you a great big dork?  You may appreciate this one.

What I Loved on the Internets This Week

I’ve been kind of sort of absent,due to multiple things going on at work and then having company this weekend so I haven’t done a lot of reading, but one post positively made me laugh so hard I had to cross my legs.  You may or may not have seen Maria Kang’s controversial picture about fitness.  Regardless of what you think about it, this is FUNNY!  Hilarious bloggers joined together with Susan of The Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva to share what their excuses were on Here’s my excuse (and a bunch of others too) since you asked, Maria Kang

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

Movies on batamax  This is my new favorite search term, because what else would batman watch movies on…

refrigerator college I am so so glad that people are looking for refrigerator college and coming to my blog.  Really.

And just some terms that I just have no words for…

Why are there no squirrels in sweden

Chocolate and your poop

Funny computer square eyes

puncuation people

preachers that misbehave

Why does it feel like my hair is on fire when I’m smoking crack

Next Week

I will be recounting the Halloween journey in my post The Evolution of a Halloween Costume, I’ll be reviewing the book The Mother of All Meltdowns, and talking about some more of the reeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally weird dreams that I have in Get Out of My Dreams, Get Into My… Purse.  I might do some other stuff too, you just never know…

And just one more thing…

In the spirit of Halloween, Moms Who Write and Blog are having a party, a Laugh Till You  Pee Your Pants Party.  I may have mentioned it a bit this past week.  If you like funny pictures, please join us on Facebook by clicking the link!


Weekly Wrap-Up: The I Forgot to Add Anything Funny to the Title Edition

thumb wars

I think that I can call this week a success.  For the first time in a very long time, I got over 200 views, and more than once this week!  I also cohosted my very first Twitter party with Jenn of Something Clever 2.0, #homecon13, and was so bad I got thrown in Twitter jail!  How do you like that?

And BlogHer weekend is partway over and I haven’t died of jealousy, though my Facebook feed is overloaded with pictures of people having fun.  Damn them! 😉

So here’s what happened here in my world this week on this here blog:

Monday  Call Toll Free, Operators Are Standing By  I really think I should start basing all my posts from comments I have made on other blogs. This is my third or fourth that came from something I read. Hmmm…

Tuesday Twisted Mixtape Tuesday Bathtub Time Machine: 90s Ear Worms and Eye Worms (Shut Up Beavis!)  Some of the most “sticky” stuff from the 90s.  You listen and see if some of it doesn’t get stuck in there.  Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me, no more…

Wednesday  Here I Go Again…  The self proclaimed blog whore that I am, here I go giving my stuff away for free.  I hung out with Roshni at Indian American Mom all day.

Thursday  Theme Thursday: Where’s the Genie in My Bottle?  In my opinion, infinite wishes has to be one of the best themes we’ve had. I mean, come on, take a look at my genie!

Friday  Fly on the Wall July 2013: The Knee Licker Edition  I really should just rename this feature “Weird Stuff My Kids Say”.

Stuff I Loved This Week

Are You A-BRA-sive? Underachiever’s Guide to Being a Domestic Goddess  Here is a blogger that I just don’t read enough, and it’s too bad because she’s hysterical!

Don’t Be A Facehooker The Girl Next Door Drinks and Swears  If you are on Facebook you’ll most likely find this too funny and too true!

I Vant To Suck Your Tomato Tracy Winslow Momaical  Speaking of hysterical, Tracy’s kids are somehow related to mine.  This is something that I swear could have been said in my house.

The Royal Birth Vs My First Birth Leslie Marinelli at In the Powder Room  Chances are if you have birthed your babies that there’s something you have in common with the royal birth, but I bet it’s not as funny!

Blogs I’m Loving Right Now

In addition to my favorite posts, now and then I might choose a blog that I really enjoy.  One of my favorites as of late is Mommy Has Issues.  Oli is a beautiful six year little girl who happens to have been born with disabilities.  Her Mommy is a beautiful lady who shares her story.  This is a very special blog, and I want you to go check it out.  If you follow her on Facebook, you’ll get to see some very neat videos of Oli that will make you smile!

Things I DID NOT Like This Week

My Blog Has Been Stolen and Here’s How I’m Handling ItFunny is Family  Why would anyone want to steal a blog?  Especially from someone as cool as my friend Amy? Apparently it does happen.  If you have a blog, I encourage you to read this.  She tells her story and includes some excellent links.

But on a related and much better note-I made the Cheesy Chicken Tater Tot Casserole that Mere from Does This Match? contributed for Amy’s Crockpot Thursday-and IT IS TO DIE FOR! It’s probably a zillion calories, but one bite and you won’t care because you will have achieved crockpot nirvana…

If I had one of these to follow it up I probably would have died.  And that would have been fine with me.

If I had one of these to follow it up I probably would have died. And that would have been fine with me.

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

carol kane vacation Just how does Carol Kane go on vacation, and why are people looking it up on my blog?

Chad Knaus Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer.  Huh? It doesn’t even fit into the song.  I know because I tried it!

girl baking a cake with her boobs Sounds really hard to do.  The only thing my boobs do are hang out and look pretty.

pooping in a cornfield Does anyone else have Motley Crue come to mind? It fits!  Or Peter, Paul, and Mary.  Time to get the autoharp out.  Perhaps a new segment here on The Sadder but Wiser Girl-Musical Search Terms!

I have a writer all ready to step in, just in case I need a break...

I have a writer all ready to step in, just in case I need a break this next week…

Next Week

Monday-It’s Old School Blogging Fun!  Jen Kehl tagged me in this too fun post and I can’t wait to share it!

Tuesday-Twisted Mixtape Tuesday visits the 00s and the Humor Me Blog Hop!

Wednesday-I’ll be over guest posting at DeBie Hive.  I’m really nervous about this, because she’s like a blogging goddess in my eyes. You know she’s Wonder Woman.  If it sucks she can totally kick my arse!

Thursday-Theme Thursday is all about rivalries. What will I write about? I have an idea, and those who know me well probably know exactly what I’m thinking!

Friday-Friday may be a day off for me, but we shall see what comes out of the old noggin before then!

Have a great weekend.  I leave you with this, because this is so me…


Weekly Wrap-Up: The Brain Dead Edition

my brainWhere have all of my ideas gone?  Where are my brains?  Why can’t I write anything funny and/or coherent? This is seriously bringing me down!  It’s a good thing it’s summer and people are busy doing things like being outside-maybe no one will notice.

However, I learned some things this week.  1)  Listening to that Sarah McLachlan song from the abused animal commercials will make you extremely depressed if you listen to it over and over.  2)  Do NOT look for “funny fireworks” on Google Image Search unless you are prepared to see things that you cannot ever unsee (what the hell is funny about burned butts anyway????)

I also came away with some questions, mainly this one:  Why is it that very few towns in Iowa actually have fireworks ON the 4th of July?  When the place you live has the fireworks on the 3rd it’s a bit anticlimactic.  Why would they choose to have them on July 5th?  Having fireworks on days that aren’t the 4th just makes that day seem like JUST ANOTHER DAY!

I also did stuff this week too, believe it or not!

Monday  Ding Dong, The Flake Is Back…  If you are a blogger then I’m sure you can relate.  Awards are so nice, but if you lose track and they pile up, well…

Tuesday Humor Me Blog Hop Number Five (AKA The Who’s Johnny Edition) Never agree to cohost on a week that there is some sort of holiday.  Even though we did very little, I had very little time to read posts.  Here it is Saturday and I’m still not through reading them all.  What I have read is very, very funny!

Then I went the extra mile and posted this, because I would have never forgiven myself if I hadn’t done this week’s decade:

Twisted Mixtape Tuesday Bathtub Time Machine: The 80s, This List Goes to 11  Everyone seemed to like this list except my husband.  He still hasn’t accepted my challenge to get his blog out of the starting gate and outdo me.

Wednesday  Wordless Wednesday: Little Firecrackers  Aren’t they cuuuuuuuute?  I also had to plug the latest participant in the Character Assassination Carousel, because she is insanely cool and hilariously funny.  After the fact I found this cartoon that I had to post on her wall on Facebook because it was just too much fun!

waldo 2Thursday  Happy 4th!  Where else can you associate tampons with firecrackers?  Funny 4th of July stuff, Theme Thursday-Reruns, and another plug for my friend Amy at Funny is Family and her crockpot recipes, and not just because I was included this time!

Friday  There was no post, because we were busy with this:

IMG_2105This is James Tiberius Cat.  He is six weeks old and so teeny tiny!  He is beyond cute. We’re calling him Tiberius, except when he catches a mouse.  That’s when we’ll seize opportunity and say “He’s dead, Jim.”  We’re having a lot of fun with the little guy. I hope that I can still get things done with this kind of orneriness in the house!

kitteh tweetAs you can see he’s already tweeting and everything.  He’s already a more entertaining writer than I am and he’s only been here a day!

Stuff I Really Liked This Week

BlogHer Voices of the Year announced the winners.  I entered this, but felt silly doing so considering at the time I hadn’t even been blogging for a year.  Naturally I didn’t win but a few people I know did.  How exciting is it that bloggers that I interact with every day have been chosen for this.  That is huge!  Here is a list of all of my peeps that made it:

Erin and Ellen of Sisterhood of the Sensible Moms
Julie of Julie DeNeen 2.0
Katia of I Am The Milk
Kathy of Kissing the Frog
Kim  from Let Me Start By Saying (for a post that she wrote for In the Powder Room)
Leslie of The Bearded Iris
Michelle of They Call Me Mummy

Congratulations to everyone who was selected!  The link with the complete list and links to all of the selected writing is below.

Announcing the 2013 BlogHer Voices of the Year!

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

Just to make all of those people who keep finding my blog happy by googling this...

Just to make all of those people who keep finding my blog happy by googling this… You’re welcome.

Will Ferrell USA thong  See above

bra made out of red solo cups  Red solo cup, you lift me up…

how to fart glitter  If you can fart glitter then I really don’t want you giving me any homemade cards.  Just saying…

why don’t you hang out with ellen she’s not a flake  Ellen who?

And then there was this conversation with Sarah from Sarah’s Brand New Chapter that made me giggle:

creepy terms

This next week

Monday:  Surprise me.  Oh wait, I should be the one surprising YOU!  Dang it.

Tuesday:  Twisted Mixtape Tuesday the 80s Part II.  I do ear worms and eye worms.  Scared?  You should be…

Wednesday:  This post is TBD…

Thursday: Theme Thursday’s topic is superheroes.  If I don’t write it, my kid will.

Friday:  July Secret Subject Swap Take One

dry-sense-of-humor-lolcatHave a great weekend and I hope you are able to be more creative than I am at the moment!  🙂

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Father’s Day/Is That A Chocolate Sprinkle or Is It Mouse Poop? Edition

This is one of my favorite pictures of my dad, bonding over Cheerios with my son!

This is one of my favorite pictures of my dad, bonding over Cheerios with my son!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!  The dad in this house is sick, so we’ll be doing very little unless he makes a tremendous recovery!  My Dad?  We’ll be seeing him very soon-I’m taking a little vacation myself and am going to see my parents the week after this next for a couple of days.

Monday Mouse Wars: Who Pooped In My Pantry?  Yup, we still have mice.  This is the first of my latest mouse stories.  They took down my dryer… little turds…

Tuesday  Humor Me Blog Hop #2  I find out that I AM capable of following instructions and successfully co-host my first blog hop.  I tried this once before with the Tattler Thursday Blog Hop and couldn’t get stuff to work (Sorry Ginger!)!  If you want to read some great funny posts, click on where you link up and it will show all of the participating blogs!

Wednesday There was no post.  Were you sad?

Thursday  I’m a Rock Star Today on My Skewed View!  Jen is my buddy, and I was happy to help her out by guest posting!

Friday  Nature Girl  My little girl is a budding natureholic.
I also published my first post on Yahoo! Voices.  I wrote about going without cable TV.  Read if you are interested-Cutting the Cable (How I Learned to Quit Missing the Food Network and Go On With My Life)


Here’s our resident dad and son after an Iowa Barnstormers game.

What I Really Loved This Week

Gynecology Gone Wild-Tracy Winslow @ Mommyland Rants  Why you only bring kids with you to your annual exam if you’re planning to write a post about it.  HILARIOUS!

Why Special Needs Are Like Chlorophyll-Finding Ninee  Tatum from Ain’t No Rollercoaster wrote the latest contribution in the Our Land series.  A must read!

Have Yourself An Angry (Bird) Little Birthday-Motherhood is an Art  Melissa is the queen of creative homemade party decor!  This is her latest brilliant idea.

And there were funny things on Facebook, I’m not sure where this originated but it was shared by A Mother Life on her Facebook page.



Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

Girls and boys swap knickers in public Please tell me this isn’t a sexual reference.  You know, like tonsil hockey…

I think I’m a popaholic  If you came to my blog trying to figure this out you probably are.

Unfinished projects in mechanical engineering  Mmmm… okay.

Batman zombie cakes  Riiiiiight.

Next Week

I can say for sure that I am doing the following:
Monday:  My first ever Character Assassination Carousel post!  What is this? You’ll have to come over and see.  It’s for one of my blogging idols, Nicole Leigh Shaw: Tyop Aretist formerly Ninja Mom.
Tuesday:  Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: The 70s.  How could I NOT do this???
Friday:  Fly on the Wall!  Fly on the Wall!
Whatever else comes forth from me at this point is a mystery!  🙂  Have a great rest of your weekend!


Evil Genius and The Princess on her first birthday.

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Couch Channeling Edition


I know the feeling.

It’s been a big week over here, and I’ve been exhausted from it all this weekend.  Here’s what happened, just in case you didn’t know already.

Monday What To Expect When You’re Blogging:  The Toddler Years

My lil blog turned one.  I look back over how my blog has changed over the year.

Tuesday  Twisted Mixtape Tuesday Bath Tub Time Machine: Back to the 60s

My bathtub can do magical things, including go back in time.  This week we went back to the 1960s to check out the (mostly) folksy music that I enjoy from that era.

Wednesday  Let’s Get Physical (In a Non Olivia Newton John Sort of Way) A shocking look at the world of physical therapy… pun intended.

Thursday  I Could So Be An Inventor  Theme Thursday was all about useful inventions, so I was more than happy to reblog this oldie but goodie.

Friday  June Secret Subject Swap Pt 1-Star Wars: Return of Red Solo (Cups)  I’ve had some pretty great prompts in my time.  This one takes the cake.  The feedback on this post went either one way or the other-it was LOVED, or the person reading it went “HUH???”  Welcome to my warped sense of humor…

not weirdOther Great Stuff This Week

Our Land Series Finding Ninee  I’ve been enjoying this series all along, and I didn’t want to pick just one post that I’ve enjoyed from this, so I sending you to the main page through this link.  This is a series of guest posts that has been organized by Kristi Campbell that focuses on empathy and wonder.  My description cannot do this justice, just please read some of the great contributions thus far!

Enjoy These Moments Cloudy, With A Chance of Wine  I could relate…

A Guide To New Motherhood-As A Introvert  The HerStories Project  This blog is a collaboration of two fabulous bloggers, Stephanie Sprenger of Mommy, For Real and Jessica Smock of School of Smock.  This  post particularly resonated with me being an introvert myself.

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

nake’d-I’m assuming this is the Vulcan version of being naked, what T’Pol would do, right?

pee swap-Ewwwwwwwwwww!  I don’t even want to know!

back hair-I don’t have any… how did this get you to my blog????

farting glitter-Do you?

misbehaving in choir practice-???

Next Week and Into the FUTURE

I’m going to spending some time trying to get some obligations for others done the next few days, therefore I’m not making promises about much!  For sure this week Tuesday I’m cohosting the Humor Me! Blog Hop with Terrye of The Adventures of a Misplaced Alaskan. I’ll also be guesting over at My Skewed View on Wednesday while Jen is out and about. Theme Thursday, brought to you by Something Clever 2.0 deals with your most favorite or least favorite grade this week.  Friday is the second round of The Secret Subject Swap, and FTSF.  The following week is my much anticipated slaughter of one particular book by Jan and Stan Berenstein for the Character Assassination Carousel, brought to you by the lovely and always funny Nicole Leigh Shaw, formerly Ninja Mom.

I hope you all have a great rest of your weekend!  I personally hope mine involves a long nap!

trampoline deer

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Rainy Itchy Edition

You can hear this being said in our house any time there's rain the forecast.  That and "Oh nooooo."

You can hear this being said in our house any time there’s rain the forecast. That and “Oh nooooo.”  Thank you Family Guy.

I for one am glad May is done!  I think we saw every type of weather imaginable last month.  Snow, cold, sweltering heat, torrential rain, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes.  The last week was particularly maddening with having to be stuck inside for an entire holiday weekend due to torrential rain.  Last year we had drought, this year we have flooding.  What gives?

Welcome To June.  So far I have been spending it trying not to itch my head.  Don’t worry, no head lice or anything like that here.  Just more complications from my ever lovely neck and head stuff that’s going on.  I won’t gross you out with the details…

My cat refuses to use a scratching post, she uses a wooden banister post.

My cat refuses to use a scratching post, she uses a wooden banister post instead.

I will, however, let you know what I did this week, just in case you were wondering.

Monday Memorial Day Oversharing  I was so tickled to participate in the Oversharing series at When Crazy Meets Exhaustion for many reasons, in particular I think Stephanie is the bomb and I got a day off!

Tuesday Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Car Tunes  A list of what I belt out in the car, complete with videos.

Wednesday Wordless Wednesday: Wonder  One of my all time favorite pictures of my little girl.

Thursday  Lots of Pain, So Far No Gain  I thought I was so cool agreeing to co-host a blog hop with friends.  Apparently I do not know what to do to co-host a blog hop.  Neither do I know what to do about my pain…  Not that there isn’t always great stuff written for Theme Thursday, but this particular one had some very entertaining posts!  This week’s theme was what drives you crazy.

save the earth

I was out of chocolate and I was miserable. Not a good combination, which added to the crazy. And this meme made me laugh.

Friday FTSF: Favorite 80s Movies  I was supposed to pick my favorite movie of all time.  No way I could choose.  My list was long, then I narrowed it down to a few of the best from the 80s.  I got such great feedback from this that I’m thinking about writing a sequel.

Stuff I Really Liked This Week

10 Bad Father’s Day Gifts for 2013Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva She truly has the best gift lists!  I bet you can’t wait to run out and buy some bacon bedding!

I know there was other stuff that I really enjoyed, but this week has been such a blur that I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast this morning…

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

Naket Grils We don’t have none uh them naket ones.

Life is short naked-Short naked WHAT?  Tell me!  Don’t leave me in suspense!

Hypnotized pee pants giggle I really want to know what’s behind this one.

Recorded deaths from caffeine withdrawal People seriously google this stuff????

I wear glasses now So do I.  ????

Next Week

I start Physical Therapy, so hopefully I will be back to my somewhat amusing self in no time… I’m pledging the fifth for the most part on what I’m doing this next week, though I do solemnly swear that Friday will be my latest Secret Subject Swap post.  YIPPEE!

Maybe this is the type of exercise that will help me?

Maybe this is the type of exercise that will help me?


Weekly Wrap Up: The Pain in the Neck Edition

My neck pain-perhaps I am the victim of a Vulcan nerve pinch and just don't remember?

My neck pain-perhaps I am the victim of a Vulcan nerve pinch and just don’t remember?

Yeah, I’m still hurting.  I had my x-rays and the doctor called me a mere hours later and said it was all in my head.  Actually, it’s all in my neck.  Nothing is wrong with my spine, it’s all my muscles spazzing out.  I can have physical therapy, but I have to wait it out a little bit.

In the meantime, I’ve developed a humungous zit on my neck right where the affected muscle is and it hurts like a *$(#_!  The way it’s affecting me, I’ve gone as far to think that I might have shingles. Since I think my doctor thinks I’m crazy, I’m holding off on checking that out for now.  So I suffer…

Today I shared my final post for the WAHM series over at Mommy Writings: Daughter of Maat, entitled “Life of Pie” (because I really like pie…).  It’s actually something I’ve shared before as a guest post, but it’s a fun one that I couldn’t resist sharing.  In my current state, it’s probably just as well that I did that instead of attempting to share something witty and original (perish the thought).


Get it? PIE.

Despite my pain, the week went on.  Here is what I did this week:

Monday Support Groups for Bloggers That Don’t Really Exist But Should
This should really be called “Fun with acronyms.”

A Rant on the Disappearance of Clothing in America My latest feature on The Epistolarians.

Tuesday Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Empowering Breakup Songs
Yeah I misunderstood the theme, but I made a pretty kickass list.

Confessions of a Geek
My guest post for my friend Michael at An Old and Cranky Gamer.  It took me a long time to be ok with admitting I’m a geek.  Now as you can see I don’t care!

Wednesday Wordless Wednesday: BUBBLES!
Beautiful pictures of our attempt at homemade bubbles.  It was a great success!

Thursday Delicious Evil Lurks in the Downstairs Freezer
The question was “Does Evil exist?”  Yes.  At Christmastime it existed in my freezer… If you liked this and want to read about other evil, check out this week’s Theme Thursday and click on some of the blogs in the link up!

Friday Fly on the Wall May 2013: The Birthday Edition
Snippets from our insanity make great fly on the wall posts!


Made me laugh…

Stuff I Really Liked This Week

Chicken Soup for the Bowl-Mama, Schmama
I was so excited to see her participate in the Character Assassination Carousel created by Nicole Leigh Shaw Tyop Aretist, formerly Ninja Mom.  This is hilarious!  I’ll be participating here in a couple of weeks with my destruction of the book Bears on Wheels, I can’t wait!

May Fly on the Wall posts-Baking in a Tornado-I love doing this every month, there were some really good ones in the bunch this time.  I linked you up with the post by the big cheese, the queen bee, the creator of all the is good on the internets, Baking in a Tornado. Karen’s talking about me when she mentions the crap pockets…  Yes I have a keen eye for detail! I hope you visited some of the other participants this week.  If you’re having the disgusting weather that we are, you probably have time.  This certainly rates right up there with crappy holiday weather!  :-/

Finish the Sentence Friday:  I blog because… I would have participated in this week’s FTSF but I was doing Fly on the Wall, and I learned a long time ago that you can’t do EVERYTHING you want.  So instead I will dutifully promote these wonderful posts.  The posts range from amusing to real tearjerkers.  Start here with Sometimes I Wax Like Ralph Macchio-Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine With My Quiet Time and then check out some of the others in the link-up like I Blog Because of You, I Blog Because of Us-Finding Ninee.  Make sure you bring some kleenex!

Best and Most Disturbing Search Engine Terms
Chad Knaus and his “nakedness”-I strive to make this a family friendly blog.  However, I just can’t help it if the search terms get out of control.  I commented on a hilarious post about search engine terms by Crakgenius, letting him know some of the more interesting things that people have used to find my blog.  Somehow, a few people found my blog by googling “Naked Chad Knaus”.

Wellll, Mr Crakgenius took it a step farther.  He plugged my information into google and using his great fact finding skills he found out that ‘Chad Knaus naked penis’ has my blog as #1.

If Chad’s mom is reading this, I can assure her I have never cared about her son’s genitalia.  I don’t even root for his NASCAR team…

Homemade car antenna-I had to look this one up,if you scroll down on image results you get a picture of my car.  I was disappointed.  However, you do also get the following picture when you look it up:

RedneckAntennaAcronyms are evil-I love acronyms, does that make me evil?

Does Bon Jovi like straight or curly hair on a woman-WHY DO YOU CARE??

Ear horn-YESSSSSSSS!  I’m not so sure why I’m proud of this…

Someone broke into my house and didn’t steal anything just peed on the front of my pants-Why would you google this????

Next Week

Tomorrow I’ll be hanging out over at When Crazy Meets Exhaustion, participating in her Oversharing series with my most famous post ever.  It’s so nice to know that I’ll always be remembered for my incontinence… This next week I’ll be telling the tale in the latest chapter of my war against the mice in my house, writing about what I sing in my car, sharing what drives me crazy, cohosting the Tattler Thursday Blog Hop, among other things. It’ll be a good week.  It would be better if I wasn’t in so much freaking pain!

dogs out

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Short and Sweet Edition


This explains why I’m tired, does it not?

Today I am over at Mommy Writings: Daughter of Maat for part three of my WAHM series.  Come on over if you wish to read random ramblings about blogging from home.

I’m away from my computer until Sunday night, so this is short and sweet!

Monday  The ADD Kitchen 5: Her Majesty’s Birthday Baking Success!
I baked a cake and it actually turned out!

Tuesday  A Little Whine and Music
My guest post at Can I Get Another Bottle of Whine With My Quiet Time, and Twisted Mixtape Tuesday

Wednesday  Wordless Wednesday:  Mother’s Day Memories

Thursday  Theme Thursday:  Qapla’!
What I’m proud of…

Friday  A Real Pain In The Neck: It’s Not a Too-mah!
Moral of the story-if you’re hurting, don’t put it off for months.

Stuff I Really Really Really Liked This Week

If Moms Formed Rock BandsSisterhood of the Sensible Moms
I’m  really sad I didn’t think of this first.  Hilarious!

Funny Search TermsThe Life I Live
Y’all know I LOVE search engine terms!  The ones featured in this post put mine to SHAME!

Best and Most Disturbing Search Engine Terms

Adult movies in betamax None here that I know of

The freckliest person  Just might be starring in some of those betamax movies

Chocolate sprinkles are ant poop  No no they’re mouse poop!

Have a fantabulous rest of your weekend and I’ll be back in action on Monday!  Blogging action that is…

Sent to me by a friend.  Yup.

Sent to me by a friend. Yup.

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Flushable Edition

My favorite picture of the week!  I want this on a t-shirt.

My favorite picture of the week! I want this on a t-shirt.

As always, it’s been another busy week in these here parts…

Monday  Look Out World, She’s Five Years Old!  The Princess has a birthday.

Tuesday  Twisted Mixtape Tuesday: Summer Vacation  I accept a late night challenge by Jen Kehl.  This week’s theme was summer vacation!

Wednesday  I Review Famous Toilets, Or At Least A Book With A Toilet On It  I finally did it!  I finished my review of I Just Want To Pee Alone.  I also probably scarred my readers for life.

Thursday  After the Pee Alone review, I figured I’d give readers a day to rest their eyes and brains before doing anything else.  I worked on guest posts for the next few weeks.  However, if you missed Theme Thursday, check out what all my peeps had to say about Good Samaritans here.

Friday  May Secret Subject Swap:  My Life Without Kids  My subject for the swap was actually Mother’s Day related, which was really cool.  This is for all the moms!  Don’t forget to click on the links at the end and see what other participants wrote.  It’s ALL good!

Stuff I Loved This Week

Always A Party In The Motha Hood Yo-Penny From Mom Rants and Comfy Pants decided after reading When Crazy Meets Exhaustion’s post about rapping that she could be a rapper.  Her being a whole seize the day type of person she not only wrote a post about it, she made a video!

10 Bad Mother’s Day Gifts for 2013  You already know that I’m a HUGE fan of The Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva.  Her lists have to be one my favorite things. This is a HILARIOUS must read!

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms

I hate it when my unicorn farts  Quit feeding it so much fiber

Does John Malkovich Have Strabismus?  Why are you asking me?

Man stuck in Target shopping cart  Dude, grown-ups can’t fit in shopping carts. Ask my kids.

Does Neutrogena lotion make you darker?  That is definitely a no.  See pictures of me for proof.

Next week

This next week I only make promises I can keep.  On Mother’s day I’ll be at Mommy Writings: Daughter of Maat  for the second part of my WAHM series entitled Me, Myself, and ADD.Tuesday I’m over at Can I Get A Bottle Of Whine With My Morning Quiet Time blogging about the fact that my poor kids are doomed.  The rest of the week?  Well, you’ll just have to come over and see the insanity for yourself.

Since we have no snow, no rain, and no one getting sick this weekend, it’s time for some serious yardwork and gardening.  And of course Mother’s Day, I won’t let them forget that!

peace out

The I’m Older Weekly Wrap-Up

Ever have a week when you're struggling to find funny memes?  This is one of them...

Ever have a week when you’re struggling to find funny memes? This is one of them…

Evil Genius, being the king of finding things on YouTube, found some Mitch Hedburg clips we had never seen before.  One of them made us laugh hysterically:
“Every picture of you is when you were younger.”  That is true!  So I’m a year older but probably not any wiser.  Here’s what happened over at my place this week:

Monday  The Eyes Have It:  The Professor And The Eye Doctor  The Professor had his eye appointment-I might as well have taken Sheldon Cooper.

Tuesday  Is Anyone Listening??? Hello?  Can you hear me?  Yeah, neither can anyone else I live with!

Wednesday  (Not So) Wordless Wednesday:  Birthdays and Blog Love  It’s my birthday, so I share some new (to me) favorite reads.

Thursday  Spring:  A Performance Review Snow in May? For reals?  Spring is in real danger of being terminate.

Friday  FTSF: An Island Life For Me!  I was supposed to imagine what I would want on a desert island.  I was happy to do this, considering it was May and we had several inches of SNOW on the ground.

Do You Wanna Know, Do You Really Wanna Know What I Liked This Week?

On Wednesday when I mentioned some of the things that I’ve been enjoying lately I should have included Mommy Has A Potty Mouth.  Some of the funniest things I have seen in a long time have been in my newsfeed on Facebook thanks to following this one.  Definitely worth a look-real LOL material, just be careful who’s looking when you’re looking!

Best and Most Disturbing Search Terms (Just imagine John Malkovich reading this title)

Photos of Diet Coke withdrawal  Really?  Somebody took pictures???

Will you please stop breathing.  No!

Can you die from caffeine withdrawal/Caffeine withdrawal dead/etc I‘m really thinking this was a sleep deprived week in the US?

caffeine withdrawal

Next week

I’m afraid to tell you anything because every time I say I’m going to do something (like my book review), life intervenes and I DON’T get it done!  Buuuuut, this stuff has to happen-Tomorrow (Sunday) I will be at Mommy Writings: Daughter of Maat participating in her monthly series on WAHMs, which has NOTHING to do with George Michael or whack-a-mole.  Monday read me at The Epistolarians, where I share my story of having an ADD child who is not medicated.  It’s also The Princess’s birthday-which I am sure I will provide more tales of cake making woe to share later in the week. Theme Thursday is all about good samaritans, which I hope to actually write a post for this week instead of telling off the weather.  And don’t forget that Friday is the first round of the Secret Subject Swap for May!

Have a great week!